GWAR Tickets

Diving into the electrifying realm of live music, securing tickets to a GWAR concert is akin to unlocking a portal to another dimension—one of monster metal and theatrics. As an authority on the pulse-pounding world of heavy metal concerts, my insights draw from countless shows and firsthand experiences that confirm: GWAR performances are not just events; they’re otherworldly spectacles.

A crucial tip for fellow enthusiasts: Tickets for these cosmic rock marathons are treasures coveted by legions of fans. Boasting shock-rock aesthetics fused with punk-metal soundscapes, GWAR’s legacy is unmatched—and I’ve witnessed it evolve over years immersed in the scene.

Keep reading to unearth how you too can join their notorious ranks at upcoming shows across continents. An epic adventure awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • GWAR’s “Age of Befuddlement” tour is set to entertain fans across North America and at international venues, with tickets available through official vendors like
  • The band offers a unique concert experience featuring elaborate costumes and theatrical performances, along with special guest appearances from bands like Cancer Bats and X-Cops.
  • Exclusive VIP packages such as the Meet & Beat Bundle allow fans to meet GWAR in person, while the Sacrifice On Stage Bundle offers an immersive on-stage experience for $1,000.00.
  • Fans can purchase official GWAR merchandise online at their Cyber-fortress store, including limited edition shirts, accessories, and memorabilia.
  • Concert reviews rave about GWAR shows as unforgettable events combining music with performance art, creating a highly interactive atmosphere for attendees.

Overview of GWAR

An alien-themed concert stage with wild props and a bustling atmosphere.

GWAR emerges as a tour-de-force in the realm of heavy metal music, captivating audiences with their unique blend of intergalactic mythology and irreverent humor since their inception in 1984.

Originating from Richmond, Virginia, this band transcends the typical concert experience; members don intricate costumes representing an array of space-warrior personas while orchestrating elaborate performances that marry aggressive tunes with out-of-this-world theatrics.

Their notorious stage shows are a spectacle not for the faint-hearted, often characterized by copious amounts of fake blood spilling into the crowd—a trademark that has secured them a fervent fan base.

Staying true to their commitment to shock and awe, GWAR’s touring schedule remains as relentless as their onstage antics. The ensemble’s dedication to craft is further highlighted in “This Is Gwar,” a documentary film peeling back layers on the history and evolution of these Monster Metal Punk icons.

With each live performance offering interactive moments where audience members become part of the act—through energetic participation or staged abductions—the band ensures every show etches itself permanently in attendees’ memories.

As we head toward a more detailed look at GWAR’s upcoming events, fans old and new can anticipate an eclectic mix sure to satisfy any thirst for musical mayhem.

Upcoming GWAR Events

GWAR band performs live with horror-themed props and elaborate costumes.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience as GWAR announces their latest round of live performances, bringing their unique blend of horror and heavy metal to stages around the globe.

Audiences in Canada and international cities are set to witness the legendary band’s theatrical and raucous shows that have garnered a dedicated following over decades.


Get ready for an electric night of monster metal punk as GWAR hits Canadian soil with their Age of Befuddlement tour. The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver will come alive on March 20, offering fans a chance to experience the legendary performance that only GWAR can deliver.

Secure your tickets and mark your calendars for a concert that promises to be more than just music—it’s a full-on spectacle.

Canadian cities are buzzing with anticipation for GWAR’s arrival, especially with the Impérial Bell in Québec hosting them on March 10, 2024. This event stands out as it includes explosive performances by support acts X-Cops and Cancer Bats—adding even more fire to an already incendiary show.

Tickets are up for grabs at; don’t miss out on securing your spot at what is guaranteed to be one of the most talked-about tours this season.


GWAR fans across the globe are in for a treat as the band brings its wild and unforgettable live performances to international stages. Those living abroad, especially in the UK, won’t miss out on the mayhem; GWAR’s tour has dates set for eager fans waiting to experience their spectacular shows firsthand.

Showgoers can anticipate an otherworldly spectacle packed with heavy metal music that knows no borders.

Securing tickets for an overseas show promises an extraordinary evening where concert-goers become part of GWAR’s legendary intercontinental invasion. Witnessing GWAR’s performance is not just about the music—it’s a full-on theatrical event with monstrous costumes and elaborate stage antics that thrill audiences worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to grab your spot at one of these global events and prepare for a night you’ll never forget.

Past Reviews of GWAR Concerts

GWAR concerts have garnered a notorious reputation, leaving audiences awestruck by their wildly theatrical performances. Critics hail these events as unforgettable spectacles where music and performance art collide with shocking yet spectacular results.

Amazing show

Fans often rave about the amazing show that GWAR puts on, describing it as an intense and visceral concert experience. With each performance, the band transforms the stage into a theatrical presentation complete with shocking and thrilling moments.

As attendees revel in the energy of songs blasting through the venue, they find themselves immersed in an environment where music collides with art to create something truly memorable.

The epic live shows are punctuated by outrageous antics and a bloodsoaked spectacle that have come to define GWAR’s reputation. This isn’t just another gig; it’s an unforgettable event where fans witness a unique and captivating show unlike anything else in the world of music.

The narrative thread running through their performances adds depth, making every concert not only immersive entertainment but also part of a larger storytelling tradition within metal culture.

Bloodbath at GWAR

Prepare to be conquered and destroyed at a GWAR show, where the shock value hits you like a tidal wave of virtual blood. Their performances are notorious for graphic stage antics that bring the term “bloodbath” chillingly to life.

Audiences leave drenched not just in fake gore but in the satisfaction of witnessing one of the most shocking and entertaining acts out there. It’s not just a concert; it’s an experience designed to pummel your senses with bloody and intense performance spectacle.

GWAR’s 2023 Toronto concert set a new benchmark for gruesome stage shows, turning Scumdogs of the Universe into an over-the-top extravaganza. The wild fun doesn’t stop at music—each moment is crafted as memorable theatre, from unexpected gory visuals to stories that drag you kicking and screaming into GWAR’s unfathomably zany universe.

Concertgoers don’t just watch; they become part of an event talked about long after the final encore—the true hallmark of a successful GWAR invasion.

Monster Metal Punk at its Finest

From the chaotic spectacle of a GWAR concert emerges their signature sound, monster metal punk, that has fans clamoring for more. They blend heavy riffs with punk aggression and an outrageous stage presence that must be seen to be believed.

Critics and fans agree; GWAR delivers one of the most electrifying shows around, where music collides with theatre to create an experience like no other. Their satirical extraterrestrial themes are woven into each performance, ensuring a uniquely monstrous display set against a soundtrack of relentless metal.

GWAR’s elaborate costumes transform the band members into intergalactic warriors, complete with monstrous attire that elevates their performances beyond mere music gigs — it’s pure shock artistry.

The cult following they’ve amassed doesn’t just come for the songs; they come for the full-on assault of senses that only GWAR can provide. This isn’t your typical concert experience; it’s monster metal punk brought to life in its most vivid and visceral form, reflecting why this genre is not for the faint-hearted but perfect for those seeking something wildly different from any other band on earth.

Bands Similar to GWAR

For fans seeking to expand their heavy metal horizons, exploring bands that mirror GWAR’s distinct sound and theatrical flair offers an electrifying adventure into the vast universe of monster metal punk.


Static-X commands a fearless presence in the industrial metal scene, drawing inspiration from the shock rock giants GWAR. Their powerful blend of heavy riffs and raw energy electrified audiences, garnering them a devoted following.

Imagine the rush of adrenaline as they took to the stage for their second-ever show—supporting none other than GWAR themselves—a testament to their explosive impact on alternative metal.

The band faced tragedy with the untimely passing of Wayne Static, but his legacy endures through music that still resonates with fans around the world. With performances like their recent event alongside Fear Factory at MTelus, Static-X continues to honor their roots and set a benchmark for visceral live stage experiences in today’s music industry.

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin crashes onto the scene with a thundering blend of hard rock and heavy metal tunes. Formed by lead singer Benjamin Burnley, this American rock band has carved out a fierce following since its inception in 1999.

Their powerful performances at events like the Louder Than Life festival echo through stadiums, captivating fans with an electrifying mix of sound and raw energy.

Despite enduring myths linking metal bands to Satanic references, Breaking Benjamin dispels these misconceptions through their music’s emotional depth and broad appeal. Concertgoers recognize that underneath the roaring guitars and pounding drums lies a resonance that transcends typical genre stereotypes.

Fans appreciate this authenticity, making every show an intense experience unlike any other on the rock landscape. After rocking out with Breaking Benjamin, you might find yourself intrigued by another titan of heavy melodies – Amon Amarth awaits your discovery next on our list.

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth storms the heavy metal scene with their melodic death metal sound, drawing inspiration from rich mythology and fantasy themes. Originating from Sweden in 1992, this band has built a legendary reputation for powerful riffs and captivating storytelling within their music.

Fans flock to experience live performances that are nothing short of epic—where frontman Johan Hegg leads the charge with his commanding presence.

Their concerts sell out fast as enthusiasts eagerly await the chance to join Amon Amarth’s intense musical journeys through Norse legends and mythic battles. If you’re into the theatrics of GWAR shows, Amon Amarth brings a similar level of energy but flavored with Viking lore and fierce melodies.

Be sure to grab your tickets early for an unforgettable night of Swedish metal mastery before we explore other bands that ignite stages worldwide just like GWAR does.


Moving from the Viking-inspired metal of Amon Amarth, we delve into the gritty world of industrial music with Ministry. This American band strikes a chord with fans who love the intense fusion of heavy metal and electronic beats.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois by Al Jourgensen, the lead singer and instrumentalist known for his work as both performer and music producer, Ministry has etched its name as pioneers in shock rock.

Their aggressive style and onstage theatrics draw parallels with GWAR’s own legendary performances. Fans looking for a similar audacious experience will find Ministry’s live shows are charged with an energy that resonates through screaming guitars and pounding drums.

As devotees of extreme stagecraft themselves, they offer audiences not just a concert but an immersive spectacle where music meets performance art.

Purchasing GWAR Merchandise and VIP Packages

Fans seeking a next-level GWAR experience should look no further than the exclusive concert packages on offer. The 2024 Meet & Beat VIP Bundle, for instance, provides enthusiasts with premium fan experiences that are nothing short of legendary.

Imagine joining the ranks of those who’ve not only seen the show but also met the band in person! This package promises unforgettable meet and greet opportunities that will have you bragging to friends for years to come.

Looking for onstage thrills? Take a step beyond the crowd with the Sacrifice On Stage VIP Bundle priced at $1,000.00. Lucky holders get an unparalleled view as part of their unique concert experiences – it’s your chance to share the spotlight with GWAR! And when it comes to commemorating your epic night, official concert merchandise is readily available through GWAR’s own online store.

Here you can snag limited edition shirts or special fan bundles, ensuring your memories are adorned with exclusive GWAR swag long after the encore ends.

GWAR’s Age Of Befuddlement Tour

Get ready to join GWAR on a wild ride across North America with their latest spectacle, the “Age Of Befuddlement” Tour. Fans can catch the notorious rock band tearing up stages alongside special guests that will amp up every show.

This musical escapade promises to be an experience like no other, melding metal and mayhem in true GWAR fashion.

Prepare for a night of unforgettable performances as GWAR brings their new tour to life, ensuring every concertgoer leaves with their ears ringing and hearts racing. Tickets are available now – don’t miss out on securing your spot at one of the most anticipated music events this year.

Next up: Dive into what you need to know about snagging tickets for these explosive shows!

GWAR Concerts and Tour Dates

March 2024 marks the kick-off for GWAR’s “Age of Befuddlement” tour, hitting stages with a theatrical blend of heavy metal madness. Music lovers can expect an unforgettable live experience complete with elaborate costumes and uproarious antics.

Cancer Bats will join as support, providing an even richer concert lineup that will vary across locations.

Eager fans should keep an eye on official ticket vendors like to secure their spot at one of these explosive shows. With dates spanning into 2025 and performances scheduled internationally, there’s ample opportunity to catch GWAR in action.

Up next on our list is a closer look at the official GWAR merchandise available for those who want to take a piece of the mayhem home.

Official GWAR Merchandise

Show off your love for GWAR with the latest and most brutal official GWAR merchandise available. Step into the role of your favorite interplanetary warriors by donning exclusive Balsac masks or pay tribute with a Hail Oderus shirt.

Celebrate three decades of chaos with Scumdogs 30th Anniversary gear that’s perfect for any die-hard fan.

Fans can easily get their hands on this killer swag online at GWAR’s Cyber-fortress, where you’ll find everything from music albums to unique concert memorabilia. Looking to carry a piece of GWAR wherever you go? Check out the range of accessories like belt buckles and bags decked in grotesque glory.

Plus, grab raffle tickets for a chance to win authentic pieces of GWAR costumes and truly own a slice of metal history. Whether you’re at a show or simply repping the band in your daily life, these items are sure to turn heads and start conversations among fellow bohabs!

Fan Reviews of GWAR

After checking out the latest official GWAR merchandise, many fans can’t wait to share their wild concert experiences. One fan describes the chaos as “an intergalactic slaughter-fest,” with the band’s infamous meat grinder churning on stage while headbangers revel in the mayhem.

Concertgoers delight in being called Bohabs, a badge of honor among this dedicated fan base, illustrating their deep connection with GWAR’s outrageous performances.

Reviews from die-hard followers often highlight how GWAR concerts are more than just music events; they’re full-scale theatrical productions. Fans rave about the band’s unyielding energy and elaborate costumes that transport audiences to another dimension of shock rock excellence.

The documentary “This Is GWAR” receives nods for showcasing both the creative process behind these spectacular shows and giving a glimpse into their relentless dedication to heavy metal madness since 1984.

Bands that GWAR Fans Follow

GWAR fans have a fierce loyalty that extends to other bands with similar hardcore and theatrical elements. Those who revel in GWAR’s outlandish performances often flock to concerts by bands like Slipknot, known for their aggressive music and elaborate live shows.

Other groups such as Lamb of God, with their heavy metal prowess, also frequently appear on the playlists of GWAR’s fan base.

Diving deeper into the realm of rock music followers, acts like Rob Zombie attract GWAR enthusiasts due to their combination of horror-themed theatrics and heavy riffs. Fans appreciate musicians who deliver not just a listening experience but a visual spectacle akin to GWAR’s own infamous stage antics.

These artists offer intense live performances where fans can immerse themselves in the energy that they’ve come to love from GWAR’s universe.

Upcoming Events at Vogue Theatre

The Vogue Theatre stands out as a premier destination for live entertainment, with an eclectic lineup that promises to captivate diverse audiences. Eager attendees can anticipate a vibrant calendar of performances set to grace the revered stage, offering experiences that resonate long after the final encore.

Cold War Kids

Get ready for an unforgettable music event as the Cold War Kids hit the stage at Vogue Theatre! This indie rock sensation is celebrating two decades of influential tunes with their 20 Years Tour.

Fans in Vancouver will get their chance to join the celebration on February 2, 2024. Experience live performances that blend soulful melodies with a raw, energetic sound.

Secure your spot to see Cold War Kids perform their chart-topping tracks. Tickets are available now and come with a guarantee – choose from buying early or looking into resale options.

Plus, don’t miss out on special guest Hovvdy who’ll be opening up for an evening packed full of enthralling music and captivating vocals. Mark your calendar for this must-see concert tour date!


Get hyped for an electrifying night at Vogue Theatre as BabyTron takes the stage. This rising hip hop artist is known for his dynamic performances and will be lighting up Vancouver nightlife on February 3, 2024.

Fans can look forward to doors opening at 7:00pm, with the main event kicking off an hour later. As a special treat, attendees will get to experience Certified Trapper appearing as a special guest.

Ensure you’re part of this unforgettable music event where rap beats meet theatrical flair. Mark your calendar for BabyTron’s live show and keep the excitement going by checking out The Paper Kites coming up next at the same venue!

The Paper Kites

Get ready for an unforgettable evening with The Paper Kites at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. This musical performance is set to captivate fans on March 10, 2024. Known for their heart-tugging melodies and harmonious sounds, The Paper Kites bring a show that’s more than just live music; it’s an immersive experience.

Joining them will be supporting act Bella White, promising a night filled with exceptional talent. Ensure you have a spot at this anticipated event by securing your tickets through Bandsintown or Vancouver Theatre.

Prepare yourself for a gathering of loyal fans and an ambiance charged with anticipation as The Paper Kites take the stage in one of the city’s premier performance venues.

Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio is hitting the stage at Vogue Theatre, a beacon for rock music enthusiasts in Vancouver. March 24, 2024, marks the date when this iconic alternative rock band will team up with Worriers and Drug Church to deliver a night of memorable punk rock tunes.

Fans are buzzing with anticipation for Alkaline Trio’s live performance as part of Vivid Events‘ meticulously organized concert series.

Grab your chance to see Alkaline Trio up close by securing tickets that are now on sale, and rest assured knowing all ticket purchases come with a full guarantee. Join fellow music lovers at this premier concert venue and be part of an exhilarating music event that promises to showcase the best of band performances from Alkaline Trio and their high-energy supporting acts.

GWAR Concert Ticket Purchase Options

Securing your entry to a raucous GWAR event is straightforward with multiple ticket purchase options available, catering to every fan’s preference. Whether it’s snagging an advance online deal for early birds, heading straight to the box office for day-of purchases, or even exploring door purchase opportunities for last-minute decisions, fans have various paths to witness the spectacle of a live GWAR performance.

Advance online purchase

Buying your GWAR concert tickets in advance online is a smart move. It’s not just about guaranteeing your entry, but also choosing the perfect spot to experience the live show. Through secure online transactions on the official website, you can select seats that best suit your preferences and ensure that you don’t miss any of the action.

You’ll receive an e-ticket delivery immediately after purchase—no waiting in line or worrying about lost or stolen tickets.

Be aware of age limitations for certain events, like the Ottawa concert which is 19+ only. Purchasing ahead means you’ll meet any age requirements without hassle at the door. With ticket download options available, it’s easy to keep all necessary documentation right on your smartphone or print them out if preferred.

Get ready for a monstrous performance by securing your place early through online box office sales and make sure that this one-of-a-kind event doesn’t pass you by due to sold-out frustration.

Box office purchase

For fans ready to rock out at a GWAR concert, securing your spot is straightforward with box office purchase. Head over to the venue’s box office where helpful staff can guide you through selecting the perfect seats for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re eyeing front-row action or prefer the view from afar, they’ll handle your ticket needs on-site.

Secure your admission effortlessly and walk away with tickets in hand – no need for downloads or print-outs. Keep an eye on seat assignments as these are confirmed once the box office finalizes seating arrangements.

While there, why not check out available VIP packages? They often offer exclusive merchandise among other perks, elevating your concert-going adventure with GWAR.

Door purchase

Getting your hands on GWAR tickets can be as simple as walking up to the venue’s entrance. If you haven’t secured your spot in advance, a limited number of admissions are available right at the door.

Just show up early because these tickets sell while supplies last, and no dedicated fan would want to miss out on an opportunity for a night of mayhem and live music.

For those who need special accommodations, worry not! Accessible seating acquisition is also handled at the doorway. Make sure to communicate your needs, and staff will assist you with suitable seating options so that everyone enjoys the event comfortably and safely.

Remember, buying your ticket at the event gives you one less thing to plan ahead for – just grab it on your way in and get ready for an unforgettable concert experience with GWAR!


Ready to rock out at a GWAR concert? Snag your tickets now for an unforgettable experience of thrashing metal and theatrical madness. Whether it’s the mayhem onstage or the exclusive VIP packages, there’s something thrilling waiting for every fan.

Secure your spot in the crowd today and prepare for a live show like no other! Remember, with general admission, you get right into the heart of the action – so don’t miss out on one of 2024’s most epic music events.


Get ready to dive into the electrifying world of GWAR, where heavy metal music meets performance art in a spectacle you won’t forget. Whether you’re new to the band or have been following their blood-soaked antics since ’84, each concert is a fresh descent into controlled chaos.

Don’t miss your chance to get presale tickets for an up-close experience with these monsters of rock.

Fancy some exclusive GWAR swag? Check out VIP packages that come loaded with merchandise and opportunities to meet the band. For those wanting more than just the live shows, “This Is GWAR” offers documentary insights that will bolster your fandom and prepare you for their unique concert tour vibe.

Secure your spot at one of North American venues and join the legions of fans who relish in this monstrous heavy metal ritual.

If you’re pumped up from a GWAR concert and looking for more live music experiences, check out the high-energy shows with Gwen Stefani tickets available now.


1. Where can I purchase GWAR tickets?

You can buy GWAR tickets from official concert ticket websites or at the venue’s box office.

2. Are there any age restrictions for attending a GWAR concert?

Check the specific event details because some venues may have age restrictions for GWAR concerts.

3. What should I bring with me to a GWAR concert?

Bring your ticket, valid ID, and if allowed by the venue, a camera to capture the moment.

4. Can I get a refund if the GWAR concert is canceled?

Ticket refunds are typically available if the GWAR concert is officially canceled.

5. How early should I arrive before a GWAR show starts?

Arrive at least an hour early to allow time for security checks and finding your seat or spot in general admission areas.