Australian Pink Floyd Show Tickets

When the iconic anthems of Pink Floyd resonate in a concert hall, it’s not merely a listening experience; it’s a journey through an audial landscape rich with emotion and color. For those seeking to relive the magic of one of rock’s most legendary bands, the Australian Pink Floyd Show stands as a beacon of tribute performance excellence, boasting over three decades of live musicianship that captures the essence of Pink Floyd’s timeless appeal.

As an aficionado who has traced the evolution of tribute acts and witnessed firsthand this ensemble’s rise to acclaim, I bring insights into their spectacular homage to Pink Floyd.

With meticulous attention to musical detail and stunning visual production, The Australian Pink Floyd Show offers more than just tickets—it promises passage back through time for fans young and old.

This band has shattered expectations globally by selling over five million tickets in 35 countries—a testament to their unparalleled prowess on stage. Ready for an unforgettable experience? Let these experts guide you through soundscapes crafted by legends.

Read on; your seat awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • The Australian Pink Floyd Show is a world-renowned tribute band dedicated to authentically recreating the music of Pink Floyd with sold-out shows in over 35 countries.
  • Tickets for their highly anticipated Darkside 50 Tour, featuring stops across Europe and North America including France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Canada, and the United States are now available online.
  • Fans can buy tickets through various platforms like Ticketmaster and or directly from venue websites; early bird rates and VIP packages may be offered.
  • Concertgoers can expect an immersive experience complete with meticulous musical detail and stunning visual effects that have earned positive reviews globally.
  • Their performances not only replicate the sound but also celebrate Pink Floyd’s legacy through powerful renditions of classic hits at venues known for great acoustics.

Overview of the Australian Pink Floyd Show

A group of musicians performing with stunning visual productions at a concert.

Diving into the heart of Pink Floyd’s musical legacy, the Australian Pink Floyd Show offers fans around the globe an immersive tribute experience. Originating from Adelaide, Australia, this ensemble has carved out a reputation for meticulously replicating the sound and atmosphere that elevated their namesake to legendary status in rock history.

Since their inception in 1988, these skilled musicians have fine-tuned their craft, dedicating themselves to honoring Pink Floyd’s distinctive style with stunning visual productions and sonic precision.

Their commitment to authenticity shines through in every performance, earning them accolades such as being named “The Gold Standard” by The Times. With over five million tickets sold across 35 countries, it is clear that they resonate deeply with both lifelong admirers and new generations of listeners discovering Pink Floyd’s rich discography.

The concerts are more than just live music events; they are grand celebrations of one of music’s most iconic bands presented by artists who truly understand what makes Pink Floyd resonate with so many – resulting in positive reviews echoing from outlets like The Daily Mirror.

As the band prepares for its Darkside 50 Tour, excitement builds for those eager to secure their place at upcoming shows through various online ticketing platforms or indulge in a piece of this extraordinary homage via exclusive merchandise offerings available to dedicated fans worldwide.

Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations

An empty concert stage with colorful lights and cityscape background.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is bringing its critically-acclaimed tribute performances to a global audience, with a comprehensive tour schedule that includes stops in Europe and North America.

Fans of the classic rock band can anticipate an immersive live music experience across multiple countries as the tribute group showcases their dedication to authentically reproducing the Pink Floyd sound and stage presence.


Get ready to experience the legendary sounds of Pink Floyd as brought to life by the renowned Australian Pink Floyd Show, right in the heart of France. Music enthusiasts from all over are marking their calendars for an unforgettable live show that will take place at Zénith de Paris, a venue known for its electric atmosphere and world-class acoustics.

Fans can look forward to a performance filled with classic hits and fan favorites.

Celebrating an iconic anniversary, this tour promises a journey through Pink Floyd’s impressive discography including a special homage to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ Audiences in France will also have another chance to catch these rock legends at Caesars Windsor, where they’ll perform timeless tracks coupled with stunning visuals and sound effects mirroring the original band’s concerts.

Securing tickets early is essential for anyone eager to immerse themselves in this musical extravaganza. Each event showcases meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every concertgoer experiences not just music but a multi-sensory tribute true to the spirit of Pink Floyd’s own live performances.

Grab your chance now and be part of history as The Australian Pink Floyd Show brings their spectacular tour through France!


The Australian Pink Floyd Show brings their spectacular performance to Spain’s enthusiastic fans. Prepare for an unforgettable night at Live Las Ventas in Madrid, where the venue will come alive with iconic Pink Floyd classics.

Secure your spot for this highly anticipated event and be part of a musical experience that captures the essence of one of rock’s most legendary bands.

Tickets are now on sale and ensure you grab yours before they sell out. Experience live music as it should be, with stunning visuals and sound that meticulously replicate Pink Floyd’s own shows.

Don’t miss the chance to witness one of the most renowned tribute concerts right here in Spain – secure your tickets today!


From the vibrant rhythms of Spain, our concert tour heads to the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland where fans eagerly await the Australian Pink Floyd Show. Music lovers in Geneva and Zurich are marking their calendars for February 26th and 27th, 2024 as these two cities gear up to host unforgettable live concerts at the Geneva Arena and Zurich Hallenstadion.

Switzerland offers a unique ambiance that perfectly complements this touring band’s tribute performances, creating an immersive experience for each member of the audience. Secure your spot at these much-anticipated shows by visiting Ticketmaster or any authorized ticket vendor to complete your online booking.

Capture this opportunity to witness a spectacular performance that brings a piece of Pink Floyd’s legendary music show right into the heart of Europe.


Crossing over into Germany, the Australian Pink Floyd Show prepares to rock fans in Hamburg with an unforgettable night at the Barclays Arena. The stage is set for March 12, 2024, promising a jaw-dropping performance that echoes the magic of Pink Floyd’s original sound.

Hamburg has a long-standing tradition of hosting incredible concerts, and this event is sure not to disappoint.

Music enthusiasts in Berlin also have cause to celebrate as this renowned tribute band brings their live show to the city known for its vibrant music scene. Grab your tickets and witness these seasoned musicians pay homage to one of the most influential bands in history.

For dedicated followers with ALL – Accor Live Limitless points in hand, there’s a special opportunity awaiting: use your points for access to an evening brimming with nostalgia-inducing melodies.

The German leg of the tour shines as a testament to The Australian Pink Floyd Show’s dedication to authenticity and entertainment. Whether you’re in Hamburg or Berlin, prepare yourself for a concert experience that captures both sight and sound with remarkable precision—a fitting celebration for any dedicated fan seeking out premium live music performances.


The Australian Pink Floyd Show brings a spectacular live music experience to Poland, landing at the iconic Spodek in Katowice. March 4, 2024, marks the date when fans can immerse themselves in hits that have reverberated through generations, delivered with a finesse that honors one of rock’s most legendary bands.

Secure your spot and witness a meticulous recreation of Pink Floyd’s ethereal soundscapes in an arena known for its dynamic atmosphere.

Tickets for this must-see performance are available online now, offering everyone the chance to be part of an unforgettable evening. The concert promises mind-blowing visuals and sound quality that rivals the original band’s shows – attributes that make The Australian Pink Floyd Show renowned worldwide.

Don’t miss out on their tour stop in Poland; it’s set to be a highlight where classic tunes will resonate under Spodek’s unique dome structure – get your tickets today!


Get ready for an electrifying live performance as the Australian Pink Floyd Show hits Canada on their latest concert tour. They’ll be rocking the Maritime region with a stop at the Molson Canadian Centre at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, NB, showcasing their exceptional tribute to one of rock’s greatest bands.

Music enthusiasts in Windsor, Ontario won’t miss out either; they can catch this top-notch entertainment show when it comes to Caesars Windsor.

Mark your calendars and join fellow fans for a night of nostalgia and stellar music event experiences. The band’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each song is delivered with passion and precision, making every tour date a memorable moment for newcomers and long-time followers alike.

Whether you’re in Moncton or Windsor, don’t miss the chance to see this renowned act light up the stage across Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

United States

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is hitting the United States with a must-see performance at the Hard Rock Live Sacramento in Wheatland, CA on May 31, 2024. This much-anticipated event promises to captivate fans with a spectacular musical experience that has amazed audiences for over three decades.

Their tour schedule also brings them to The HALL at Live! in Hanover, MD for an exclusive 21+ concert presented by Live! Casino and Hotel Maryland.

Get your tickets early to witness this phenomenal tribute band live. Music lovers can expect show venues filled with immersive light shows and note-perfect renditions of Pink Floyd classics.

With their touring locations spanning across various cities, audience entertainment is guaranteed as they bring their renowned performances right to your doorstep. Don’t miss out on one of the most talked-about live music events this year!

How to Purchase Tickets

Securing your spot at The Australian Pink Floyd Show is straightforward and convenient. Explore a variety of ticket purchasing options to find the best fit for your schedule and budget.


  • Head over to Ticketmaster’s website or app to look for presale tickets. Presales often provide the chance to buy tickets before the general public.
  • Check out as another reliable source for acquiring show tickets. They offer a user-friendly platform with competitive pricing.
  • Browse online ticket sales platforms that list Australian Pink Floyd Tour Dates. These sites aggregate event details, making it easy to compare dates and locations.
  • Purchase tickets directly from venue websites where the tour is scheduled to perform. This can sometimes save on additional fees found on third-party sites.
  • Explore ticket availability through various fan clubs and official band pages which may offer exclusive deals or packages for members.
  • Review ticket pricing across different tiers, such as VIP packages, which could include perks like premium seating or merchandise.
  • Book your tickets in advance to secure early bird rates where available. Prices might increase closer to the event date.
  • Sign up for notifications from ticket sellers to receive alerts about ticket availability and special promotions.
  • When looking at seats, consider both price and view. Some venues offer 360 – degree seating charts online.

Other Notable Tribute Bands and Shows

Exploring the world of Pink Floyd’s music leads us to other incredible tribute acts that honor the legendary band. Fans can experience the essence of Pink Floyd through various homage performances by talented musicians.


  • Brit Floyd captures the original sound and stage presence with stunning light shows, much like their namesake.
  • The Machine has been thrilling audiences for over 30 years with their passionate and precise recreations of classic Pink Floyd tunes.
  • lists several top-tier Pink Floyd imitation bands, ensuring fans have numerous options to enjoy live tribute concerts.
  • Australian Eclipse takes listeners down under with their meticulous attention to musical details and immersive concert experiences.
  • Beyond The Wall stages an emotional journey through Pink Floyd’s discography, engaging fans with nostalgic and powerful performances.
  • Think Floyd USA combines musical excellence with multimedia effects to bring a complete sensory tribute to audiences across the states.
  • Pigs On The Wing offers a raw and intense portrayal of Pink Floyd’s music, capturing both the complexity and spirit of their songs.
  • Several festival circuits tout annual gatherings dedicated solely to tribute artists, where multiple acts come together for celebratory events.


Don’t miss your chance to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of The Australian Pink Floyd Show! Secure your tickets today and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the sounds and visuals that honor a legendary band.

With rave reviews across the globe, this is more than just a concert – it’s a celebration of Pink Floyd’s timeless legacy. Grab your spot at one of their majestic shows and prepare for an evening where music transcends time.

While you’re exploring tribute performances, don’t miss the intensity of Avenged Sevenfold live; grab your tickets today.


1. Where can I purchase tickets for the Australian Pink Floyd Show?

Tickets for the Australian Pink Floyd Show are available online through official ticketing platforms and at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there any discounts available for group ticket purchases?

Group discounts are often offered, so it’s best to check with the ticketing service or venue directly for their specific policies on reduced pricing.

3. What should I do if a show is sold out?

If a show is sold out, you may still find tickets through licensed resellers or verified fan-to-fan exchange sites.

4. Can I choose my seat when buying a ticket online?

Yes, when purchasing tickets online, you typically have the option to select your seats from an interactive seating chart.

5. Are VIP packages available for the Australian Pink Floyd Show?

Yes, many shows offer VIP packages that include premium seating and exclusive perks; availability can be confirmed during the purchase process.