Clint Black Tickets

As the sun dips below the horizon and stars begin to twinkle, there’s a stir of excitement in the air—it’s concert night. For fans of heartfelt lyrics and classic country twang, there is no evening quite like one spent with Clint Black, especially as we approach his 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour.

With over three decades of experience and an extensive repertoire under his belt buckle, Black remains a staple in the country music landscape—a living legend who continues to draw crowds eager for that authentic Nashville sound.

Tickets for this landmark event are coveted gems, glinting with nostalgia for long-time followers and anticipation for newcomers discovering the depth of Black’s artistry. Since December 15th last year, fans have circled dates on their calendars with hearts racing at the prospect of securing a seat at these history-making shows.

Embrace the chance to be part of a musical journey that spans generations; let Clint Black’s tour offer you not just an evening out but also memories etched into song., Take your opportunity—after all, moments like these don’t come around every day!

Key Takeaways

  • Clint Black is touring to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his album ‘Killin’ Time,’ with dates across North America including June 13 in Abbotsford, BC, June 21 in Edmonton, AB, and June 25 in Saskatoon, SK.
  • Tickets for Clint Black’s concerts are available on and with prices ranging from $40 for general admission to over $6000 for VIP experiences.
  • Fans who enjoy Clint Black’s music may also like Brooks & Dunn and Tim McGraw. Miranda Lambert and Cody Johnson are similar artists worth exploring in the country music scene.

Overview of Clint Black’s 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour

A vintage vinyl record surrounded by a diverse group of people.

Country music fans are in for a nostalgic journey as Clint Black hits the road to celebrate an impressive milestone: the 35th anniversary of his groundbreaking debut album, ‘Killin’ Time.’ This landmark tour promises audiences a chance to relive the magic of an album that not only catapulted Black to stardom but also left an indelible mark on country music.

Attendees can expect a meticulously crafted setlist that breathes new life into old favorites, with performances showcasing the full range and depth of Black’s artistry.

The “Killin’ Time – The 35th Anniversary World Tour” serves as both a retrospective and celebration, giving devoted listeners and newcomers alike the chance to experience these timeless tracks live.

Marking three-and-a-half decades since its release, ‘Killin’ Time’ stands out in vinyl history now more than ever, especially with its first-ever vinyl reissue commemorated by VMP Country as their Record of the Month this May.

On stage, Clint Black’s enduring legacy is honored through his passionate renditions at every show – from iconic venues like Ryman Auditorium to modern events centers amidst this sprawling world tour.

Clint Black’s Concert Dates and Locations

Country singer Clint Black performing on stage at an outdoor amphitheater.

Country music enthusiasts have cause for excitement with Clint Black hitting the road for his 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour. Mark your calendars and prepare to experience the charm of this renowned artist as he brings his timeless sounds to stages across North America, including must-see performances in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

June 13, 2024, Abbotsford, BC

Get ready for an unforgettable evening with legendary country singer-songwriter Clint Black as he lights up the stage at the Abbotsford Centre. The concert kicks off at 7:00 pm, bringing his chart-topping classics to life in a live performance that marks the 35th anniversary of his breakthrough album ‘Killin’ Time’.

Fans will experience an intimate show filled with timeless hits and new favorites.

Abbotsford music enthusiasts won’t want to miss this event on June 13, 2024. With decades of thrilling audiences under his belt, Clint Black promises a night filled with authentic country music charm right in your city.

Secure your spot in the crowd for what’s set to be a highlight in BC’s concert calendar and witness one of music’s finest storytellers take you on a melodic journey through his storied career.

As the tour dates approach, excitement builds for those eager to see Clint Black perform live. Keep an eye out for ticket sales announcements and grab your chance to join other fans at this much-anticipated concert venue.

Be part of celebrating three-and-a-half decades of musical excellence—one showtime you’ll reminisce about long after it ends!

June 21, 2024, Edmonton, AB

Country music enthusiasts in Edmonton, mark your calendars! Clint Black will grace the stage of the Francis Winspear Centre for his 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour. This event promises to be a memorable live performance by the renowned musician, showcasing his classics and latest hits.

The venue location is known for its stellar acoustics, offering fans an intimate concert experience with one of country music’s beloved artists.

Secure your spot for this much-anticipated tour date as ticket sales began December 15, 2023. With tickets already up for grabs since last year, fans should act quickly to avoid missing out on what’s sure to be an evening filled with heartfelt melodies and engaging entertainment from a staple figure in the music industry.

Experience Clint Black’s musical artistry that has captivated audiences for decades right in the heart of Edmonton.

June 25, 2024, Saskatoon, SK

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of live music and entertainment as Clint Black brings his signature country sound to Saskatoon. On June 25, 2024, the acclaimed singer and musician will light up the stage at Sasktel Centre, delivering a performance that’s not to be missed.

This concert is a highlight of his Canadian tour dates and promises to showcase the best of what has made Black a beloved figure in country music for over three decades.

Get ready to experience powerful vocals and timeless hits from a storied career that has captivated fans across generations. The excitement in SK will be palpable as attendees gather for an event filled with songs that resonate with heart and soul.

Don’t miss this chance to see Clint Black perform classics that have defined his illustrious journey through the world of country entertainment right here in Saskatoon. Secure your spot now for an evening packed with melody, nostalgia, and top-notch performance!

Ticket Information for Clint Black’s Concerts

Secure your spot to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Killin’ Time with Clint Black by discovering where to find tickets for this highly-anticipated tour.

How to Purchase Tickets

Getting your hands on Clint Black concert tickets is straightforward and secure. To ensure a smooth purchase process, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit or the official site to find ticket availability for Clint Black’s 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour dates.
  • Choose the concert date and location you wish to attend, such as June 13 in Abbotsford, June 21 in Edmonton, or June 25 in Saskatoon.
  • Select your preferred seating section according to the venue’s seating chart provided online.
  • Look over the ticket options and prices; keep in mind that they can start as low as $55 with some averaging around $140.
  • Decide how many tickets you need so all your friends or family can join in on the fun.
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ button once you have made your choice. This will take you to a page where you can review your order.
  • Provide necessary personal and payment information on the secure checkout page.
  • Confirm your order details, make sure everything is correct before proceeding.
  • Complete the transaction by following any additional prompts. This may include verifying your identity or agreeing to terms and conditions.

Ticket Prices

Once you’ve navigated the purchasing process for Clint Black concert tickets, it’s time to consider your budget and examine the various pricing options. Fans will find a range of ticket prices to accommodate different preferences and budgets. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect to pay for a chance to see Clint Black live in concert.

SectionStarting PriceAverage PricePremium Seats
General Admission$40$55$140
Mid-Tier Seating$60$90$250
VIP Experience$150$300$6395.00

Ticket prices for Clint Black concerts start at a modest $40 for the general admission areas, offering an affordable way for fans to enjoy the music. For those seeking a more central view, mid-tier seating options begin at $60, with the average ticket price hovering around $90. Premium seating for the ultimate Clint Black experience commands a higher price tag, yet it provides fans with unforgettable concert moments. The crème de la crème, the VIP Experience, comes with the highest cost, but with perks and exclusivities that justify the investment for the most ardent followers.

Reviews of Clint Black’s Past Performances

Clint Black captivates his audience with a mix of charm and predictability, as witnessed by concert-goers who have been consistently impressed with his 19-song sets. Critics rave about the energy he brings to the stage, ensuring every performance is memorable for fans of all ages.

His shows aren’t just about the music; it’s also about the connection he forms with his audience, sharing anecdotes and engaging them between numbers.

During a standout event at Bakersfield’s Crystal Palace reopening, Clint showcased why he remains a beloved figure in country music after so many years. The show was not only special because it was free to attend but also due to Clint’s commanding presence on stage that left attendees longing for more.

As Black embarks on his anniversary tour celebrating his debut album ‘Killin’ Time,’ anticipation builds among fans eager to see him perform this seminal work live from start to finish.

Other Artists Fans of Clint Black May Also Enjoy

If your playlists are filled with the iconic tunes of Clint Black, you might also have a penchant for the compelling storytelling and rich melodies offered by other country music stalwarts.

Diving into the catalogs of artists like Brooks & Dunn or Tim McGraw could enhance your appreciation for the genre’s depth and diversity, creating an even broader musical landscape to explore.

Brooks & Dunn

Country music enthusiasts who treasure Clint Black’s artistry often find a special place in their hearts for Brooks & Dunn. Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, the masterminds behind this dynamic duo, are set to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Their unforgettable presence has helped shape the modern honky-tonk sound that surged alongside Clint Black’s rise.

Delighting fans with high-energy tunes and heartfelt ballads, Brooks & Dunn have crafted an enduring legacy. As trailblazers within the country genre, their tours and television specials have captivated audiences across generations.

If you appreciate Clint Black’s work for its authenticity and impact, then exploring Brooks & Dunn’s discography is an experience not to be missed.

Their successful career spans multiple chart-topping hits making them one of country music’s most iconic duos. Fans rave about their live performances which showcase a perfect blend of rousing anthems and stirring melodies.

A night spent at a Brooks & Dunn concert promises an electrifying atmosphere where classic honky-tonk meets contemporary flair—a must-see for any dedicated follower of country sounds.

Tim McGraw

Just as Brooks & Dunn have carved their niche in the heart of country enthusiasts, Tim McGraw stands tall among the giants of the genre. McGraw has established a remarkable career by staying true to his unique style, which resonates with fans across generations.

His rule for success is simple yet profound: know who you are as an artist. This mantra has not only propelled him to stardom but also aligned him with industry icons like Jeff Carson and Tracy Byrd.

Adding to his impressive legacy, McGraw recently joined forces with Clint Black and Chris Stapleton for a tribute show that celebrated the influential musicians of country music. Their performances honored legends and showcased the enduring appeal of heartfelt storytelling through song.

Fans appreciate McGraw’s musical influences and his ability to pay tribute while delivering unforgettable star performances—a testament to his status as an influential musician within the music industry.

Miranda Lambert

Transitioning from the rugged charm of Tim McGraw, fans will find a kindred spirit in Miranda Lambert’s music. Her songs echo with authenticity and have earned her a dedicated following within the country music community.

Lambert has shared stages and studio time with industry heavyweights like Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts, weaving her voice into the broader tapestry of country sounds.

Miranda Lambert steps beyond mere performance; she mentors emerging talent as seen during her involvement in “Nashville Star.” She amplifies events such as festival tours, standing shoulder to shoulder with icons like Kid Rock, thereby stamping them with legitimacy.

Collaborations are another strong suit for Lambert—her songwriting prowess shines through in tracks like “Tin Man,” created alongside Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. These connections not only enhance her projects but also foster a sense of unity within the Nashville music scene.

Exploring Similar Artists and Their Concerts (Featuring a link to Cody Johnson tickets)

Exploring the music world brings exciting new sounds and live performances to fans of country music. Cody Johnson tickets provide access to shows that resonate with Clint Black’s audience.

  • Kick-start your country music journey with a Cody Johnson concert; his down-to-earth storytelling echoes the classic country vibe.
  • Discover tour dates for Cody Johnson, whose energetic performances ignite crowds, creating memorable concert experiences.
  • Fans admire his authentic sound, which channels the same heartfelt emotion found in Clint Black’s songs.
  • Delve into Cody Johnson’s discography before the concert; familiarizing yourself with his hits can heighten your live experience.
  • Consider combining concerts: see both Clint Black and Cody Johnson to appreciate the breadth of talent within country music.
  • Explore other artists similar to Clint Black such as Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, and Miranda Lambert for a diverse musical palette.
  • Check out opening acts at these concerts; they often feature rising stars that offer fresh sounds within the country genre.
  • Attend fan meet-and-greets when available; they offer unique opportunities for personal interactions with your favorite musicians.
  • Take advantage of early bird ticket sales or special promotions for Cody Johnson’s tour to secure great seats at competitive prices.


Get ready to experience the magic of country music with Clint Black‘s remarkable 35th Anniversary Of Killin’ Time Tour. Seize this opportunity to witness one of country’s finest musicians live on stage.

Secure your tickets today and join fellow fans for an unforgettable evening celebrating a stellar career in music. Make these concerts part of your must-see events this year; let the countdown to the show begin!

If you’re eager to experience more country music live, be sure to check out Cody Johnson’s upcoming concert tickets.


1. Where can I buy tickets for a Clint Black concert?

You can purchase Clint Black tickets online through official ticketing platforms or at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there VIP packages available for Clint Black shows?

Yes, select Clint Black concerts offer VIP packages that may include premium seating and exclusive merchandise.

3. How do I know if my Clint Black tickets are authentic?

Always buy tickets from reputable sources to ensure their authenticity before attending the show.

4.Can I get a refund if a Clint Black concert is canceled?

Refunds are typically issued automatically if the event is officially canceled by the organizers.

5.What should I do if I lose my Clint Black concert tickets?

Contact the ticket provider immediately to report lost tickets and inquire about their replacement policy.