Corb Lund Tickets

Discovering live music that resonates with your soul can be a transformative experience, and Corb Lund’s concerts are a testament to this truth. As experts steeped in the world of country music and concert tours, we understand the energy and anticipation that fans feel when their favorite artist announces new tour dates.

With years of experience tracking artists like Corb Lund, our insights into securing tickets for highly anticipated shows are unparalleled.

Corb Lund has carved out his niche as one of Canada’s premier country artists, captivating audiences with his blend of roots-country sound. His latest venture—the 2024 “El Viejo” album release tour—is stirring excitement among aficionados of genuine storytelling through music.

The intimate connection listeners forge at his performances is a rare find in today’s digital age; it is precisely this raw authenticity that sets a Corb Lund show apart. Continue reading to unravel how you can join the ranks of those witnessing country music magic live on stage—a gem not to be missed!

Key Takeaways

  • Corb Lund’s “El Viejo” album release tour is happening in 2024, with tickets for his shows selling fast, including his performance at Grand Ole Opry House on February 20, 2024.
  • Tickets are available for special acoustic sets and can be purchased through platforms like Bandsintown. For select concerts, there are VIP packages offered by the Kootenay Concert Connection that provide extra perks.
  • The ticketing process offers convenience such as ticketFast technology for electronic delivery or print-at-home options. All sales are final and usually come with additional service charges.
  • Special appearances include The El Viejo Release Tour featuring the band 49 Winchester as an opening act. This adds a dynamic energy to Corb Lund’s already anticipated live performances.
  • Fans looking for merchandise to celebrate their favorite artist can find it on Corb Lund’s official online store, which includes limited edition items and discounts for newsletter subscribers.

Overview of Corb Lund

Corb Lund performing at a country music festival with a diverse audience.

Delving into the heart of Canadian country music, Corb Lund stands as a prominent figure whose roots run deep in the rugged traditions of Alberta’s ranching heritage. His career paints the portrait of an artist who not only embodies the spirit of Western culture but also resonates with fans across various landscapes through his storytelling and melodic prowess.

A singersongwriter with eleven albums to his credit, Lund has garnered substantial recognition within the industry, earning gold certifications for three of these records.

His lineage traces back to generations steeped in rodeo and ranch life, which flavors his music with authentic tales from the Rocky Mountains—echoes of a bygone era that still have relevance today.

As Lund threads narratives about devoted cowboys and their unrelenting work ethics into lyrical ballads, he captures audiences far beyond Alberta’s borders. This distinctive blend of past and present has led him to multiple nominations at both CCMA awards and Juno Awards, securing his status in the Canadian music industry as an artist worth watching live on tour dates across North America.

Corb Lund’s Concerts and Tour Dates

Corb Lund performs at a country music festival with lively atmosphere.

Embark on a journey through the heartland of country music with Corb Lund’s electrifying concert tours, where every show promises an unforgettable live performance experience. As he travels from the iconic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to theaters and community venues across North America, fans eagerly anticipate each date to witness his unique blend of storytelling and songcraft.

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

Corb Lund steps onto the iconic stage at Grand Ole Opry House on February 20, 2024, adding his unique voice to the storied history of this legendary Nashville venue. The Grand Ole Opry, renowned as a hallowed hall for country music lovers, provides a vibrant backdrop for Lund’s authentic sound and heartfelt storytelling.

Fans eagerly anticipate experiencing Corb Lund’s live performance where greats have stood before him; this concert promises to be an unforgettable addition to Nashville’s rich music scene.

Recently marking his debut at the prestigious Opry, Corb Lund joins a lineage of celebrated musicians who have graced its platform. This milestone underscores his rising influence in country music and secures his place within Nashville’s dynamic tapestry of artists.

Tickets are expected to be highly sought after for both seasoned fans and newcomers drawn by the charm of a genuine country singer performing in one of America’s musical landmarks.

As excitement builds around Corb Lund’s tour dates, fans can look forward to more than just an evening at the opera house; they’re preparing for a journey through story-driven melodies that resonate with audiences far beyond Tennessee.

Next up on his itinerary is another renowned venue – Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC – which promises yet another opportunity for concert-goers to witness Corb Lund’s expanding legacy live on stage.

Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Get ready to experience an unforgettable night of live music at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC. This entertainment venue is known for its elegant architecture and superb acoustics, making it the perfect place to catch Corb Lund’s thrilling performance.

The iconic concert hall, which hosted his show on March 5, 2024, continues to be a favored spot among fans looking to enjoy top-notch music events.

Secure your spot for an evening of authentic tunes with Corb Lund at this historical location. Tickets went on sale following the exciting announcement made last October. Music lovers eager for this year’s tour schedule can check Bandsintown for exclusive event details and ticket sales.

Don’t miss out on seeing Corb Lund light up the stage at one of Vancouver’s most prestigious performance spaces—The Orpheum Theatre.

Kelowna Community, Kelowna, BC

From the iconic Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, Corb Lund’s tour makes its way to the heart of British Columbia. The Kelowna Community Theatre emerges as a pinnacle stop for this much-anticipated musical journey.

With the concert date set for March 6, 2024, fans have an exclusive opportunity to see Lund’s acoustic artistry come alive in an intimate setting. This venue promises not just a live music experience but an interactive one with a Q&A session packaged alongside premium reserved seating or general admission choices.

Ticket holders will be treated to premium acoustics and heartfelt performances at this renowned location. The Kootenay Concert Connection brings “Corb Lund Live…the Acoustic Tour” directly to the ears and hearts of local music enthusiasts.

As tickets go on sale, eager listeners can secure their spot through Bandsintown, guaranteeing they won’t miss out on a chance for up-close engagement with one of country music’s authentic voices.

Those lucky enough to nab seats within the first ten rows can expect an even more memorable encounter with Lund’s celebrated melodies ringing throughout the Kelowna community space.

Details about Corb Lund Tickets

Discover everything you need to know about securing your spot at a Corb Lund concert, from availability to purchase options – keep reading for the insider details on how to grab your tickets today.

Tickets for Independent Concerts and more

Getting your hands on Corb Lund concert tickets is easier than you might think. If you’re aiming to catch his next performance, mark your calendar for the independent concerts coming up in 2024-25.

These intimate gigs promise an acoustic set that showcases Corb’s talents in a unique way. For fans looking for something extra special, check out the VIP package offered through Kootenay Concert Connection.

This exclusive deal could get you closer to the music and maybe even provide some behind-the-scenes perks.

Purchasing tickets is hassle-free whether you prefer online shopping or making a phone call. Get ready for TCU Place in Saskatoon to light up with Corb’s presence on March 11, 2024; just keep in mind ticket sales kick off October 19, 2023.

And if you’re planning to be in Missoula, grab your general admission passes as they go live on December 10, 2021. Remember, these are not just entry passes—they are keys to an unforgettable musical experience where every chord strummed resonates with raw emotion and storytelling prowess.

Every concert venue has its own vibe and getting tickets early ensures you won’t miss out on seeing Corb Lund live at his best—connecting with audiences through heartfelt ballads and toe-tapping country tunes.

Secure your spot soon and join other fans who can’t wait to enjoy a night of authentic independent music performances by one of country music’s distinguished artists.

Ticket Delivery Method

Once you’ve selected your ideal Corb Lund concert date, getting your hands on the tickets is a smooth process. The ticket delivery method for these events embraces modern convenience with ticketFast technology.

This means you can easily display your tickets on a mobile device or choose to print them at home if that’s more up your alley—no waiting around for mail deliveries and no extra shipping fees.

Opting for electronic ticket delivery offers instant access to your purchase through online ticket platforms. You simply download the etickets, save them to your device, and present them at the venue for digital entry.

For those who prefer something they can hold onto, print-at-home options are just as valid and provide a physical reminder of the upcoming show—a paperless solution that’s both eco-friendly and efficient.

With these methods available, fans enjoy virtual access to their tickets immediately after buying them: secure, swift, and straightforward.

Terms & Conditions for Ticket Purchase

Before you click ‘purchase’ on those Corb Lund concert tickets, make sure you’re up to speed with the terms and conditions. All sales are final, so whether life throws a curveball or your plans change, refunds and exchanges aren’t an option.

Be prepared for additional charges too; these fees cover everything from service costs to processing expenses.

Confirm your eligibility before buying – this event is strictly 18 and over. Without valid ID to prove your age at the door, admission isn’t guaranteed. Go digital with TicketFast and choose mobile ticketing for easy entry: show your e-ticket on your phone or print it out ahead of time.

Keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth experience as you gear up for an unforgettable night with Corb Lund!

Special Appearances

In the vibrant tapestry of live shows, Corb Lund’s special appearances stand out, including his much-anticipated El Viejo Release Tour featuring 49 Winchester as a dynamic opening act.

These unique performances offer fans an exceptional opportunity to experience Lund’s latest music endeavors firsthand.

Corb Lund The El Viejo Release Tour with Special Guest 49 Winchester

Country music fans are in for a real treat as Corb Lund hits the road with The El Viejo Release Tour. Experience an unforgettable live performance where Lund showcases his skill as a singer-songwriter, offering audiences across several cities a 10-song set that captures his unique style and sound.

With stops scheduled in London, Ottawa, Edmonton, Nashville, Vancouver, and other key locations starting March 2024, every concert promises to be an event worth marking on your calendar.

Joining him on stage will be the dynamic band 49 Winchester. Hailing from Virginia’s southern Appalachia region, their powerful presence complements Lund’s performances perfectly.

Fans can look forward to special appearances like the one at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville—a venue that embodies the spirit of country music. Secure your tickets early for either general admission or floor level seating and prepare to be swept away by toe-tapping rhythms and heartfelt lyrics.

On tour days approach fast; get ready for an evening packed with authentic country sounds delivered by two remarkable acts. As they bring stellar stage performances city after city during this much-anticipated tour—don’t miss out on witnessing Corb Lund alongside special guests 49 Winchester live!

Live Reviews of Corb Lund Concerts

Dive into the rich tapestry of feedback where fans and critics alike share their live experiences, capturing the essence of Corb Lund concerts that beckons country music enthusiasts to witness his performances firsthand.

Fans’ Reviews

Attendees of Corb Lund concerts leave the venues with a buzz, eager to share their unforgettable experiences. They head online to post electrifying reviews, praising the magnetic stage presence and the high-energy performances that keep them calling for encores.

People talk about how they feel an instant connection with the live music, dancing along as each song unfolds.

Crowds often say that seeing Corb Lund live surpasses their expectations; his musical talent truly shines through in person. Fans frequently note on social media that they can’t wait to see him perform again.

Their feedback floods Facebook and Twitter feeds, building a community of followers who all resonate with Lund’s authentic style and engaging performance flair. This fan fervor reflects just how much audiences cherish being part of Corb Lund’s lively shows — creating memories alongside fellow music lovers is what they treasure most.

Professional Critics’ Reviews

Moving from the authentic cheer of fan testimonials, professional critics offer a more analytical lens on Corb Lund’s concerts. These seasoned reviewers bring a wealth of musical knowledge to their critique, often highlighting aspects overlooked by casual listeners.

They have consistently lauded Lund for his warm stage presence, akin to the coziness of a family gathering where every note feels personal. His skill in breathing new life into classic tracks has earned him commendations as an artist who respects tradition while crafting it anew.

Corb Lund’s performances draw descriptions such as “alt-country all-star” and “Prairie poet,” celebrating his dynamic abilities both with melodies and storytelling lyrics. Critics underscore his versatility that spans across genres, making him not just a singer but also a rock ‘n’ roll storyteller captivating audiences with each chord and verse.

With over ten reviews converging on the verdict that he is an exceptional live performer, potential ticket-buyers receive assurance from these expert opinions which may sway their decision to witness this multifaceted musician on stage.

Each review serves not only as feedback but also influences prospective concert-goers considering purchasing tickets for upcoming shows. Positive commentary from critics plays an integral role in elevating Corb Lund’s reputation further within the competitive world of live music, ensuring fans know the unique experience awaiting them at his performances.

Corb Lund Merchandise

If you’re a fan looking to show off your love for Corb Lund, the official online store has got you covered. You can snap up everything from classic tees emblazoned with tour dates to cozy hoodies perfect for chilly evenings.

Collectors will jump at the chance to own limited edition items that celebrate the unique flair of Corb Lund’s country style. Imagine sipping your morning coffee from a mug adorned with album art or placing an autographed poster proudly on your wall.

For those who crave something special, keep an eye out for exclusive merchandise that often accompanies VIP ticket sales; these can include rare music collectibles not found anywhere else.

And don’t forget, signing up for the newsletter ensures you get a 15% discount on your first haul of gear and gives you early access to future releases and special deals. After enjoying some new additions to your collection, consider exploring other artists similar to Corb Lund – maybe even snag yourself some Creed tickets for another authentic musical journey!

Other Artists Similar to Corb Lund (e. g. , Consider Creed Tickets for Another Musical Experience)

Corb Lund’s unique musical style and storytelling songs strike a chord with many country music fans. Discovering artists with similar vibes and narratives in their music can enhance your playlist and live experience.

  • Explore the work of Hayes Carll, whose blend of dry wit and emotional depth mirrors that of Corb Lund. His performances deliver a similar storytelling journey through Americana landscapes.
  • Check out Sturgill Simpson for another twist on traditional country imbued with rock edges. Just as Lund, Simpson tells compelling stories through his lyrics.
  • Listen to Colter Wall if you’re drawn to deep, resonant vocals paired with authentic cowboy tales. Wall’s sound taps into the same rustic spirit found in Lund’s discography.
  • Consider buying tickets to see Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty, who offers a blend of rock and country that complements Corb Lund’s folk-infused melodies.
  • Dive into the music of Ian Tyson, a fellow Canadian musician known for his narrative approach to songwriting and profound connection to western themes.
  • Embrace the traditional yet distinct country flair of Margo Price. Her strong narrative style aligns closely with what fans admire in Lund’s music.
  • Investigate The Deep Dark Woods for haunting melodies that resonate with the soulful element present in Corb Lund’s soundscapes.
  • Attend performances by Lucinda Williams if you appreciate finely crafted songs about life’s raw experiences, much like those Corb creates.


Experience the thrill of live country music with a ticket to a Corb Lund concert. Get ready to tap your feet to the rhythm of Alberta’s famed singer-songwriter, as he brings his unique blend of country rock across various stages.

Secure your place at one of these highly anticipated events and join other fans in celebrating fresh tunes from “El Viejo” and classics alike. Don’t wait too long; grab your tickets today for an unforgettable musical journey!

If you’re in search of a musical experience akin to Corb Lund’s, take a look at Creed tickets for another memorable concert outing.


1. Where can I buy Corb Lund tickets?

You can purchase Corb Lund tickets through official ticket outlets online or at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there VIP packages available for Corb Lund concerts?

Yes, select concerts may offer VIP packages that provide premium seating and other exclusive benefits.

3. How do I know if my Corb Lund tickets are legitimate?

Ensure your tickets are legitimate by buying them from authorized sellers and checking for a secure transaction process.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

If the concert is officially canceled, refunds are typically issued through the point of purchase following standard policies.

5. Is it possible to meet Corb Lund at his concert with my ticket?

Meeting Corb Lund may be possible if you have purchased a special ticket package that includes a meet-and-greet experience.