Cole Swindell Tickets

Country music aficionados and live concert enthusiasts alike often grapple with the challenge of securing tickets to see their favorite artists perform. Amidst the clamor for seats at sought-after events, securing Cole Swindell tickets can seem like a quest in itself.

As someone who’s navigated the ebbs and flows of the music event industry for years, I understand that getting your hands on those golden passes is more than just a purchase—it’s about ensuring an experience that resonates long after the encore.

Cole Swindell’s rise from selling merchandise for Luke Bryan to becoming a chart-topping country star himself has been nothing short of meteoric. With his upcoming Win The Night Tour 2024 set to captivate fans nationwide, there’s no shortage of excitement—or questions—surrounding his performances.

To guide you through obtaining these coveted tickets, this article peels back the curtain on what you need to know before joining in on an evening where melodies weave memories. Did you know that there are already tour dates announced up until 2025? Dive in as we reveal how close you could be to witnessing Cole Swindell live—a moment away from making musical history!

Key Takeaways

  • Cole Swindell’s Win The Night Tour 2024 is touring across North America with tickets already on sale for dates in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Ticket prices vary, with options to suit different budgets, ranging from $36.00 for the cheapest ticket up to $2064.00 for the most expensive ones.
  • Official tickets can be purchased through trusted websites like and to avoid scams and ensure genuine passes.
  • Special guests joining Cole on tour include artists like Dylan Scott and Meghan Patrick, adding diverse musical styles to the concerts.
  • Fans can catch Swindell live at venues such as Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS, BOK Center in Tulsa, OK, and Brandon Amphitheater in Brandon, MS among others.

Overview of Cole Swindell

A lively concert in a scenic countryside with a single microphone.

Cole Swindell, born Colden Rainey Swindell, has carved a significant niche for himself in the country music scene since he first stepped into the spotlight. He initiated his journey in the music industry not on stage but behind the scenes, selling merchandise for fellow artist Luke Bryan after his college days.

This experience proved instrumental as it paved the path towards his emergence as a solo artist. His knack for songwriting became evident when he penned down hits for renowned artists such as Craig Campbell and Thomas Rhett.

Transitioning from songwriter to center-stage performer, Cole Swindell’s career took flight with his self-titled debut album that catapulted him into touring success and prominence within country circles nationwide.

His evolution within the industry showcases an adept understanding of both melody and narrative—qualities that endear him to fans across generations. Each concert is testament to his continued growth as an entertainer who delivers performances resonating with authentic country soulfulness and infectious energy.

Upcoming Cole Swindell Concerts

A crowd of enthusiastic fans at a country music festival.

Discover the excitement of live country music with Cole Swindell’s upcoming concerts, where fans can experience his dynamic performances and chart-topping hits first-hand. Dive into a blend of heartfelt ballads and high-energy anthems that showcase why Swindell holds a special place in today’s country scene.

Nearest Concert to You

Excitement buzzes through the air as Cole Swindell’s tour dates approach. Eager fans can find a show close to home with ease, ensuring a night filled with memorable music.

  • Check out Bandsintown for an up-to-date list of Cole Swindell concerts happening locally. They offer a comprehensive collection of nearby live music events, making it simple to spot the closest upcoming shows.
  • Browse local concert listings for a convenient way to discover the venue that’s nearest to you. Each listing includes nearby tour dates and relevant venue details, so planning your evening is a breeze.
  • Explore photos of upcoming concerts and read through concert reviews near me sections on fans’ favorite sites. This gives you the vibe of what to expect at a Cole Swindell performance before you purchase concert tickets.
  • Visit for official tickets to ensure you’re getting genuine passes. They provide not just ticket sales but also invaluable information like the tour schedule near me and additional nearby concert details.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Get ready to mark your calendars for Cole Swindell’s can’t-miss performances! The upcoming tour dates for 2024 are out, and fans everywhere are eager to secure their spot at these live shows.

  • Cole Swindell kicks off his 2024 “Win The Night Tour” with a high-energy concert at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS, ensuring that fans in the Midwest get their fill of his chart-topping hits.
  • The energy then moves to Tulsa, OK where the BOK Center will play host to an unforgettable night with Swindell and his supporting acts.
  • As part of an extensive tour schedule, Swindell makes a special appearance at the Brandon Amphitheater in Brandon, MS. It’s set to be a spectacular show under the stars.
  • With Cody Johnson and Tyler Childers joining as support acts, concertgoers will experience an electrifying showcase of country music talent across various venues.
  • Fans should keep a close eye on the official website for comprehensive ticket information and to stay updated on new additions to the concert schedule.
  • Live performances are also announced through social media channels; following Cole Swindell there ensures you don’t miss any announcements about tour dates or venue locations.

Cole Swindell Tickets

Securing your spot at a Cole Swindell show is an essential step for any country music enthusiast eager to experience the energy and charm of his live performances. Discover where you can acquire those coveted Cole Swindell tickets to ensure you don’t miss out on the musical event of the season.

Where to Buy Official Tickets

Getting your hands on official Cole Swindell tickets is straightforward and secure. You’ll want to head over to trusted websites like, where you can find a wide range of seating options for various concert dates.

These vendors guarantee that the tickets you purchase are genuine and will grant you entry into the show without any hiccups.

Avoid sketchy deals and unofficial sellers by sticking with authorized ticket agents only. Not only does this ensure that your purchase is valid, but it also protects you from potential scams that could ruin your concert experience. is another reputable website where fans can buy legitimate tickets to see Cole Swindell live in action.

With your tickets booked, get ready for an unforgettable evening at the next stop of Cole Swindell’s tour. And if you’re wondering about pricing details, our next section on “Ticket Prices” has all the information you’ll need to plan your perfect concert outing.

Ticket Prices

Once you’ve pinpointed where to purchase your official Cole Swindell tickets, it’s time to consider the cost. Understanding the pricing is crucial to planning your concert experience. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of ticket prices to help you budget for the show.

Price CategoryCost
Average Ticket Price$195.32
Most Expensive Ticket$2064.00
Cheapest Ticket Available$36.00
Different Price Points$113.25, $93.25, $73.25, $53.25

Prices for Cole Swindell’s concerts can vary widely, offering options for fans with different budgets. Note that these prices may be above or below the face value, and sales are final with no refunds for postponed events. Always consult the seating chart to match your preferred seating area with the corresponding price.

Win The Night Tour 2024

Dive into the heart of Cole Swindell’s music as he lights up stages across the country with his Win The Night Tour 2024, promising an unforgettable fusion of story and song. Fans will experience a captivating showcase featuring Swindell’s signature hits, new releases, and electrifying stage presence alongside notable special guests.

Event Information

Get ready for an unforgettable night of music and live entertainment as Cole Swindell brings his Win The Night Tour 2024 to your city. Expect a performance filled with energy, hit songs, and a connection with the audience that only a country music artist like Swindell can deliver.

  • Mark your calendar for May 16, 2024, as Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario sets the stage for this much-anticipated concert.
  • Doors open at 7: 00 PM sharp, giving you plenty of time to find your seats and soak up the pre-show excitement.
  • Ticket prices vary from $53.25 to $113.25 offering a range of options from up – close action to comfortable seating with great views.
  • Experience different perspectives of the show by choosing between various seating areas available within the venue.
  • Secure your spot by purchasing tickets through official channels such as the event website or authorized vendors to avoid scams.
  • Produced by renowned promoter Live Nation, this tour promises high – quality production and memorable moments.
  • Join fans who are eagerly waiting to see Cole Swindell headline THE PLAYERS Military Appreciation Day concert on this tour leg.
  • This event caters to everyone looking for great live music — perfect for family outings or an exciting date night.

Special Guests

As excitement builds for the Win The Night Tour 2024, let’s shine a spotlight on the special guests who will amplify Cole Swindell’s performances. Each supporting act brings a unique flair to the concert tour, promising fans an unforgettable experience.

  • Dylan Scott: This multi-Platinum artist steps onto the stage with his charismatic presence and chart-topping hits. Known for blending traditional country with contemporary sounds, Scott adds a dynamic energy to the lineup.
  • Meghan Patrick: As one of Canada’s rising stars, Meghan Patrick is set to dazzle audiences with her powerful vocals and heartfelt songwriting. Her performances are infused with a spirit that resonates deeply with country music fans.
  • Jon Langston: With deep roots in American country music, Jon Langston brings raw emotions and authenticity to his live performances. His journey from college football player to country singer adds an inspiring edge to his musical storytelling.
  • Lily Rose: Lily Rose captivates listeners with her vibrant melodies and reflective lyrics. As an emerging talent in the industry, she connects with the crowd through her relatable stories set to catchy tunes.
  • Mackenzie Carpenter: Mackenzie Carpenter offers a fresh perspective in modern country music. Her songs mix traditional elements with pop influences, creating a sound that’s both innovative and timeless.
  • Restless Road: This group harmonizes their way into fan’s hearts with their smooth blend of voices. Their camaraderie on stage exemplifies how shared passion for music can unite artists and audiences alike.

Reviews of Cole Swindell Concerts

Discover the electrifying atmosphere of Cole Swindell’s live performances through the eyes of enthusiastic fans and discerning critics alike, each offering unique perspectives that attest to the unforgettable experience awaiting at his concerts.

Dive into a diverse array of testimonials praising Swindell’s dynamic stage presence, setlist perfection, and the unwavering energy that defines every show.

Fan Reviews

Attendees of Cole Swindell concerts are eager to share their tour experiences and it’s clear there’s plenty of fan feedback lighting up the internet. Enthusiastic concert-goers often post glowing reviews about the live performances, mentioning the thrilling atmosphere and Swindell’s magnetic presence on stage.

People speak highly of how his music shows are more than just listening to favorite hits; they’re events where memories are made.

Some fans have even mentioned feeling a strong connection to Cole Swindell as if there is an online relationship between them and the artist. This sense of community and admiration amplifies with each music event, encouraging new listeners to become part of the vibrant online fan community.

Those looking for concert tickets talk about their anticipation for upcoming tour dates, expressing excitement in every post and comment shared across social media platforms.

Critic Reviews

Music critics agree that Cole Swindell’s concerts are not to be missed. They often praise his dynamic stage presence and his knack for making each audience member feel like part of the show.

His live music performances radiate energy, with every song delivered in a way that connects deeply with fans. This charisma has transcended beyond his self-titled album, showcasing a fresh spin on Nashville’s bro-country scene.

Reviews from industry experts commend Swindell’s shows as top-tier entertainment. He delivers heartfelt performances amid an atmosphere buzzing with excitement, cementing him as a staple in American country music.

The inclusion of Swindell in the Coors Light Birds Nest lineup underscores this sentiment, highlighting him as an artist who truly knows how to captivate and engage with concertgoers through his energetic and entertaining concerts.

Popular Tour Dates and Locations

Cole Swindell’s tour ignites excitement with a string of popular dates and locations that showcase his electric stage presence, drawing fans from across the country music spectrum.

From the vibrant energy of Nashville’s renowned venues to the charm of Canadian cities, each concert promises an unforgettable live performance experience for enthusiasts everywhere.

Canadian Concerts

Country music enthusiasts across Canada are in for a treat with Cole Swindell’s upcoming concerts. The Canadian tour dates are set, bringing live country music to several cities.

  • Country music concerts in Canada feature prominently in the Win The Night Tour 2024, showcasing Swindell’s dynamic performances.
  • Outstanding live music performances will captivate fans at the Budweiser Gardens in London, ON on May 16th, creating lasting memories.
  • Concert venues like the iconic Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa will host Swindell alongside special guests Dylan Scott and Meghan Patrick for an unforgettable show on May 18th.
  • Canadian tour dates include several stops, ensuring fans country – wide have a chance to see this acclaimed country music artist live.
  • Ticket sales for these much-anticipated events start as early as December 2023, so eager fans should be ready to secure their spots.
  • Live entertainment of this caliber is not to be missed; these concert dates mark moments where catchy tunes meet passionate performances.
  • Music tours bring together communities and fans who share a love for heartfelt lyrics and toe – tapping melodies – experience it all with Swindell’s tour.

International Concerts

Moving from the excitement of Canadian shows, Cole Swindell’s international concerts are reaching fans around the globe. These performances showcase his dynamic presence and connect with audiences far beyond his home country.

  • Global performances are heating up as Cole Swindell takes his high – energy shows overseas. Fans worldwide get to experience the same heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes that have dominated charts in the US.
  • Popular tour destinations include cities in Europe, Asia, and Australia, bringing a piece of Nashville’s country music scene to every corner of the world.
  • International music events become unforgettable experiences with Swindell’s engaging stage production and fan-favorite hits.
  • Tour schedules are carefully crafted to maximize reach, giving as many international fans as possible the chance to see Cole live.
  • Concert venues selected for these tours offer state-of-the-art facilities and create the perfect ambiance for an evening of country music entertainment.
  • Ticket sales typically kick off months in advance, allowing ample time for fans to secure their spots at one of these highly anticipated shows.
  • Overseas shows promise an exciting setlist full of Swindell’s top tracks, often complemented by stunning visual effects and top-notch audio quality.
  • Tour itineraries not only include performances but also opportunities for fan meet-and-greets, merchandise signings, and exclusive event experiences.
  • Live performances feature collaborations or cover songs that pay homage to local cultures and countries visited, making each concert unique.
  • Tour locations are selected based on fan demand and venue availability, ensuring that all logistics contribute to an exceptional show for attendees.

FAQs about Cole Swindell Concerts

Navigate any uncertainties surrounding Cole Swindell’s live performances with a dedicated FAQs section that addresses common queries and concerns fans may have about his concerts. This segment is designed to provide clear, concise answers to enhance your concert-going experience.

Is the tour cancelled?

Cole Swindell fans can breathe easy because the tour is on track. Despite some shifts in schedule, all planned performances for his energetic live shows are going ahead. The Down to Earth Tour brings this beloved country artist to stages near you with just a few changes in timing.

Rescheduled dates have been released, ensuring that no fan misses out on the chance to catch these dynamic musical events.

For those who’ve been eagerly awaiting the fall tour, updated information about new concert dates is readily available. Ticket holders should keep an eye out for emails from ticket vendors with details about their specific event.

If a show was postponed, rest assured your tickets are still valid for the rescheduled date.

Concerns over potential cancellations are common amidst today’s unpredictable landscape of live performances. However, Cole Swindell’s commitment to his fans and music shows no signs of wavering.

Keep tabs on official announcements and prepare for unforgettable country concerts as part of Cole’s ongoing tour series!

Where is Cole Swindell right now?

Rest assured, Cole Swindell’s tour is in full swing and not cancelled. Fans of country music are eagerly tracking his current whereabouts to catch live performances. As for where the touring artist is right now, Cole has a packed schedule that takes him across various concert venues.

Swindell’s next stop on the music scene is at TPC At Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, where he will treat ticketed golf enthusiasts to an unforgettable show. This particular event stands out as it combines the excitement of sports with the thrill of a live Cole Swindell performance – and it’s all included with your golf tickets! His journey doesn’t pause there; 30 energetic concerts await fans in two different countries, promising an array of memorable music events.

Mark your calendars for June 1st if you’re planning ahead because Cole Swindell will be lighting up the stage at BankNH Pavilion in Gilford, NH. Each performance date promises to showcase his signature vocals and charismatic presence that continue to draw crowds by the thousands.

Keep an eye on his tour locations and secure your concert tickets early – you won’t want to miss out on these electrifying nights filled with hit songs and high energy!

Related Artists and Upcoming Concerts

If you love Cole Swindell’s music, you’ll definitely want to catch the live performances of other country artists on tour. The concert schedule is packed with talent, showcasing some of the best in country music.

  • Jon Pardi: He’s hitting the road in 2024 and 2025, bringing his blend of traditional country and modern flair to stages across the nation.
  • Chase Rice: Known for his energetic shows, Chase Rice has tour dates lined up that promise to deliver unforgettable music events.
  • Tim McGraw: As a seasoned performer, Tim McGraw offers a concert experience filled with heartfelt songs and powerful vocals.
  • Dylan Scott: Keep an eye on Dylan Scott’s tour announcements; he brings a fresh vibe to the country scene.
  • Kane Brown: Joining forces with Cole Swindell on some dates, Kane Brown’s 2024 tour will feature hits old and new, along with guests LOCASH and RaeLynn adding to the energy.
  • Special Guests Nate Smith & Avery Anna: They’re scheduled to appear with Cole Swindell at The Twelve Tour stop in Orillia & Lake Country on October 26, 2023.


Get ready to experience the thrill of country music with Cole Swindell’s live performances. Grab your tickets quickly; stellar nights of music and memories await you. Ensure your spot at one of the most anticipated tours by securing your concert passes today.

With Cole Swindell taking the stage, an unforgettable evening filled with powerful vocals and captivating melodies is a promise. Feel the energy, sing along to your favorite hits, and become part of a community that celebrates country music at its finest.

If you’re a fan of country music and looking to catch more live performances, be sure to check out Corb Lund’s upcoming concert tickets as well!


1. Where can I buy tickets for a Cole Swindell concert?

You can purchase tickets for Cole Swindell concerts online through authorized ticket vendors or at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there VIP packages available for Cole Swindell shows?

Yes, VIP packages are often available which may include premium seating and exclusive merchandise.

3. How early should I buy Cole Swindell tickets to ensure I get a good seat?

It is best to buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale to secure a desirable seating location.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

If a concert is canceled, refunds are typically issued through the point of purchase according to their refund policy.

5. Do Cole Swindell ticket prices vary based on the venue or city?

Ticket prices may vary depending on the size of the venue, city, and demand for that particular show.