Disney On Ice Into The Magic Tickets

Embarking on a magical journey through the enchanting world of Disney can now be experienced not just on screen, but on ice. “Disney On Ice: Into The Magic” transforms treasured animated tales into a spellbinding spectacle that glides right before your eyes.

As someone with extensive knowledge in family entertainment and event planning, I understand the importance of selecting shows that promise both quality and unforgettable memories for every member of the family.

This incredible ice skating show brings your favorite characters to life, from the frosty charm of Anna and Elsa to Moana’s oceanic adventures. It’s not just about seeing, but truly engaging with these beloved figures – something we’ll delve deeper into within this article.

With tickets now available for February 22-25, 2024 performances, secure your chance at wonder. Read on as we unlock the door to a kingdom where fantasy skates hand in hand with reality — an experience not to be missed!

Key Takeaways

  • Disney On Ice: Into The Magic” features favorite Disney characters like Anna, Elsa, and Moana in an interactive ice skating show with tickets available for performances from February 22-25, 2024.
  • Tickets can be purchased through the official Ticketmaster site or directly from venue ticket offices with prices starting as low as $21 and varying based on seat selection and availability.
  • Performance dates are accessible to families in multiple cities, with specific shows at Quebec’s Videotron Centre scheduled from March 1st to March 4th, 2024; all attendees aged two years and older require a ticket.
  • Audiences can expect a blend of professional ice skating athleticism combined with classic Disney storytelling, including character meet-and-greets that enhance the magical experience.
  • Disney On Ice offers more affordable family entertainment when compared to Broadway musicals or major concerts, making it an exciting yet cost-effective option for memorable outings.

Overview of Disney On Ice: Into the Magic

A lively ice rink adorned with Disney character silhouettes and cityscape photography.

Disney On Ice: Into the Magic whisks audiences away to a world where imagination meets the ice, marrying the thrilling athleticism of professional skating with the heartwarming stories of Disney’s beloved characters.

This enchanting performance transforms fairytales into an interactive experience, engaging both children and adults with graceful performances that breathe life into timeless adventures.

As your favorite characters glide across a glistening stage, their tales unfold in a spectacle of spins, jumps, and pirouettes—a testament to an event that has perfected the art of storytelling on ice.

Audience members are invited to join in this captivating journey as they witness firsthand the dazzling world where Moana bravely navigates ocean waves and Cinderella graces us with her elegance at the ball.

Every element from singalongs that echo through packed arenas to craft sessions designed for fostering creativity contributes to making Disney On Ice: Into The Magic not just a show but a treasured memory for families.

With its combination of adventure-filled narratives and intricate routines performed by skilled athletes in costume, each moment spent under this vivacious production promises thrills that will be cherished long after leaving your seats.

Character Experiences within the Show

Disney characters skate on a magical, colorful ice rink in bustling atmosphere.

Dive into an enchanting world where the beloved Disney characters come to life on ice, offering fans of all ages a magical experience that only Disney can conjure. Witness your favorite stories glide across the rink with vibrant costumes and stunning choreography, creating unforgettable memories through interactive character experiences.

Frozen Fun with Anna & Elsa

Get ready to step into the magical world of Arendelle with the Frozen Fun with Anna & Elsa experience at Disney On Ice. During this enchanting segment, fans have a unique chance to interact directly with their favorite royal sisters.

You’ll be part of interactive activities that include games everyone can enjoy and an unforgettable singalong that brings the house down. Crafting sessions add a creative twist, letting imaginations run wild as you create your very own piece of Frozen memorabilia.

Meeting Anna and Elsa isn’t just about saying hello; it’s a moment filled with warmth and charm that fans both young and old cherish long after the show ends. Audience engagement hits a peak as these beloved characters make their way around, sharing smiles and creating lifelong memories.

Beyond the frosty fun with Anna and Elsa, prepare for even more character encounters that continue to bring stories from across Disney’s magical universe right before your eyes.

Encounters with Elsa & Mirabel

Imagine the sparkle in your eyes as you get up close with Elsa, the snow queen from “Frozen,” and Mirabel, the passionate heroine of “Encanto.” These encounters are not just a wave from afar but personalized experiences where fans can interact intimately with their cherished characters.

Watch your favorite scenes come to life as these beloved personalities engage with you before the show begins.

During this interactive meet-and-greet, guests have an exclusive chance to create magical memories. You’ll share moments that will last a lifetime – perhaps singing along with Elsa or hearing Mirabel share stories of her amazing family.

This is more than just watching; it’s engaging in a live character encounter that brings the enchantment of Disney right into your hands.

How to Buy Tickets for Disney on Ice: Into the Magic

Securing your spot for the mesmerizing Disney On Ice: Into The Magic show is a straightforward process. You can easily purchase tickets through reliable sources, ensuring an enchanting experience awaits you and your family.

Official Ticketmaster site

Purchasing your tickets to “Disney On Ice: Into The Magic” is simple and secure with the official Ticketmaster site. This trusted platform provides a hassle-free experience for families looking forward to an enchanting ice skating show featuring their favorite Disney characters.

You can find everything in one place—from event tickets and show schedules to venue information.

You’ll discover that booking through Ticketmaster offers instant access to ticket availability, ensuring you don’t miss out on this family-friendly entertainment. Once you select your preferred date and seating at Little Caesars Arena or any other venue hosting the spectacle, complete your purchase online with just a few clicks.

Live performances of “Into The Magic” are moments away from being a marveled reality for you and your loved ones.

Ticketmaster also gives detailed views of the seating arrangements, so you know exactly where you’ll be when Anna, Elsa, Mirabel, and other beloved characters glide across the ice.

Head over to their website today, grab the best seats available and get ready for an unforgettable live performance that’s sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Venue ticket offices

Visiting the venue ticket office is a straightforward way to buy your Disney on Ice: Into The Magic tickets directly. Ticket counters often provide personal service and can answer any questions you might have about seat reservations or show times.

With seating charts available, staff at the box office will help guide you in choosing the best seats for an unforgettable experience.

Buying tickets at ticket booths allows for last-minute purchases, perfect if you decide on a spontaneous trip to see your favorite characters glide across the ice. You’ll receive your admission tickets immediately, ensuring that everyone aged 2 and older has their entry pass as required.

Plus, purchasing from the venue’s own ticket outlets supports local services and may offer specific discounts or promotions not available elsewhere.

Keep in mind that all venues prioritize health and safety for guests attending Disney On Ice shows. After securing your seats to join Anna, Elsa, Mirabel, and friends on their magical adventure, get ready to explore how this spectacular compares with other live entertainment options in terms of value and excitement in our next section “Comparing Ticket Prices: Disney on Ice vs.

Other Shows.”.

Comparing Ticket Prices: Disney on Ice vs. Other Shows

When considering family entertainment, the cost is often a deciding factor. Disney On Ice: Into The Magic brings a unique experience that compares favorably in value to many other live events. Let’s take a closer look at ticket pricing in comparison to other popular shows to help you make the best decision for your entertainment budget.


Show Starting Ticket Prices Average Ticket Prices
Disney On Ice: Into The Magic $21 $64
Broadway Musicals $75 $150+
Major Concert Tours $50 $100+
Sporting Events $30 $75+
Family-Friendly Theater Shows $25 $60

Disney On Ice: Into The Magic starts at a more accessible price point than Broadway shows and major concerts, offering affordability for families. With an average price of $64, the show presents a cost-effective option for a memorable family outing. Sporting events and other theater productions offer competitive pricing but may not deliver the same magical experience.

Ticket Prices and Sale Dates

Securing your spot to witness the enchantment of Disney on Ice: Into The Magic is straightforward. Delve into the details of ticket pricing and availability for this captivating experience. Here’s a concise table to guide you through the options:


Date of Sale Price Range Notes
Currently on sale $35.50 and up Prices may vary based on seating tier and availability
Early Bird Offers Check for promotional discounts Limited time promotions may apply
Group Sales Special rates for groups Contact group sales for more information

Tickets are available for the Quebec, QC performances at the Videotron Centre, taking place from March 1st to March 4th, 2024. Act promptly to ensure the best seats and prices for a magical family outing.

Event Information and Show Dates

Magic fills the air as Disney On Ice: Into The Magic takes the stage, and for fans eager to join in on the enchantment, knowing when and where is crucial. Performance dates are carefully scheduled to bring joy to as many cities as possible, giving families ample opportunities to experience the wonder.

Delve into a world where favorite characters glide across ice at your local arena, with showtimes typically set for 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm. Each performance boasts its own unique charm; therefore, securing ideal seats early ensures you won’t miss out on creating memories that last a lifetime.

Admission is open to everyone ages two and up—because heroes come in all sizes! Dive into event details by checking out the official Disney On Ice website or visit specific venue sites for further insights on ticket sales and age requirements.

You’ll find comprehensive information regarding upcoming shows in your city so you can plan accordingly without any guesswork involved. With tickets often going fast due to high demand, it’s important to keep an eye on onsale information provided online—after all, even a moment of magic is worth every effort!


Get ready for a world-class ice skating adventure with Disney on Ice: Into the Magic! Grab your tickets and join us for a fantasy-filled experience where beloved stories come to life.

Share unforgettable moments with family as you witness the dazzling performances of your favorite Disney characters. Secure those magical ice skating event tickets today, and let the enchantment begin!


1. Where can I buy tickets for Disney on Ice: Into The Magic?

You can purchase tickets online through the official Disney on Ice website or at authorized ticketing outlets.

2. Are group discounts available for Disney on Ice shows?

Yes, group discounts are typically offered for Disney on Ice performances, check with the venue’s box office for specific deals.

3. Can I choose my seats when buying Disney on Ice tickets?

When you buy your tickets, you will have the option to select your preferred seating area based on availability.

4. Is there an age limit for children attending Disney on Ice: Into The Magic?

Disney on Ice is a family-friendly event suitable for all ages; however, some venues may require a ticket purchase for children above a certain age.

5. What should I do if the show is sold out and I still want to get tickets?

If the show is sold out, you might find resold tickets through verified re-sale platforms, but be sure to avoid unverified sellers.