Ben Howard Tickets

If you’ve ever felt the rush of securing tickets to see a beloved artist live, you know there’s no thrill quite like it. Yet, the excitement is often shadowed by the challenge of navigating ticket sales and ensuring you don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

I bring over a decade of expertise in music journalism and event planning to cut through that complexity and deliver straightforward insights into securing your spot at sought-after concerts—like those of folk sensation Ben Howard.

Ben Howard’s melodious strumming has enchanted fans around the globe, creating an urgent demand for his concert tickets. As he prepares to take his heartfelt anthems on tour across various US cities in 2024 and 2025, anticipation quivers high among eager audiences—and with good reason.

With my guidance, rooted in years within the industry’s pulse point, this article will unravel how to effortlessly procure your golden pass to witness Ben Howard’s soul-stirring performances live.

Ready? Let’s dive into the melody-filled journey ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • Ben Howard’s captivating tour includes performances at renowned venues like the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and the Mission Ballroom, with dates spanning through 2024 and into 2025.
  • Tickets for Ben Howard concerts are available on the official Ticketmaster site, offering a reliable and straightforward way to purchase verified tickets; prices range from $41.00 to $166.00 for standard admissions, with VIP packages having limited availability.
  • The artist’s new album “Is It?” is set to release on June 16th, 2023, promising fresh tracks that maintain his unique style of emotive storytelling through music.
  • Merchandise such as limited edition t-shirts and vinyl records can be purchased at Ben Howard’s live shows, along with pre-order opportunities for his upcoming album.
  • Attendees of previous concerts praise Ben Howard’s performance quality, often noting a transformative experience due to his connection with audiences and masterful live renditions of hit songs like “Only Love.”

Who is Ben Howard?

Ben Howard performing in an intimate concert with detailed facial expressions.

Ben Howard stands out as a singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his emotional music that often explores complex themes. His career began to soar after the release of his debut album, igniting interest with sounds that blend melodic folk with darker, more dystopian elements.

Fans recognize Ben for his intricate guitar work and raw vocals, which are integral components of his personal style.

Behind this artist’s evocative lyrics lies a figure deeply influenced by legendary musicians like John Martyn. This inspiration is evident in Howard’s artistic expression—his songs convey stories of loss, love, and the haunting reflections on a troubled world.

He channels these narratives through powerful performances both in studio recordings and during live tours, capturing audiences around the globe with a unique brand of musical storytelling.

Howard doesn’t just play; he immerses himself in every strum and chord progression. With each tour date announced or new track released from any of his three acclaimed albums, anticipation builds among followers eager to experience the next chapter of this troubadour’s journey.

Through A Blaze of Feather or solo ventures, Ben Howard continues pushing boundaries as an influential figure whose personal trials echo within each song he crafts.

Overview of Ben Howard’s Upcoming Concerts

Ben Howard performing with mesmerized crowd in wide-angle concert photography.

Dive into the captivating world of Ben Howard’s live shows, where each concert promises an intimate connection with his evocative music. The tour spans various cities, setting stages for unforgettable performances that resonate with fans long after the last chord fades.

Concert dates and locations

Get ready to experience the captivating live performances of Ben Howard at his upcoming concerts. Mark your calendars for a musical journey with dates and venues across various cities.

  • Ben Howard kicks off his series of concerts at the renowned Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, OR this November.
  • Fans in Denver can catch him weaving his melodic magic at the Mission Ballroom, also scheduled for November.
  • Music lovers in London will have their chance to see Ben Howard live, with an exciting date set for 2023 in one of the city’s top venues.
  • The tour reaches a climax as Ben takes the stage at the illustrious 9: 30 Club in Washington, DC, coming up in 2024.
  • Each concert venue has been specially chosen to deliver an intimate and memorable experience, pairing Howard’s unique sound with perfect acoustics.
  • Secure your spot early as these music events tend to sell out fast due to high demand and limited capacity venues.
  • Optimize your concert experience by checking venue performances schedules for opening acts and possible special guests joining Ben Howard.

Featured songs and performances

At Ben Howard’s live shows, audiences can anticipate an immersive experience with his signature acoustic music echoing through the venue. His performances are known to feature beloved album tracks such as “Only Love,” and fan favorites like “Keep Your Head Up” and “Promise.” Each concert tour date promises a unique setlist, blending well-known hits with deep cuts that showcase Howard’s artistry as a singer-songwriter.

Fans relish the intimacy of Ben Howard’s folk rock renditions, often highlighted by his haunting vocals and intricate guitar work. The energy of songs like “Oats In The Water” resonates deeply during live performances, while quieter moments during tunes like “Old Pine” create reflective spaces for listeners.

Expect a dynamic range of emotions at these concerts, where every note is played with heartfelt sincerity.

Buying Ben Howard Tickets

Securing your spot at a Ben Howard concert is a straightforward process, with tickets available through the official Ticketmaster site. Stay tuned for his tour dates to catch the live performances that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

Official Ticketmaster site

Head over to the official Ticketmaster site for a seamless Ben Howard ticket-buying experience. This platform makes it easy to view his tour dates, check out event details, and pick the perfect show for you.

You can confidently purchase verified tickets knowing that you’re dealing with a trusted source. With all of Ben’s concert information in one place, fans have quick access to what they need.

Ticket availability on and updates in real-time, so you’ll know right away if there are seats left for your chosen concert date. Prices are transparent, helping you budget for the show without any hidden fees or surprises.

Plus, while browsing through available tickets, you might also come across performance photos and fan reviews that add to the excitement of seeing Ben Howard live.

Remember that buying your tickets from Ticketmaster means peace of mind; each ticket is certified authentic and ensures your entry into an evening filled with enchanting music by Ben Howard himself.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – find your spot at one of his upcoming shows today!

Concert tour dates

Secure your spot to see Ben Howard live in concert with a quick guide to his upcoming tour dates. Each performance promises an unforgettable experience for fans of heartfelt indie folk.

  • The tour kicks off with a show at Boston’s renowned venue on May 31, 2024, marking the start of Ben Howard’s journey through four different countries.
  • Fans down under can catch him at the prestigious Astor Theatre in Australia on May 21, ensuring an intimate setting for his deeply emotive music.
  • Music lovers across Europe will have the opportunity to join Ben Howard at the Zermatt Unplugged Festival, one of his select festival appearances set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop.
  • Throughout 2024 and into 2025, Ben Howard’s tour schedule includes 11 captivating concerts across various locations, each offering unique setlists and ambiances.
  • Keep track of all the concert dates and ticket sales through official platforms like Ticketmaster to ensure authentic purchases for your chosen shows.
  • Availability is subject to change, so it’s crucial to stay updated on ticket prices and seating options for the musician’s tour through reliable sources.
  • Embrace the chance to witness live music that resonates with audiences around the globe as Ben Howard brings his latest songs and classic hits to life on stage.

Ticket prices and availability

Navigating the purchase of Ben Howard concert tickets requires staying updated on ticket prices and their availability, which can fluctuate. To help you plan your experience, we’ve outlined the current pricing and availability details below. Keep in mind that prices may change due to demand and seating options.

Ticket TypePrice RangeAvailability
Standard$41.00 – $166.00Subject to change
VIP PackagesVariesLimited availability
Resale TicketsMay exceed face valueVaries

Purchasing tickets sooner rather than later is often advisable, as availability can decrease closer to the concert dates. Prices are reflective of real-time market conditions and can be above, below, or at face value, especially in the case of resale tickets. VIP packages offer a premium experience, yet they are in limited supply. Ensure you check official and authorized vendors for the most accurate pricing and availability information.

Ben Howard Concert Reviews

Immerse yourself in the vivid recollections of fans and critics alike, as they recount the atmosphere and artistry of Ben Howard’s live performances—discover more to amplify your concert experience.

Fan experiences

At a Ben Howard concert, the atmosphere crackles with an emotional intensity that resonates deeply with fans. Attendees often leave feeling as though they’ve undergone a transformative experience, sharing their admiration for his raw artistic expression and the intimate connection he fosters with his audience through music.

Reviews regularly highlight how Howard’s live performances showcase both vulnerability and strength, creating a space where every strum of the guitar seems to tell its own story.

Encounters with disappointment are rare but notable; they serve to remind us that not all expectations are met in the realm of live music. A review from 2014 reflects such a moment when a fan left underwhelmed, pointing out that even talented musicians like Ben Howard can sometimes fall short of our personal hopes for a show.

However, it is important to recognize this as part of an artist’s journey — one where continuous artistic development plays out in real time on stage.

Fan reviews from more recent concerts paint pictures of redemption and growth, celebrating how far Ben Howard has come since those earlier days. The dedication he pours into each performance doesn’t go unnoticed; many express that seeing him live is witnessing someone who genuinely cares about their craft—an aspect greatly appreciated by those in attendance.

This dedication strikes chords within fans’ hearts, making each concert not just another night out but an event filled with heartfelt moments and lasting memories.

Performance quality

Ben Howard’s live performances earn high praise for their emotional depth and captivating atmosphere. Fans regularly describe his concerts as a journey through melodic soundscapes, where each song is delivered with an elegance that resonates deeply with the audience.

His shows create a dreamy ambiance, allowing attendees to feel fully immersed in every chord and lyric.

Engaging audiences comes naturally to Ben; he thrives on interacting with concertgoers, often feeding off their energy to elevate the show’s dynamism. This magnetic crowd engagement makes for energetic shows that fans talk about long after the night ends.

The powerful combination of soothing melodies and atmospheric tunes ensures an unforgettable experience, driving up demand for tickets to witness the mesmerizing performance quality firsthand.

As a crowd pleaser, Ben Howard understands how important it is to connect with his listeners during live music events. He crafts each performance carefully, making sure there’s a balance between vibrant highs and serene lows—keeping fans hooked from start to finish.

Witnessing such artistry live not only highlights his musical prowess but also showcases why there’s such strong enthusiasm for Ben Howard’s engaging performances season after season.

Venue and sound quality

Transitioning from the riveting onstage energy, let’s focus on the concert’s setting and its impact on your Ben Howard experience. Fans repeatedly praise the crisp, clear sound that captures every tender nuance of Howard’s vocals.

The choice of venue plays a crucial role—the ambiance sets the mood while good acoustics ensure no note goes unheard.

Audio equipment quality can either elevate or hinder your live music experience. Comments have surfaced about specific venues where fans felt that their enjoyment was affected due to less-than-ideal sound systems or acoustic designs.

A well-chosen concert hall not only complements Howard’s acoustic atmosphere but also amplifies his performance making each lyric and chord resonate perfectly with the audience.

Similar Artists to Ben Howard

For those enchanted by Ben Howard’s melodic storytelling, there lies a treasure trove of similar artists whose harmonious blends and lyrical depth echo that same profound resonance.

Discovering these musicians provides an expanded palette of auditory delight for the discerning fan seeking soul-stirring soundscapes.


Feist shines as a beacon in the indie folk world, captivating audiences with her acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals. Her unique approach to songwriting has secured a dedicated fan base and garnered critical acclaim across the globe.

Multitudes, Feist’s recent album release, demonstrates her evolution as an artist and highlights why she earns comparisons to Ben Howard.

With songs that blend folk rock with alternative vibes, Feist’s music resonates deeply with listeners looking for authenticity and emotion. The New York Times recognized her talent, a testament to her impact on the music scene.

Fans of Ben Howard’s intricate guitar work and introspective lyrics will find a familiar soulfulness in Feist’s performances.

Exploring the works of this Canadian musician offers an enriching experience for any concertgoer. To delve deeper into similar sounds after enjoying Ben Howard’s music, listening to Barenaked Ladies would be your next step.

Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies burst onto the Canadian rock scene from Scarborough, Ontario, drawing fans with their playful lyrics and catchy melodies. Their lively tunes often share a similar vibe to Ben Howard’s music, making them an easy favorite for his listeners.

This Grammy-winning band stands out with hits that blend humor and heart, offering a distinctive sound that resonates across Canada’s dynamic musical landscape.

Their greatest hits showcase a wide range of emotions, from upbeat tracks perfect for road trips to more reflective songs fitting quiet moments alone. Fans keep tabs on the Barenaked Ladies’ tour schedules eagerly awaiting their next performance near them.

The group has mastered the craft of connecting with audiences; each concert promises an experience full of energy and memorable melodies.

Steven Page led the formation of the band in 1988 and helped steer it towards international success. Music lovers appreciate their distinct Canadian flair and heartfelt performances at every show.

Whether you’ve followed them since day one or just discovered their music recently through similarities to artists like Ben Howard, Barenaked Ladies continue to make waves in the world of rock thanks not only to talented founding members but also due to their evolving soundscape which keeps fans engaged year after year.

City and Colour

City and Colour shines as a beacon for fans of indie folk and alternative rock, creating a soundscape that feels both intimate and expansive. Spearheaded by the talented singer-songwriter Dallas Green, his poignant vocals paired with masterful guitar work resonate deeply with listeners.

Known for heartfelt live performances, City and Colour invites audiences into a world where every chord and lyric feels crafted just for them.

Green’s collaborations have demonstrated remarkable versatility across the music spectrum, including the project You+Me alongside P!nk. He draws upon an array of musical influences to craft songs that speak to personal experiences while connecting universally with those seeking acoustic music full of emotion.

With similarities noted between his style and Ben Howard’s evocative soundscapes, City and Colour stands as a compelling part of today’s music conversation.

Merchandise Available at Ben Howard Concerts

At Ben Howard concerts, fans get the chance to take home more than just memories. The merch booth is always bursting with things like limited edition t-shirts featuring unique designs that are specific to the tour.

Each item captures the essence of his music and gives admirers a tangible piece of the concert experience. Aside from apparel, you can find vinyl records with rich, warm sounds that conjure up the live performance vibe in your own living room.

Exclusive tour merchandise extends beyond wearables and collectibles. Fans also have access to pre-order opportunities for Ben Howard’s new album “Is It?” ensuring they’re among the first to hear his latest work as soon as it drops.

This early access adds an extra thrill for those looking forward to new tunes and deep connections with his artistry.

As you gear up for a night of melodic storytelling, remember there’s more than just music waiting at a Ben Howard show. Next up: delving into what’s inside “Is It?”, Ben Howard’s new album release.

Ben Howard’s New Album Release

Unveiling emotive narratives and melodic landscapes, Ben Howard’s latest album captivates listeners with its profound musicality—stay tuned for the much-anticipated release details.

Album title and release date

Get ready to mark your calendars! Ben Howard’s latest creative masterpiece, the album titled “Is It?” is set to grace the music industry with its release on June 16th, 2023. This fresh collection of songs follows his critically acclaimed work “Collections from the Whiteout,” which captivated listeners back in March 2021.

Fans can expect a new voyage through Ben’s distinctive blend of songwriting and musical artistry. The exact themes woven into the tracks are under wraps, but anticipation is building for what promises to be another evocative journey through sound and lyricism.

With each album release, Howard has honed his craft as a singer-songwriter, reflecting growth and an evolving soundscape that mirrors his unique approach to music-making.

As the record label gears up for this major release date, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on exclusive previews or potential single releases that may offer a glimpse into Howard’s latest project.

Remembering past successes often sets high expectations; “Is It?” aims to meet those head-on while charting new territory in Ben Howard’s expanding musical legacy.

Featured songs and themes

Ben Howard’s new album “Is It?” unveils a fresh direction in his musical journey. The collection dives deep into emotional landscapes, offering fans an experience rich with reflective lyrics and expressive vocals.

  • “Childhood Echoes” allows listeners to venture back to their own youthful memories through its introspective melodies, mingling innocence with nostalgia.
  • The track “Meditative States” explores the tranquility and depth of meditation, featuring an experimental sound that invites you to pause and reflect.
  • “Memories in Motion” captures the fleeting nature of recollection with evocative storytelling that resonates on a personal level.
  • With “Patterns of Light,” Ben Howard combines textured pop elements with artistic exploration, creating a soundscape that shimmers with complexity.
  • The song “Tides of Time” offers a rhythmic journey through life’s cyclical nature, showcasing personal memories against the backdrop of expressive instrumentals.
  • In “Whispers and Winds,” the artist crafts a tune where windswept harmonies mirror the themes of change and transition, carried by his signature emotive delivery.

Preparing for a Ben Howard Concert

Understanding what to anticipate and practicing proper concert etiquette can significantly enhance your experience at a Ben Howard show; discover essential tips that will prepare you for an unforgettable night of live music.

What to expect

Get ready to be swept away by Ben Howard’s powerful stage presence as he brings his captivating performance style to Fairview Park in Dublin. His live music concerts are renowned for their intensity and emotional depth, with a storied music catalogue that resonates with audiences of all ages.

You’ll experience the unique atmosphere only a concert can offer—where every note is felt as much as it is heard and where each song tells its own vivid story.

When attending a Ben Howard concert, prepare for an unforgettable evening under the stars or within the embrace of an iconic venue. The event anticipation builds from the moment you secure your tickets, through to when the support acts warm up the crowd and finally, when Ben takes the stage.

As tour dates approach, make sure you’re informed about concert etiquette and safety measures so your focus remains purely on enjoying this musical journey.

Every performance promises new surprises; whether he’s playing fan favorites or fresh tracks from his latest album release, expect to be part of a shared experience that will resonate long after its final chord fades away.

This isn’t just any live show—it’s an intimate exchange between artist and audience where every lyric and melody creates a bond that echoes throughout Fairview Park—and within you—for days to come.

Concert etiquette

Enjoying a Ben Howard concert to the fullest means respecting the space, the performance, and fellow fans. Being mindful of concert etiquette enhances everyone’s experience. Always check your tickets for your assigned seat or area to avoid confusion and traffic jams in the venue.

Keep personal belongings to a minimum so that you and others have more room to move and dance. Larger bags may be prohibited or require checking; this keeps everyone safe and ensures quick entry.

Take note of event logistics before arriving at the venue since knowing where important facilities like restrooms and concession stands are located can save time during intermissions.

Loud conversations during performances can distract other attendees who came to hear Ben Howard’s music—not background chatter—so keep talking low-key. Flash photography or recording with bright screens can take away from the live music experience; it’s best left out unless officially allowed by event organisers.

Live concerts are often unforgettable experiences that get even better when we all play our part responsibly. Drugs and alcohol can not only ruin individual experiences but pose risks for others too, especially in crowded settings like a concert hall, where responsible partying should prevail over substance abuse.

If you plan on drinking, do so in moderation following local regulations about substance use at public events.

Your participation makes every Ben Howard show unique; embrace clean living while celebrating his new sounds together as one community united by music!

Safety measures

Understanding concert etiquette ensures everyone has a great time, and part of that is knowing the safety protocols. Gates opening at 7 pm means arriving early can help you avoid the rush and adhere to traffic management plans in place for your convenience.

Security checks will be thorough, as audience health and safety are top priorities.

Stay informed about venue guidelines before you head out to catch Ben Howard’s mesmerizing performances. Crowd control measures are there for your protection, so keep an eye on official signs and instructions throughout the event.

Cooperation with event security keeps things running smoothly, ensuring a memorable night focusing solely on the music.


Secure your chance to experience Ben Howard’s riveting live performances. Ensure access to his upcoming concerts by securing tickets now. Embrace the opportunity for an unforgettable musical journey, with a new album on the horizon and a tour schedule packed with exciting dates.

Act swiftly; tickets for these much-anticipated music events are in high demand. Let the melodies of Ben Howard form the soundtrack to your next extraordinary live concert adventure.

For fans of soulful music performances, don’t miss out on the chance to see Benson Boone live in concert—grab your Benson Boone tickets today!


1. Where can I buy Ben Howard tickets?

Ben Howard tickets are available for purchase on official ticketing websites and at the venue’s box office.

2. How early should I book Ben Howard tickets?

Secure your Ben Howard tickets early to ensure availability, especially for highly anticipated shows or locations prone to sell out quickly.

3. Are there different types of tickets available for Ben Howard concerts?

Yes, various ticket options such as general admission, VIP packages, and seated reservations are often offered for a Ben Howard concert experience.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is cancelled or rescheduled?

Ticket refunds or exchanges are typically provided if a Ben Howard concert is officially cancelled or rescheduled; check with the ticket provider’s policy for details.

5. Is it safe to buy resale tickets for a Ben Howard show?

Purchasing resale tickets carries some risk; always use trusted platforms and be aware of any guarantees or protections offered by the resale service when buying these tickets.