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Securing tickets to a coveted comedy show can often feel like an elaborate game of timing and strategy, one that leaves many fans on the sidelines. As someone who has navigated the ebbs and flows of live event bookings for years, I’ve seen firsthand how easily misinformation can sway potential concert-goers from getting their hands on those golden passes.

Drawing from extensive experience in entertainment journalism, my insights aim to guide you straight to the laughter without the hassle.

Ali Wong’s live performances are not just a treat; they’re an uproarious journey through her sharp wit and candid humor—a must-see for anyone craving a night brimming with chuckles.

Embark on this comic adventure as Ali Wong hits major cities in 2024, including her much-anticipated shows at venues like New Orleans’ Mahalia Jackson Theater and Austin’s Bass Concert Hall.

Stay tuned; what awaits is more than just ticket information—it’s your gateway to unforgettable funnies.

Key Takeaways

  • Ali Wong’s 2024 Live Tour is coming to cities like New Orleans, Austin, and Toronto with dates including February 17 in New Orleans at the Mahalia Jackson Theater and March 27th and 30th in Toronto at Meridian Hall.
  • Tickets for her shows can be purchased through official sites such as,, and, with prices starting at $61. There are options for accessible seating and VIP experiences.
  • The tour has generated excitement due to Ali Wong’s reputation from her Netflix specials “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife,” alongside her raw humor that tackles topics from motherhood to Asian-American identity.
  • Fans should use presale codes where applicable, such as “ALIWONGLIVE” for early access to tickets; they’re advised to act quickly since Ali Wong’s comedy shows tend to sell out fast.
  • Additional recommended comedians include Shane Gillis, Hannah Gadsby, John Mulaney, Michelle Wolf, Dave Chappelle, and Tiffany Haddish for those interested in exploring more live comedy events.

Overview of Ali Wong

Ali Wong performing stand-up comedy in front of a diverse, laughing audience.

Ali Wong has emerged as a compelling voice in the world of comedy, combining her raw humor with profound insights into Asian-American identity. Born and raised in San Francisco, she launched onto the stand-up stage with a tenacity that reflects her city’s eclectic spirit.

An Emmy-nominated writer and producer, Ali Wong brings multifaceted talent to various platforms beyond live comedy shows—she thrives as an actress in several romantic comedies, winning hearts with performances that blend wit and charm.

Her work extends to Netflix where Ali Wong’s stand-up specials like “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife” received widespread acclaim for their fearless approach to topics such as motherhood, culture, and gender dynamics.

These specials have cemented her reputation not only as an incisive comedian but also as a trendsetter for AsianAmerican representation in entertainment. Her landmark win at the 2024 Golden Globes further underscores the industry’s recognition of her influence.

Fans appreciate Ali Wong’s fierce honesty on stage; it’s this unapologetic authenticity that turns casual viewers into die-hard followers eagerly anticipating tickets to witness her comedic prowess live.

Ali Wong 2024 Live Tour

Ali Wong captivates audience with stand-up comedy performance on stage.Ali Wong’s 2024 Live Tour has become an eagerly anticipated event, showcasing her sharp wit and unapologetic humor across multiple cities. The tour is a hot ticket for comedy enthusiasts keen to experience her hilarious takes on life, love, and motherhood in person.

New Orleans, LA

Get ready to experience a night of laughter and entertainment as Ali Wong brings her electrifying comedy show to the Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans. This historic venue, renowned for its stunning architecture, provides a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable comedic performance.

The buzz is growing louder every day as fans eagerly await February 17, 2024, marking one of the most anticipated events on the live tour calendar.

With limited seating available at this prestigious theater, securing your tickets early is key to not missing out on Ali Wong’s sharp wit and hilarious stories. Her unique brand of stand-up has skyrocketed her to fame, making each performance a hot ticket item across cities nationwide.

Don’t miss your chance; join countless others who will be partaking in an evening that promises laughs galore and top-notch live entertainment.

The Mahalia Jackson Theater sets the stage for a night where comedy meets culture in New Orleans’ vibrant performing arts scene. Prepare yourself for an event that talks straight to your funny bone while showcasing why Ali Wong remains one of today’s most sought-after standup comedians.

Grab your tickets now and be part of a highly anticipated comedy show that’s sure to highlight your year!

Austin, TX

The buzz is building in Austin, TX as Ali Wong prepares to take the stage at the Bass Concert Hall. This anticipated performance, set for February 19, 2024, marks a highlight of her extensive stand-up comedy tour.

Fans can look forward to an evening filled with laughter and insightful commentary from one of today’s most talked-about comedians.

Securing tickets for this live show couldn’t be easier; simply dial 512.471.1444 or explore the venue’s social media pages on Facebook or Twitter to snag your seat. With prices starting at $61, witnessing Ali Wong’s electric performance live at the University of Texas is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Hosted by Texas Performing Arts, these tickets are moving fast — making now the perfect time to ensure your place in what promises to be a memorable night at one of Austin’s premier entertainment venues.

Toronto, ON

After heating up the stages in Austin, TX, Ali Wong is bringing her unique blend of humor and storytelling to Toronto’s Meridian Hall. Get ready for a night of side-splitting laughter as she takes on March 27th and March 30th with her unmissable live performance.

Fans in Ontario have this incredible opportunity to see one of today’s top comedians deliver punchline after punchline in an unforgettable show.

Secure your seats early using the special presale code “ALIWONGLIVE” to join the crowd at one of Toronto’s premier entertainment venues. Tickets are flying fast on Ticketmaster, so don’t miss out on what promises to be one of the highlights of the comedy tour circuit this year.

Catch Ali Wong live and experience standup comedy that will have you talking long after the curtains close.

Purchasing Ali Wong Tickets

Securing your spot to witness Ali Wong’s unmatched comedic talent live is a seamless process, and with various options available, fans can easily grab their tickets for an evening of laughter and entertainment.

Official Site

Looking to attend an Ali Wong comedy show? Your first stop should be the official site. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list of tour dates and locations for her live performances.

It’s your one-stop shop to grab tickets before they sell out. With complete event schedules at your fingertips, planning your night of laughter has never been easier. doesn’t just offer seat availability; it also ensures you can find accessible seating if needed. The process is simple: select the date that suits you best, choose your preferred seats, and proceed with buying your event tickets in just a few clicks.

Trust in their secure system guarantees peace of mind as you prepare for a memorable evening at Ali Wong’s standup comedy events.

Remember that getting yourself into one of these much-anticipated shows means acting fast—Ali Wong’s comedic flair draws crowds quickly! Head over to the official site now and secure your spot in the audience for when she hits Toronto or any other city on her 2024 Live Tour journey.

Jump right into the excitement of catching Ali Wong live by heading to, your go-to hub for snagging tickets to her uproarious comedy tour. You’ll find all you need in one place – from performance schedules and seating maps to exclusive videos that’ll get you pumped for showtime.

Lock in your spot at venues like The Wiltern or Meridian Hall and prepare for an evening bursting with laughter.

Interested in a VIP experience? has you covered! Elevate your night with special perks that make every gig unforgettable. Check out the sweepstakes too; they could be your golden ticket to witness Ali’s sharp wit without paying a dime.

With easy navigation and up-to-date info on opening acts, LiveNation ensures you’re all set for a spectacular stand-up comedy event.

Reviews of Ali Wong Shows

Ali Wong’s sharp wit and uncanny ability to delve into the complexities of motherhood and marriage makes her standup specials a hit. Her audience often praises the way she boldly unpacks gender dynamics with humor and honesty.

Fans describe her shows as a rollercoaster ride of laughter where no topic is off-limits, from the intimacies of relationships to the everyday struggles of parenthood.

Critiques occasionally point out that Ali’s attempts to connect with everyone can sometimes dilute her own unique perspective. Despite this feedback, many agree that Ali brings a fresh voice to standup comedy, distinguishing her performances from others in the field.

For instance, some fans compare her timing and delivery to that of well-known comedian Kevin Hart, which is high praise in the world of performance art and standup routines.

Other Comedians’ Shows Worth Checking Out

After enjoying the humor and energy of an Ali Wong show, you might be eager to discover other comedians who bring their own style of laugh-out-loud comedy to the stage. The comedy scene is full of talented individuals whose live performances can provide a whole evening of entertainment.


  • Shane Gillis offers a unique brand of comedy that resonates with audiences looking for unapologetic humor and insightful commentary. His show combines sharp observations with a laid-back delivery that keeps fans engaged from start to finish.
  • Hannah Gadsby has taken the comedy world by storm with her groundbreaking special “Nanette,” which deftly mixes social commentary with a deeply personal narrative. Her shows are perfect if you’re searching for humorous performances that also make you think.
  • John Mulaney’s charisma shines through in his standup routines as he recounts tales from his life with signature wit. His Netflix specials have garnered critical acclaim, making his live shows must-see events for comedy lovers.
  • Michelle Wolf continues to thrive on the standup circuit after her notable performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Expect her hilarious acts to include both clever jokes about everyday absurdities and biting political satire.
  • Dave Chappelle remains one of the most influential figures in modern comedy, offering provocative thoughts wrapped in irresistible humor. Seeing him perform live guarantees an unforgettable night where laughter intertwines with thought-provoking moments.
  • Tiffany Haddish brings vibrant energy and relatable stories to her performances, inviting audiences into her world with open arms. Her ability to connect with people through laughter makes her shows incredibly appealing.


Get ready to experience the hilarity and sharp wit of Ali Wong as she brings her comedy tour to a city near you. Secure your spot in the audience for a night filled with side-splitting laughs and unforgettable entertainment.

Act fast, because tickets for one of today’s most sought-after comedic talents are selling quickly. Ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to see Ali Wong live – it’s truly an event that promises laughter from start to finish! Grab your tickets now and prepare for an evening of top-notch comedy you won’t soon forget.

If you’re hungry for more comedy after Ali Wong’s tour, check out the razor-sharp wit of Anthony Jeselnik on his latest tour.


1. Where can I buy Ali Wong tickets?

You can purchase Ali Wong tickets through official ticketing platforms or at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there any discounts available for Ali Wong tickets?

Discounts on Ali Wong tickets may be offered during special promotions or to certain groups such as students or military personnel; check with the ticket seller.

3. How early should I buy my Ali Wong tickets to ensure availability?

It’s best to buy your Ali Wong tickets as soon as they go on sale, since shows often sell out quickly due to high demand.

4. What should I do if an Ali Wong show is sold out?

If an Ali Wong show is sold out, you might find resell options through authorized reselling partners or a waitlist feature provided by the event organizer.

5. Can I get a refund if I cannot attend the Ali Wong show after purchasing a ticket?

Refund policies for Ali Wong tickets vary depending on the seller and circumstances; it’s important to review their policy at time of purchase.