Cody Johnson Tickets

Country music enthusiasts often face the challenge of securing tickets to see their favorite artists live, with shows selling out quickly and leaving many fans disappointed. As someone deeply entrenched in the country music scene, I understand how important it is for fans to get reliable information on ticket availability and tour details.

With years of experience tracking concert tours and ticket sales, I am positioned to guide you through the process of snagging those coveted Cody Johnson Tickets.

Cody Johnson’s rise as a country music star has been nothing short of remarkable – an unsigned artist who filled entire stadiums speaks volumes about his talent and appeal. That fact alone amplifies the urgency for fans seeking to witness his dynamic performances on “The Leather Tour.” Stay tuned; this article will unearth must-know tips for grabbing your tickets and possibly meeting the man himself.

Catch every beat of Cody Johnson’s upcoming tour—read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Cody Johnson’s “The Leather Tour” will feature memorable performances in various North American cities, with a highlight concert at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Fans should act fast as tickets are selling quickly.
  • Official tickets for The Leather Tour are available on starting December 15th, with prices ranging from $53 for general admission to over $1500 for VIP packages that may include meet & greet opportunities on select dates.
  • Joining Cody Johnson’s official fan club grants special benefits such as early ticket access, discounts on merchandise, and potential exclusive meet & greets with the artist.
  • Apart from Cody Johnson concerts, country music enthusiasts can catch Cole Swindell’s “Win the Night Tour,” featuring supporting acts like Dylan Scott and Meghan Patrick, by purchasing tickets through authorized outlets like
  • To ensure the best experience and authenticity of tickets, fans are encouraged to use official channels for all purchases related to concert attendance and exclusive fan experiences.

Overview of Cody Johnson’s Tour

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Cody Johnson’s tour has taken the country music scene by storm, with fans eagerly marking their calendars for The Leather Tour. This highly anticipated series of live performances showcases his genuine artistry across various cities, offering attendees an unforgettable musical experience steeped in rich, country roots.

The Leather Tour

The Leather Tour sweeps through Canada, bringing Cody Johnson’s iconic country music to the stage for an unforgettable live performance. Fans can mark their calendars for May 4th, 2024, when the sounds of guitars and heartfelt lyrics will fill Abbotsford Centre.

Gold & Gold Productions/Red Boot Live is responsible for organizing this concert series, ensuring that each arena show delivers a high-energy experience synonymous with Johnson’s renowned stage presence.

Throughout The Leather Tour, spectators will enjoy more than just solo acts; “Cody Johnson and Friends” are set to amplify the excitement in venues like Saskatoon’s SaskTel. Each tour date promises to showcase why Johnson stands out as a sought-after music artist in today’s world of country tunes.

Whether it’s his skill as a singer-songwriter or his knack for soul-stirring performances, attendees are guaranteed an evening buzzing with musical passion. Get ready to be part of a memorable concert tour where every note played speaks directly to the heart of country music lovers.

Tour Dates and Locations

As Cody Johnson’s The Leather Tour gains momentum, fans eagerly anticipate which cities will welcome his dynamic performances. Each concert promises a night of unforgettable country music as Cody Johnson brings his signature sounds to venues across North America.


  • Nashville, TN, is a highlight of the tour with tickets quickly selling out for the legendary Grand Ole Opry.
  • Wichita, KS, awaits an electrifying show at INTRUST Bank Arena with fans ready to pack the house.
  • The tour itinerary includes stops at major cities ensuring that enthusiasts from coast to coast have a chance to join in the fun.
  • Detailed venue information is readily available, providing concert-goers all they need to plan their perfect night out.
  • Fans stay informed about gig details such as opening acts and scheduled performance times through regular updates.
  • Music events are spaced thoughtfully throughout the year to give as many opportunities as possible for fans to attend a live show.
  • Ticket sales go live well in advance, giving everyone fair access to secure their spot in the crowd.
  • Supporting artists join the lineup at various locations, adding even more excitement and value to each ticket.
  • Tour dates are chosen with fans in mind, avoiding major holidays and ensuring weekend options when possible.

Buying Cody Johnson Tickets

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Securing your spot at a Cody Johnson concert is straightforward, with tickets readily available through the official platform. Explore the diverse range of seating options and price points to experience country music’s authentic storytelling live.

Official site

Buying your Cody Johnson tickets through the official site guarantees that you’re getting real, valid passes to see one of country music’s most electrifying artists live.

The site not only lays out Cody Johnson’s tour dates but also gives concert-goers essential details like venue specifics and event times. is a trusted source for fans looking to experience the thrill of live performances. You can check ticket availability and compare pricing options with ease. If you’re keen on exploring more country music events, the platform also features tours for other popular artists such as Old Dominion, expanding your opportunities to enjoy incredible music moments.

Ticket Availability and Pricing

Cody Johnson fans have eagerly awaited the release of tickets for his 2024 tour. Available from December 15th, seats are filling up fast with prices to match every budget. The cost of experiencing Cody Johnson live can vary, with options ranging from general admission to exclusive VIP packages. Below is a breakdown of ticket availability and pricing to help you secure your spot at one of his electrifying shows.


Ticket Type Price Range Availability
General Admission $53 – $153 Limited
VIP Packages $253 – $1533 Available
Meet & Greet Varies Select Dates
Resale Tickets Market Price Subject to sellers

Expect a dynamic range in pricing, and remember to act swiftly; the demand for Cody Johnson’s performances is high., along with other third-party sellers, also offers tickets, though prices there are set by individual sellers and may differ from face value. Meet and greet VIP packages provide an unforgettable experience but are exclusive to certain dates only. Check official channels and authorized resellers for the most accurate and current ticket information. Secure your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable concert experience with Cody Johnson.

Similar Artists and Tour Information

For fans looking to expand their country music experience, Cody Johnson’s contemporaries are also hitting the road with exciting tours of their own. Explore tickets for shows by artists like Cole Swindell, whose dynamic performances and heartfelt ballads continue to captivate audiences nationwide.

Cole Swindell Tour Tickets

Country music enthusiasts, get ready for an epic live performance experience! Cole Swindell’s “Win the Night Tour” is set to captivate audiences with a lineup that promises excitement at every turn. Here’s what you need to know about securing your spot at one of the hottest music events:


  • The “Win the Night Tour” officially kicks off in 2024, featuring Cole Swindell headlining stages across various locations.
  • Budweiser Gardens in London stands out as a key venue where fans can witness Cole Swindell alongside talented supporting acts Dylan Scott and Meghan Patrick.
  • Tickets for this much – anticipated tour are available through official channels, ensuring that you secure genuine passes to this memorable event.
  • The diverse lineup including artists like Dylan Scott and Meghan Patrick caters to all tastes within the country genre, guaranteeing an evening of varied musical delights.
  • Access to ticket purchasing is straightforward – head over to authorized ticket outlets such as for a hassle-free transaction.
  • Keep an eye on tour schedule updates to snag tickets for concert dates that fit into your calendar without conflicts or last-minute rushes.
  • Pricing details can be found next to each tour date on official selling platforms, allowing you to budget accordingly for this exciting music tour.
  • For those seeking a deeper connection with the artist, look out for exclusive meet & greet opportunities that might be available as part of the tour offerings.

Exclusive Information for Cody Johnson Fans

For die-hard Cody Johnson fans, uncovering exclusive content like meet & greet opportunities can truly enhance the concert experience – keep an eye out for these special offers to get closer to the country music sensation.

Meet & Greet Details

Secure your exclusive Cody Johnson meet & greet pass by joining his official fan club. For a $25 annual fee, you gain entry to a special world of privileges that bring you closer to the music.

Imagine shaking hands with Cody himself or snapping a once-in-a-lifetime photo! These packages don’t just offer face time; they can include front row seats or even backstage tours.

Dive into the heart of Cody Johnson’s live shows with VIP treatment. Enjoy early entry, ensuring you get the best spot to experience every riff and chorus up close. Fan club members also receive presale access, making sure you’re first in line for tickets as soon as they go live on

And let’s not forget that sweet 15% discount on all merchandise – wear your love for Cody proudly without breaking the bank!

Embrace the full concert experience with one-of-a-kind hospitality packages available through Cody Johnson’s official website. Don’t miss out – secure your spot at an unforgettable meet & greet event where memories are made and fans become part of the inner circle.


As Cody Johnson hits the road, fans gear up for a memorable experience with “The Leather Tour.” Remember to mark your calendars and set your alarms – those concert tickets are just a few clicks away.

Whether you’re in it for the live music thrills or the chance to partake in a meet & greet, prepare for an unforgettable country music event. Embrace the energy and excitement of seeing CoJo live; it’s time to join fellow enthusiasts and revel in his chart-topping tunes.

Grab your Cody Johnson tickets now and get ready to sing along at one of the hottest country concerts this year!

If you’re a fan of country music and looking to catch more live performances, be sure to check out Cole Swindell tour tickets for an unforgettable concert experience.


1. Where can I purchase Cody Johnson tickets?

Secure your Cody Johnson tickets through official ticketing platforms or verified resellers online.

2. Are there any discounts available for Cody Johnson concert tickets?

Discounts may be periodically offered, and fans are encouraged to check the ticketing website or sign up for email alerts.

3. What should I do if a Cody Johnson concert is sold out?

For sold-out shows, monitor secondary marketplaces as tickets may become available closer to the event date.

4. Can I get a refund if I cannot attend the Cody Johnson concert?

Refund policies vary; please review the terms of purchase on your ticket or contact customer service for assistance.

5. How early should I buy my Cody Johnson tickets to ensure availability?

Buying your tickets as soon as they go on sale is advisable to improve your chances of securing a seat at his performance.