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Patti LaBelle Tickets

Patricia Louise Holte, known by her stage name Patti LaBelle, is an American actress and singer born on 24th May 1944. She started her career in the music industry during the 1960s. She was initially a member of a vocal group called Patti LaBelle and the Blueberries, where she was the lead singer. The group is the first African-American group/band to make it on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She was popularly called the “Godmother of Soul.”

Despite the massive success, the group split in the year 1976, and Labelle went on to have a very successful solo career. Her solo debut album was a massive success, which included the critically acclaimed song “You Are My Friend.” After the success of her singles “Stir It Up” and “If Only You Knew,” LaBelle finally got the media attention she deserved and is now considered one of the most important figures in the music industry. 

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Patti LaBelle Ticket Prices & Tour Information


How Much Are Patti LaBelle Tickets?

If you are looking to buy tickets to Patti LaBelle shows and concerts, you will have to pay an average of $160. However, if you are lucky, you can get Patti Labelle tickets for as low as $50. Keep in mind that the prices of the tickets can vary from one venue to another. 

When do Patti LaBelle Tickets Go on Sale?

Patti LaBelle shows are highly anticipated all over the country. If you are one of those people waiting to watch her live, you might be wondering when Patti LaBelle tickets go on sale. The tickets to her show usually go on sale a few weeks to a couple of months before the shows actually take place.

Which Cities Will The Patti LaBelle Tour Be Coming To?

You can buy Patti LaBelle concert tickets in Hamilton, Montreal, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Regina, Ottawa, London, Vancouver, or Toronto on their tour in Canada.

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