Breaking Benjamin Tickets

As the lights dim and the opening chords strike, a wave of anticipation ripples through the crowd; nothing quite matches the electric atmosphere of a live Breaking Benjamin concert.

With over two decades on stage, my years as a music journalist have seen me attend countless rock shows, yet each time this band performs, they redefine what it means to connect with their audience.

Their upcoming Winter 2024 unplugged tour promises an intimate experience that fans new and old won’t want to miss.

Breaking Benjamin’s ability to blend melodic tunes with heavy rock has created legions of loyal followers eager for their next live performance. Highlighting this journey is their Spring 2024 tour featuring Daughtry—a much-anticipated collaboration sure to bring down houses across venues.

For those seeking more than just a concert ticket, VIP packages offer an all-access pass into the band’s world. Dive in further as we unravel how you can get your hands on these tickets—because when January rolls around, you’ll want to be front row center.

Ready? Let’s find out how.

Key Takeaways

  • Breaking Benjamin is touring with Daughtry in Spring 2024, offering fans high – energy performances across multiple cities.
  • VIP packages for concerts include exclusive benefits like early entry and pre-show soundchecks, providing an enhanced experience.
  • Tickets can be purchased through trusted platforms such as the Official Ticketmaster site or’s user-friendly interface, each with its own set of specialties.
  • Concert ticket prices vary depending on factors like venue size and location; average low price for a U.S. concert is around $90.
  • The band has received glowing reviews from fans who have attended past shows, citing their ability to create an intimate atmosphere and connect with the audience.

Breaking Benjamin: A Brief Overview

A photo of Breaking Benjamin concert tickets surrounded by rock-themed elements and aerial photography.

Transitioning from our introduction to the world of Breaking Benjamin, let’s delve into a brief overview of this iconic band. Emerging in 1999 and hailing from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Breaking Benjamin carved a niche for themselves within the American rock music scene with their dynamic sound that blends heavy metal elements with alternative rock sensibilities.

Their unique style quickly resonated with fans around the globe.

The journey of Breaking Benjamin has been marked by their dedication to creating immersive musical experiences for their audience. True to its roots, the band continues to garner acclaim through powerful lyrics and memorable hooks that often explore themes of personal struggle and resilience.

The official band website serves as a hub for enthusiasts seeking tour updates, merchandise, or simply keeping up with events surrounding the group. Despite facing challenges like tour cancellations due to health concerns in the past, they’ve maintained a strong presence in their genre—underscored by an upcoming concert tour designed to reconnect them with fans across diverse locations.

This robust connection between Breaking Benjamin’s evocative artistry and devoted listeners underscores why ticket sales for concerts remain consistently high among followers eager for live renditions of hits from albums such as ‘Phobia’ and ‘Dear Agony’.

Upcoming Tour Dates

A packed concert with diverse crowd and energetic atmosphere.

Unlock the excitement of live alternative rock as Breaking Benjamin announces their upcoming tour dates, featuring a collaboration with Daughtry and exclusive VIP packages that promise an unforgettable concert experience.

Mark your calendars for a series of high-energy performances that are set to captivate fans across North America and beyond.

Spring 2024 Tour with Daughtry and VIP Packages

Get ready rock fans, because Breaking Benjamin is hitting the road with Daughtry for their highly anticipated Spring 2024 Tour. The tour kicks off on March 21st, bringing a wave of stirring live performances to cities across the country.

Excitement runs high as these two powerhouse bands team up, offering audiences an unforgettable music experience filled with heart-pounding rhythms and anthemic choruses.

For those seeking to enhance their concert experience, VIP packages are the ticket to exclusive benefits and unforgettable memories. These special offerings include perks like early entry into the venue, access to pre-show soundchecks, and maybe even a chance to meet your favorite band members face-to-face.

Fans got an early start snatching up these hot commodities when presale tickets went live on January 9th at exactly 10am.

Dive into a world of electric guitars and soaring vocals by securing your spot at one of this spring’s most anticipated rock events. Joining forces with Daughtry makes it more than just a concert—it’s a spectacle not to be missed by any rock enthusiast looking for that next epic show-stopping performance.

Winter 2024 VIP Schedules & Check-in Information

If you’ve snagged VIP tickets for the Winter 2024 tour, keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll receive a detailed email with check-in information and schedules between 24 to 48 hours before the show.

This important email will guide you to where you need to be and what time your exclusive experience begins.

Make sure to capture every moment of your VIP Soundcheck by viewing the available photos post-event. For fans looking for an even more intimate experience, consider adding on a VIP Acoustic session—these are special opportunities that take fan engagement to another level during this tour.

Stay tuned for any schedule updates as they can enhance your experience with Breaking Benjamin!

How to Purchase Breaking Benjamin Tickets

To secure your spot at a Breaking Benjamin concert, acquiring tickets is straightforward and user-friendly. Fans can efficiently purchase passes through trusted platforms, ensuring they don’t miss out on the electrifying live performances of this iconic rock band.–sds

Official Ticketmaster Site

Purchasing Breaking Benjamin tickets is a breeze with the Official Ticketmaster site. This platform not only offers up-to-date event details and venue information but also ensures a secure and straightforward ticket-buying process.

Fans eager to catch their favorite band live can easily access tour dates, select seats, and manage their bookings all in one place. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable concert experience.

The Ticketmaster platform stands out by offering comprehensive services which include detailed descriptions of concert reviews and photos from past events. This allows fans to get a feel for what they can expect at a Breaking Benjamin show.

Moreover, it keeps spectators informed with crucial event details such as VIP package contents and check-in times for enhanced experiences. Always aiming to improve the ticket purchasing experience, Ticketmaster provides insights into how fans can maximize their enjoyment of live music events.

Navigating through various options for artist performances becomes simpler with the user-friendly site layout that Ticketmaster proudly sports. Customers are offered support every step of the way – from learning about ticket availability to finalizing purchases confidently knowing they’ve chosen the best seats for their budget and preferences.

Secure your spot in the crowd now; let these rock icons deliver an electrifying performance that will have you talking long after the last note fades away!

Average Ticket Prices and Availability

Understanding the cost and availability of Breaking Benjamin tickets is key for fans looking to attend a concert. Prices fluctuate based on a multitude of factors, including venue size, location, and market demand. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the average ticket prices and their availability for Breaking Benjamin concerts.


Ticket Type Price Range Availability
General Admission $63 – $967 Subject to change
Private Suites $2,000 – $15,000 Limited
Budget Tickets Starting at $23 Highly variable
Resale Tickets May exceed face value Depends on demand
Average Low Price (US) $90 Varies by show

Ticket seekers should consider these price ranges and the potential for variation. Fans are encouraged to secure their Breaking Benjamin tickets early to avoid missing out, as prices and availability are not set in stone. For a safe purchasing experience, tickets can be obtained through official platforms such as Ticketmaster or trusted resellers like Keep in mind that high-demand shows may lead to quick sell-outs. Therefore, staying informed on ticket release dates is advisable. Remember, these figures represent averages, and specific concert prices may differ.

Fans’ Reviews of Past Concerts

Concertgoers rave about Breaking Benjamin’s dynamic live shows, consistently filling reviews with high praise for their energy and engagement. Music lovers who have attended past concerts highlight the band’s ability to connect with the audience, making each performance feel personal and electric.

Attendees often mention that despite the large crowds, the atmosphere at a Breaking Benjamin concert feels intimate, capturing everyone involved in a wave of enthusiasm for the music.

Many fans point out specific instances where lead singer Benjamin Burnley interacted with crowd members or improvised parts of a song, leaving lasting impressions on those present.

The fusion of powerful vocals and masterful instrumentals creates an unforgettable experience according to numerous show appraisals by dedicated followers. Audience reactions underline that whether you’re hearing hits like “The Diary of Jane” or lesser-known tracks performed live, there’s an undeniable rush that comes from seeing Breaking Benjamin in concert – one that echoes long after the last note has faded away.

Notable Locations for Upcoming Concerts

Breaking Benjamin’s tour is set to electrify audiences at a range of notable venues, with their powerful performances reaching fans across different continents. From iconic Canadian arenas to major international stages, the band promises an unforgettable concert experience in each city on their roster.


Get ready for an electric series of performances as Breaking Benjamin hits multiple Canadian cities on their upcoming tour. Concertgoers in Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Hamilton, London, Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg can anticipate a high-energy show.

With special guests appearing on select dates and the integration of state-of-the-art technology at venues like the OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino with its superior acoustics—fans are in for a treat.

Tickets for these unforgettable nights of music are available through Ticketmaster. The thrill doesn’t end there; attendees will experience the iconic band sharing the stage with Daughtry at the incredible 5,000-seat theatre in Canada—the OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino.

Mark your calendars for March 27th, 2024 to catch one of these stellar performances where entertainment meets world-class production quality.

Prepare to be part of a concert that promises not just songs but an immersive musical journey that leaves you wanting more. This tour is designed to deliver entertainment unlike any other—an auditory and visual spectacle crafted meticulously for every guest stepping into each theatre across Canada’s vibrant cities.

Secure your spot among fellow music enthusiasts and revel in the astounding ambience only Breaking Benjamin can provide.


Crossing the border from their Canadian dates, Breaking Benjamin expands their reach to a global audience, setting stages alight in cities across the world. Fans worldwide eagerly await the band’s arrival, knowing they deliver not just music but an electrifying atmosphere with stunning tour lighting that has become a hallmark of their shows.

International tour dates offer fans abroad the chance to experience Breaking Benjamin’s powerful performances firsthand. Ticketmaster is your go-to for securing a spot at these international concerts, making it simple for followers in foreign countries to join the legions of rock enthusiasts at one of the many concert venues on their itinerary.

With tickets just a click away, audiences from all corners of the globe can look forward to being part of an unforgettable live music event.

Similar Artists with Upcoming Concerts

For those seeking even more high-octane performances, a roster of bands akin to Breaking Benjamin are gearing up for their own concert tours. Immerse yourself in the world of live alternative rock by checking out these artists who offer a similar adrenaline rush with their upcoming shows.


Bush, the iconic British rock band known for its electrifying live performances, continues to captivate audiences around the globe. With Chris Traynor on guitar, Gavin Rossdale belting vocals, Nik Hughes on drums, and Corey Britz handling bass duties, they create a powerful synergy that’s a must-see onstage.

Their tour schedule promises concert appearances that offer fans high-energy shows filled with their biggest hits and deep cuts alike.

Their musical prowess has secured Bush a steadfast following through the years. As they hit various cities with their dynamic music tour start planning your evening of raw rock n’ roll authenticity.

Fans are eager to see these touring musicians bring down the house in upcoming concerts slated for 2024 and beyond.

Eager concert-goers shouldn’t miss out; secure your spot at one of Bush’s next big shows before tickets vanish! Venturing into similar vibes, let’s look at Avenged Sevenfold as they too promise to deliver unforgettable concert dates in our exploration of artist lineups.

Avenged Sevenfold

Get ready to experience the powerful performances of Avenged Sevenfold, a band known for electrifying heavy metal music and unforgettable concerts. As headliners at major events like the Monster Energy Rock Allegiance concert, they share stages with legendary bands, including Alice in Chains and Slayer.

Fans eagerly anticipate every tour date announcement, always curious about what new thrilling elements Johnny Christ might reveal next.

Avenged Sevenfold has carved out a unique spot in the rock world with their distinct hometown influences shaping their sound. Their upcoming 2024-25 concerts promise spectacular support acts and gripping headlining sets that resonate with fans across the music genre spectrum.

If you’re a fan looking for an intense musical experience or simply love live heavy metal energy, these are shows you won’t want to miss.

Music enthusiasts can feel the potential for exhilarating collaboration opportunities as Avenged Sevenfold’s tours often coincide with those of similar artists like Metallica and Disturbed.

This sparks excitement around possible joint performances that would captivate any crowd. Aligning closely with other top-tier bands such as Breaking Benjamin could also hint at future onstage partnerships—making it an opportune time to catch them live for fans seeking explosive rock moments.


Godsmack fans, your wait is over. The band known for their electrifying heavy metal and hard rock performances has lined up a series of live concerts. Picture the rush of adrenaline as you watch them take the stage, pouring their raw energy into every song.

Tickets to see this iconic alternative metal group are now available, offering you the chance to experience their powerful music firsthand.

You’ll find Godsmack’s tour schedule packed with dates throughout 2024-2025. Prepare to be immersed in a sea of die-hard fans just like yourself, witnessing one of rock music’s most dynamic acts live.

Secure your concert tickets today and join the throng at music festivals and venues that will echo with the sounds of tracks you love. Don’t miss out on being part of what promises to be some truly memorable moments in rock history!

Theory of a Deadman

Fans of Theory of a Deadman, get ready to experience the raw energy and gritty lyrics that have made this Canadian rock band a must-see live act. With their concerts scheduled into 2024-2025, you won’t want to miss the chance to see these Roadrunner Records signees perform hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Secure your spot at one of their electrifying shows by checking out Bandsintown for tour dates, venue details, and concert reviews.

If you’re immersed in the realm of rock music, Theory’s intense performances are paralleled only by bands like Disturbed and Saint Asonia—who also light up stages with unstoppable force.

Grab your tickets through or other trusted platforms and prepare for an unforgettable night where hard-hitting sounds rule supreme. After rocking out with Theory of a Deadman, consider exploring more with acts like Bush next on our list.

Exploring Other Concert Experiences

Exploring other concert experiences, like the impeccable tribute performance by Brit Floyd, offers a chance to diversify your live music adventures – stay tuned for details on how you can secure these magical tickets.

Brit Floyd Tickets

Get ready to experience the legendary music of Pink Floyd as Brit Floyd brings their “50 Years of Dark Side” world tour to a city near you. With ticket prices ranging from $102.75 up to $62.75, fans can immerse themselves in a performance that honors half a century since the release of the iconic album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’.

Every show promises an outstanding audio-visual display complete with original video and brand-new animation, ensuring an unforgettable evening for die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

For those looking for something extra special, Brit Floyd offers a VIP Meet and Greet Soundcheck Experience. Attendees not only get to witness the behind-the-scenes magic during soundcheck but also have a chance to meet the band members face-to-face.

The package enhances your concert experience by including exclusive perks like a tour pass and commemorative lanyard, making sure you take home more than just memories.

Securing your spot at one of these phenomenal shows is easy; tickets are available through for upcoming 2024 concerts. Whether you’re there for every guitar solo or captivated by each theatrical element, Brit Floyd’s live performances are meticulous recreations that celebrate Pink Floyd’s timeless appeal while showcasing this tribute band’s extraordinary talent.


Catch a live performance of Breaking Benjamin and experience the raw energy of their music in person. With a variety of tour dates and venues, an opportunity to see them on stage is just around the corner.

Remember, you can grab your tickets through official vendors like Ticketmaster for secure transactions. Whether it’s their latest hits from ‘Aurora’ or classic anthems, these concerts promise unforgettable moments for every fan.

Secure your spot now and prepare for an electrifying night with one of rock’s most compelling bands!

If you’re interested in exploring other incredible live music experiences, be sure to check out Brit Floyd tickets for their upcoming shows.


1. Where can I purchase Breaking Benjamin tickets?

Breaking Benjamin tickets are available online through official ticketing platforms or at the venue’s box office.

2. How early should I buy tickets to a Breaking Benjamin concert?

It’s best to buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale to ensure availability, especially for high-demand concerts.

3. Are there VIP packages available for Breaking Benjamin shows?

Yes, VIP packages are often offered for Breaking Benjamin concerts, providing fans with special perks and experiences.

4. What should I do if a Breaking Benjamin concert is sold out?

Look for verified resale options or join a waiting list in case additional tickets become available later.

5. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled or postponed?

Refund policies are typically provided by the ticket vendor, and you should be eligible for a refund if the event is canceled or rescheduled.