Disney on ice magic in the stars Tickets

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as you glide towards the spellbinding world of Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars. Many families dream of experiencing the enchantment of Disney up-close, but often wonder about the best way to bring this magic into their lives.

As a seasoned expert with years immersed in the realm of live family entertainment, I’m here to guide you through securing your passport to a winter wonderland that promises memories lasting a lifetime.

Discovering how and where to obtain tickets can be daunting for some; however, armed with the right information, it’s as easy as waving Cinderella’s magic wand. What sets this show apart is not just an ice spectacular featuring beloved characters but also interactive experiences allowing fans young and old to step inside their favorite fairy tales.

Be ready for more than just twirling skaters – expect heart-racing acrobatics and immersive storytelling! Continue reading for exclusive insights that reveal why this show will be your family’s next cherished night out under the stars.

Key Takeaways

  • Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars is an ice-skating event showcasing popular Disney characters and stories like Frozen 2 and Encanto, with performances that include special effects, aerial stunts, and interactive experiences.
  • Tickets for the show can be purchased from the official Disney On Ice website or Ticketmaster, with prices ranging based on seat location and showtime; group discounts are available for parties of 10 or more.
  • The tour includes dates in Canada starting at Place Bell in Laval, QC from February 28 to March 3, 2024, before moving on to international locations where audiences worldwide can enjoy the spectacle.
  • Apart from watching the shows, attendees can participate in Character Experiences which allow kids and adults alike to meet their favorite Disney characters through pre-show activities such as singing, dancing, crafts stations and games.
  • To attend a performance everyone aged two years old or older must have both a ticket for the show itself as well as any additional experience tickets for character meet-and-greets if desired; all details including pricing options should be reviewed during purchase.

What is Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars?

A child skating in a Disney character costume on a sparkling ice rink.

Building on the excitement from our introduction, Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars is a breathtaking ice show that brings together beloved Disney characters and stories for an unforgettable family-friendly adventure.

Imagine the rink coming alive with Ariel’s underwater kingdom, Elsa’s glittering ice palace, and Moana’s oceanic voyages—all on skates! Performers dazzle audiences with aerial stunts that seem to defy gravity, while fire dancers add a thrilling touch of spectacle.

This show promises to deliver enchanting moments straight out of your favorite animated classics.

You’ll see world-class skaters dressed as Disney princesses executing perfect spins alongside heroes like Simba and Aladdin during exciting performances set to iconic tunes. With heartwarming storytelling weaving through each segment, attendees are transported into magical experiences filled with fun and fantasy.

Specially designed sets and state-of-the-art special effects ensure every leap and twirl captures the essence of Disney magic as you’ve never seen it before—on ice!

Ticket Information

A sparkling Disney On Ice ticket against a starry backdrop.

Ticket Information:.

Securing your Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars tickets is the first step toward a spellbinding evening filled with your favorite characters and mesmerizing ice performances. The process is seamless, offering various options to accommodate individual preferences and group arrangements, ensuring everyone can partake in this enchanting live show experience.

Where to Buy Tickets

Secure your admission to a world of enchantment with Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars by visiting the official Disney On Ice website. It’s a straight shot to making memories – select your show date, find the best seats available, and complete your ticket booking all in one spot.

You won’t miss a moment of excitement when you buy directly from the source.

If you’re looking for additional options or perhaps seeking out special deals, Ticketmaster has got you covered. Hop on over to their site and explore an array of seating choices and dates that fit just right with your schedule.

Some fans also turn to trusted third-party sellers for ticket availability; these vendors often offer tickets even at the last minute.

Purchasing tickets is simple and hassle-free—just pick where you want to get them based on convenience, comfort level with ticket outlets, or seat preference. With each click or tap, you’re steps closer to experiencing the magic live as Disney stories skate into reality before your eyes.

Ticket Prices

Attending Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars promises to be an enchanting experience for families and Disney fans alike. Ticket prices vary depending on the venue, seating location, and the time of purchase. Keep in mind that ticket availability can change, and it’s important to stay updated by checking the Disney On Ice website or authorized ticket outlets. Below is an illustrative example of what ticket pricing for the show might look like:


Ticket Type Price Range
Standard Entry $20 – $60
VIP Experience $75 – $150
Front Row $100 – $180
Rinkside Seats $80 – $160
Family Packs $70 – $250 (4 Tickets)

Each ticket encompasses a unique Disney On Ice experience, from the joy of seeing beloved characters perform on ice to the premium offerings that include close-up action and special merchandise. Opt for a VIP experience to make the occasion even more memorable. Remember, prices are prone to changes and early booking is always advised for the best deals and seats.

Group Tickets

Gathering friends, family, or colleagues for a magical outing becomes more affordable with group tickets to Disney On Ice: Magic in the Stars. Large parties can enjoy special prices as groups of 10 or more often receive discounts up to $5 off per ticket on select performances.

Such collective tickets not only make it easier on the wallet but also turn the experience into a shared adventure that’s both memorable and cost-effective.

Scout packs looking for an enchanting evening will find exceptional value with Scout tickets priced at just $15 for certain shows. Organizers seeking reduced rates for bulk tickets should check out specific dates and locations, since opportunities for larger groups to save are available in various markets.

Packaged deals like these allow you to bring everyone together under the spellbinding glow of Disney’s most beloved characters skating across the ice.

Show Locations and Dates

Discover the wonder of Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars as it tours, bringing a sprinkle of Disney magic to venues near you – check out our detailed guide for all the showtimes and locations that promise an unforgettable family experience.

Canada Shows

Disney On Ice: Magic in the Stars brings a live performance of figure skating and family-friendly entertainment to Canada, delighting audiences young and old. Starting at Place Bell in Laval, QC, spectators can mark their calendars for an unforgettable magical experience from February 28 through March 3, 2024.

This spectacular production offers a chance to see favorite Disney stories glide across the ice in a dazzling arena event.

Catch the evening show at 19:00 on February 28 to kick off this enchanting on-ice spectacle or choose from multiple performances tailored to fit your schedule. Each session promises an astounding display of costumes, music, and skillful ice choreography that children’s shows are known for—perfect for creating lifelong memories with loved ones.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity before Disney On Ice continues its tour beyond Canadian borders. Up next – international fans also get ready!

International Shows

After delighting audiences across Canada, Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars extends its sparkle to fans around the world. International stages set for this global entertainment event promise a breathtaking experience as tour schedules bring beloved characters and stories to life far and wide.

Performance venues come alive with the glitz of professional skaters twirling under glistening lights, weaving through heartwarming tales from Frozen 2, Encanto, and more.

As part of a dynamic world tour, each show production captures the imagination with stunning costumes and captivating choreography that traverse language barriers. Live performances are meticulously planned to ensure every audience member is transported into Disney’s enchanting world.

Whether seated in Europe’s grand arenas or Asia’s bustling centers, spectators can expect an unforgettable journey through Disney’s most treasured adventures on ice.

The Magic In The Stars Experience

Dive into the enchanting Magic In The Stars experience, where cherished Disney tales glide across the ice, bringing a sparkling wonder to life that captivates the whole family—continue reading for a glimpse into this unforgettable adventure.

Frozen 2 Segment

Step into the magical world of Arendelle during the Frozen 2 segment in Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars. Get ready to sing along with Elsa, the Snow Queen, as she belts out her powerful anthems surrounded by a winter wonderland that comes to life on ice.

Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff join the enchanting snowy adventure that captures hearts with its tale of sisterhood and discovery.

Audiences are treated to an interactive show where animated characters skate, twirl, and leap right before their eyes. It’s more than just watching a story unfold; it’s about being part of a fairy tale.

Your family will be enthralled as scenes from Frozen 2 are reenacted with precision skating and breathtaking special effects that make you feel like you’ve stepped into an icy fairy tale kingdom.

Before the main event starts, seize the precious chance to meet Anna and Elsa face-to-face in a preshow Character Experience. This is your moment for hugs, photos, or maybe even some magical advice from your favorite ice princesses! For every little fan who dreams of joining their heroes in song and dance—this segment offers not just a performance but truly a magical experience they’ll cherish forever.

Encanto Segment

Experience the vibrant, magical world of “Encanto” at Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars. Watch in awe as the enchanting story unfolds on ice, bringing to life the Madrigal family with all their unique gifts and dreams.

Mesmerizing ice skating performances paired with heartwarming music turn this segment into a must-see spectacle for fans of all ages.

Feel the rhythm and join in on a musical extravaganza that captures the fantasy world of “Encanto.” Each leap and twirl by skilled skaters creates a dreamlike atmosphere that will keep you glued to your seat.

Audiences will be swept away into an enchanted realm where every spin brings wonder, making it more than just a show—it’s a truly magical experience.

Tickets for this unforgettable part of Disney On Ice are available now. Secure your chance to dive into the charm and excitement personified by beloved Disney characters from Encanto.

Cherish this opportunity for an enchanting outing perfect for families looking to indulge in a delightful escape together!

Character Experiences

After immersing in the enchanting world of “Encanto,” prepare for a close-up encounter with your favorite Disney personalities during the Character Experiences segment. This magical, family-friendly activity lasts 45 minutes and is an interactive adventure where fans big and small get to meet, greet, and create memorable experiences with characters like Elsa from “Frozen” or Moana from her self-titled film.

With a special ticket in hand alongside your show pass, you’ll step into themed worlds that are thoughtfully crafted to bring out the magic of Disney.

Engage in singing and dancing with beloved fictional characters who come to life off the ice. Art and crafts stations allow kids to express their creativity while interactive games offer entertainment for everyone.

Each moment is designed not only for fun but also to spark imagination as you live through these personalized encounters. Whether it’s crafting side by side with a princess or learning heroic poses from daring adventurers, every second is filled with wonder—ensuring that each guest leaves holding onto a piece of Disney magic they can cherish forever.

Reviews and Additional Information

Guests often rave about the immersive pre-show activities at Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars. They get to meet their favorite characters up close, engage in various games and singalong sessions, and even participate in a crafting workshop that adds an extra touch of enchantment to the overall experience.

This hands-on approach not only delights young fans but also creates lasting memories for family members of all ages.

Visitors leave with smiles after enjoying family-friendly entertainment that exceeds expectations. They talk about the interactive experience where storytelling sessions bring beloved Disney tales to life on the ice.

As skaters glide across the rink dressed as iconic characters, they perform breathtaking routines that captivate audiences from start to finish, solidifying Disney On Ice as a magical event not to be missed.

FAQS about Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars

Frequently asked questions about Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars can guide you through the essentials of your magical experience. These FAQs cover ticket details, age requirements, and character interactions to ensure an enchanting time for all.


  • Transferable tickets allow you to gift the magic of Disney On Ice to friends or family if you cannot attend.
  • Admission is required for everyone aged 2 and older to enjoy this family – friendly event, which includes both a show ticket and a separate character experience ticket.
  • A Wayfinding with Moana Experience ticket offers a special opportunity to meet the ocean adventurer in person but must be accompanied by a general Disney On Ice show ticket.
  • Group tickets are available for parties looking to experience the excitement together; contact group sales for more information on bookings and discounts.
  • Attendee requirements include arriving on time and having your tickets ready for entry; latecomers may miss out on some early performances.
  • There are no age restrictions for Disney On Ice shows; they are designed to delight attendees from toddlers to grandparents.
  • Character meet and greets are a highlight of the event; availability may vary by location so check ahead for your chance to see favorite characters up close.
  • Gift options such as merchandise or photo souvenirs can make your visit even more memorable – look out for stands at the venue.

Purchasing Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars Tickets

Securing your tickets to Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars is a straightforward process. Ensure everyone in your party, aged 2 and above, has both an experience ticket and a show ticket for entry.


  • Visit the official Disney On Ice website to get started on buying your tickets. This platform is user-friendly and will guide you through the selection process.
  • Choose your preferred date and location from the list of shows available in Canada and international destinations.
  • Select your seating category based on your budget and desired view of the performances.
  • Check for group ticket options if you plan to attend with family or friends, as you might access discounts or special packages.
  • Review all ticket details carefully before making a purchase to ensure they meet your expectations.
  • Complete the transaction using a secure payment method offered by the website to protect your financial information.
  • Once payment is confirmed, download or print out your tickets as per the instructions provided at checkout.
  • Keep an eye on email notifications for any updates regarding the show you plan to attend.


Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars dazzles audiences with a spectacle of ice-skating brilliance and beloved characters from the magical world of Disney. With tickets available for families and fans, everyone gets the chance to witness enchanting storytelling come to life.

Let your imagination skate wild as you join Woody, Buzz, Moana, and many more for an unforgettable experience on ice. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary blend of artistry and adventure that promises memories to last a lifetime! Grab your tickets now and prepare for a show brimming with heartwarming magic and stars gliding across the ice.


1. Where can I buy tickets for Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars?

Tickets for Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars are available online through the official website and authorized ticketing partners.

2. Are there age restrictions for attending Disney On Ice shows?

Guests of all ages are welcome to enjoy the magic of Disney On Ice; however, children aged two and above require their own ticket.

3. Can I get a refund if I’m unable to attend the show after purchasing tickets?

Typically, tickets are non-refundable; it is advisable to check your purchase agreement or contact customer service for specific policies.

4. Do I need to print my Disney On Ice tickets or can I show them on my phone?

Many venues accept mobile tickets displayed on your smartphone, but you should verify with the event location prior to attending.

5. Are group discounts available for Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars?

Group discount availability can vary by performance and location; inquire directly with the box office about any offered savings for larger parties.