Celtic Woman Tickets

Celtic Woman concerts offer audiences a mesmerizing blend of traditional Irish music with contemporary elements, showcasing an unforgettable tapestry of vocal harmonies and cultural heritage.

These performances celebrate the enchanting musical journey of a truly unique ensemble that connects deeply with fans across the globe.

Celebrating their Enchanting Musical Journey

Celtic Woman has woven a tapestry of musical magic for two decades, captivating a global audience with their enchanting performances. As they mark the 20th anniversary of their music career, fans are invited to join in this milestone celebration.

The tour promises an auditory feast, blending the rich traditions of Irish music with contemporary melodies that have echoed through concert halls and into hearts around the world.

This successful music group showcases their versatility by honoring timeless classics and introducing fresh sounds that continue to redefine the genre. Their concerts invite listeners on an unforgettable journey across lush musical landscapes shaped by both history and innovation.

With over 10 million albums sold, Celtic Woman’s legacy resonates deeply in every note played and every song sung during these celebratory shows.

Audiences can expect a vibrant showcase spanning the group’s entire catalogue – from beloved fan favorites to new treasures waiting to be discovered. This anniversary tour is more than just a series of performances; it’s a heartfelt tribute to twenty years of remarkable achievements in melding traditional and contemporary Irish music together seamlessly.

Each concert is set against stunning visual backdrops while delivering powerful vocal harmonies that elevate the spirit and stir the soul – ensuring every attendee leaves with memories as enduring as Celtic Woman’s musical journey itself.

Details about Upcoming Celtic Woman Concerts

Celtic Woman performing on stage in a vibrant concert atmosphere.

Unveil the magic of Celtic Woman’s latest tour, with exclusive insights into their upcoming concerts that promise a symphony of Irish melodies and ethereal vocal harmonies—an experience you won’t want to miss.

Scheduled Dates and Venues

Attendees eagerly anticipating the magic of a Celtic Woman concert can mark their calendars for a series of unforgettable performances. The ensemble’s renowned harmonies and timeless Celtic tunes will grace a variety of stages, promising an immersive musical experience. Here are the scheduled dates and venues for their upcoming concerts:

February 22, 2024Nashville, TNTennessee Performing Arts Center
February 29, 2024Sarasota, FLVan Wezel Performing Arts Center
February 29, 2024Sarasota, FLWells Hall at The Parker
April 5, 2024TBATBA

Fans can secure their tickets for these dates, ensuring they won’t miss the chance to witness Celtic Woman’s spellbinding performances live. Let’s delve into ticket pricing and availability, ensuring you have all the details to plan your experience.

Ticket Pricing and Availability

Understanding the ticket pricing and availability for the Celtic Woman 20th Anniversary Tour is crucial for fans eager to experience the group’s enchanting performances. The following table outlines the essential details you need to secure your spot at one of their upcoming concerts.

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Celtic Woman Ticket Pricing and Availability

DateVenueStarting Ticket PriceAvailability
April 5, 2024TBA$45.50Available
March 1, 2023TBA$50.00Sold Out

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on ticket pricing and availability, visit the official Ticketmaster.ca site. Prices begin at $45.50, and tickets come with additional taxes and service charges. Ensure you check the availability status as it can quickly change with high demand for this unforgettable musical journey.


Join the celebration of Irish music as Celtic Woman marks their milestone anniversary with mesmerizing performances. Experience the blend of traditional folk melodies and dynamic vocal harmonies live in concert.

Secure your tickets today to ensure you don’t miss out on this captivating musical journey. With tour dates set and anticipation high, witness a truly enchanting evening with Celtic Woman.

Act now for an opportunity to be part of their awe-inspiring 20th-anniversary world tour.

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1. Where can I buy tickets for a Celtic Woman concert?

Tickets for Celtic Woman concerts are available online through the official Celtic Woman website or ticket-selling platforms.

2. Are there any discounts available for Celtic Woman tickets?

Discounts may be offered for groups, early purchases, or special promotions; check the seller’s website or contact the box office.

3. Can I choose my seats when buying Celtic Woman tickets online?

Yes, you can usually select your preferred seating area when purchasing tickets online.

4. What should I do if the Celtic Woman concert is sold out?

If the concert is sold out, you might find resale options through verified secondary marketplaces but always purchase from reputable sources.

5. How can I ensure that my Celtic Woman tickets are authentic?

To guarantee authenticity, always buy your tickets from authorized sellers and avoid unofficial vendors.