Ottawa Senators Tickets

Securing Ottawa Senators tickets can be as thrilling as a last-minute game-winning goal—it’s an experience every hockey enthusiast strives for. As a seasoned sports writer and lifelong fan, I’ve navigated the ins and outs of getting the best seats to witness the on-ice action firsthand.

With comprehensive knowledge rooted in years of following NHL ticket trends and seasons spent cheering from the stands at Canadian Tire Centre, my insights provide fans with more than just information; they offer a gateway to becoming part of the Senators’ passionate community.

This blog is your all-access pass to understanding everything from snagging single game tickets to investing in season-long memberships. Tap into special promotions that will make your game day extraordinary or find out how suites could heighten your viewing pleasure.

And if you’ve ever wondered where to purchase these coveted passes easily or which matchups are must-sees, you’re in just the right place. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into securing your spot in the arena—the puck drops here!

Key Takeaways

  • Purchase single game Ottawa Senators tickets easily through the official NHL website or Ticketmaster, taking advantage of flexible options like mobile ticketing for quick entry.
  • Consider a Season Seat Membership to enjoy every home game and special perks such as discounts and unique event access, including the 2025 IIHF World Junior Championship.
  • Look out for special promotions, theme nights, and fan appreciation events that offer giveaways, meet-and-greets with players, discounted merchandise, and sometimes bundled snacks or souvenirs.
  • Upgrade your experience with luxury suites or premium seating at Canadian Tire Centre for exclusive views and amenities like HD TVs and custom catering services.
  • Upcoming games promise intense matchups at home; get your hands on tickets early to witness key battles as the Senators strive for victory in front of their cheering fans.

Overview of Ottawa Senators Tickets

A close-up of an Ottawa Senators game ticket with hockey equipment in the background.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or looking for an exhilarating new experience, securing Ottawa Senators tickets ushers you into the heart of NHL action. From gripping single-game showdowns to the full-fledged dedication of season membership, there’s a ticket tailored to every level of fandom and excitement.

Single game tickets

Looking to catch just one Ottawa Senators hockey game? Single game tickets offer fans the flexibility to choose exactly which matchups they want to see live. You can easily purchase individual game tickets through the official NHL website, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

Attending a Senators game with friends or family is an unforgettable experience, and group ticket options are available for those looking to enjoy the action together. If you’re a student, don’t miss out on joining the Sens Student Army—it’s free and adds another layer of excitement on game day.

With mobile ticketing options at your fingertips, accessing your purchased tickets has never been easier. Skip the lines and enter smoothly using your smartphone. Every goal, every save, and every hit is best experienced in person—grab your single game tickets today and get ready for thrilling hockey action!

Season membership

Unlock the full Ottawa Senators experience with a Season Seat Membership, your passport to all the thrilling action and heart-pounding moments at every home game. With this coveted ticket package, you’re not just buying game day tickets; you’re securing a season-long adventure with the Sens.

Imagine never missing a shot or goal because your seat in the Canadian Tire Centre is assured for every regular-season battle on ice.

With an annual membership comes a treasure trove of perks beyond just event access. You’ll gain entry to special ticket packages for marquee sporting events like the 2025 IIHF World Junior Championship.

These aren’t everyday offerings; they’re exclusive discounts curated specifically for members like you, adding value that stretches far beyond each match’s final buzzer. And managing these benefits is as easy as checking the official Ottawa Senators app or logging into My Sens Account—total control over your tickets at your fingertips.

Season pass holders enjoy more than just watching their favorite team—they become part of an elite group with insider privileges courtesy of CSE’s commitment to member satisfaction.

Sell those seats when life throws a curveball, or send them to friends and family if sharing is more your style—ticket resale and transfers are seamlessly integrated into your membership toolkit so that not a single moment of hockey greatness goes wasted.

Special Ticket Promotions and Packages

A group of friends cheer and celebrate outside the Ottawa Senators arena.

Delve into a world of exclusive benefits and savings with the Ottawa Senators as their ticket promotions and packages offer fans an enhanced game-day experience. Explore various options that cater to both individual preferences and group celebrations, ensuring every trip to the Canadian Tire Centre is packed with excitement beyond the on-ice action.

Promo Games & Theme Nights

The Ottawa Senators elevate the game experience with special ticket promotions and theme nights. These events offer fans unique entertainment and exclusive deals.

  • Fan Appreciation Nights: The team dedicates certain games to celebrate the loyalty and spirit of their fans, featuring giveaways, meet-and-greets with players, and discounted merchandise.
  • Themed Events: Each season includes several themed game nights like ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ or ‘Military Appreciation’, which not only enhance the fan experience but also support important causes.
  • Entertainment Packages: On promo nights, ticket holders often enjoy pre-game concerts or post-game festivities that turn a regular match into a full-day event.
  • Promotional Nights Schedule: The Belleville Sens have a packed promotional schedule, ensuring that there’s a special night for everyone whether you’re drawn to ’80s Retro Night or Star Wars-themed fun.
  • Special Ticket Offers: Keep an eye out for promotional tickets that bundle snacks or souvenirs with your seat, adding extra value to your game-day purchase.
  • Customizable Experience: Fans can create their own package of three or more games that pair exciting matchups with themed nights—perfect for mixing hockey action with memorable themes.
  • Exclusive Season Ticket Packages: Season ticket members often get first dibs on theme nights and other promotions, as well as other perks throughout the season.
  • Discounted Tickets: Watch for games featuring significantly reduced ticket prices, making it easier for all fans to catch live hockey action in Ottawa.

Suites and Premium Seating Options

Elevate your game day experience with the Ottawa Senators by indulging in our suites and premium seating options. Witness the thrilling action while enjoying exceptional comfort and hospitality.

  • Luxury Boxes: Choose from a variety of luxury boxes that provide an exclusive view of the rink, complete with comfortable seating and a private ambiance. Suites are equipped with amenities like high-definition televisions and personalized catering services.
  • VIP Suite Packages: Starting at $1578, these packages offer you and your guests (12-150 people) an unparalleled experience on the 400 Level Party Deck, inclusive of tax and fees.
  • Premium Hospitality Packages: Benefits extend beyond just the game, offering VIP parking passes and access to prime arena hospitality areas where you can mingle with fellow fans before, during, or after the matches.
  • Exclusive Box Seating: Located in premium areas of Canadian Tire Centre, box seats give fans a unique vantage point to watch all the exciting hockey action up close.
  • Group Ticket Options: Organizing a corporate event or gathering friends? Our group ticket packages cater to larger parties seeking to enjoy a Senators game together in style.
  • Season Membership Privileges: Subscribers to season ticket packages enjoy recurring excitement throughout the season from their very own suite at centre ice boasting an elite industrial loft atmosphere coupled with dining options for every game.
  • Arena Hospitality Access: Gain entry into exclusive areas within Canadian Tire Centre designed for comfort and connection, elevating your entertainment experience during each visit.
  • Industrial Loft Suites: Experience an industrial loft meets arena vibe at centre ice with plush 200 level suites available for full-season bookings—perfect for those who want more than just a seat at the game.

Upcoming Home Games

Preview the intensity and thrill as we delve into the Ottawa Senators’ upcoming home games schedule where fans can look forward to intense matchups that promise to showcase the team’s drive towards victory on their quest for glory at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Highlight Key Matchups

Get ready to witness intense hockey action as the Ottawa Senators kick off their home game schedule. They’ll welcome the Philadelphia Flyers in a gripping matchup that will set the tone for the season.

Fans can expect thrilling plays and non-stop excitement, making this opening weekend clash a must-see event.

Stay on top of the game with back-to-back battles where every check, shot, and goal could be a game-changer. The Senators are gearing up to defend home ice vigorously against formidable opponents.

These highlighted games aren’t just about scoring points; they’re about showing resilience and team spirit in front of an electrifying crowd eagerly cheering for victory.

Buying Ottawa Senators Tickets

Securing your spot at the heart of the action is seamless with various avenues to purchase Ottawa Senators tickets, ensuring you’re part of the thrilling hockey experience.

Official Ottawa Senators Website

Ready to catch an exciting hockey game? The official Ottawa Senators website is your primary platform for all things related to Senators tickets. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate the site and snag single game tickets or explore the benefits of being a season seat member.

Whether you’re planning a night out with friends or looking forward to cheering on the Sens throughout the entire NHL season, this website has got you covered.

Need more information before making your purchase? No problem! The site is stocked with helpful FAQs that clear up any confusion about buying tickets. Plus, it’s never been easier to manage your existing tickets; simply log in using My Sens Account or via the Ottawa Senators app for full control over your season passes.

Want insights into who’s playing on home ice next, or what seats will offer you the best view of the action? You’ll find everything from detailed roster information to upcoming game schedules and ticket prices right at your fingertips.

Fancy an upgrade for a special occasion? Check out luxurious suite and premium seating options available through the website – perfect for when you want to experience live hockey in style.

Remember, whether it’s locking down seats for that heated rivalry match-up or securing early bird pricing on season memberships, visiting the official Ottawa Senators Website is always your best move.

Ticketmaster, Official Ticket Marketplace

Ticketmaster stands as your go-to destination for all Ottawa Senators tickets, operating as the official ticket marketplace. Safeguarding your ticket purchases, this platform adheres to a strict ticket purchase policy that ensures authenticity and peace of mind.

Fans looking to catch the thrill of hockey can effortlessly buy or sell their NHL tickets through Ticketmaster’s website, which is user-friendly and secure.

As the Official NHL Ticket Exchange, Ticketmaster provides a reliable avenue for fans to exchange tickets. This means you have access to legitimate tickets even for sold-out games.

Seamless transactions are at the heart of their service; whether securing season memberships or snagging seats for high-stakes matchups, Ticketmaster facilitates each step. You’re not just purchasing a seat; you’re ensuring an unforgettable experience cheering on the Senators right from the rink.

For those eager to witness heated on-ice battles or support their beloved Ottawa Senators throughout an entire season, trust in Ticketmaster’s credibility and convenience without any doubt.

Their commitment pairs every enthusiastic fan with just the right viewing spot – be it up close by the glass or in a suite soaking up exclusivity – so that not one moment of excitement slips by unnoticed.


Cheer on the Ottawa Senators in person by securing your tickets today. Explore a range of seating options to find the perfect spot in Canadian Tire Centre. From single games to season memberships, there’s a ticket package that aligns with every fan’s needs.

Embrace the thrill of live hockey and join other passionate fans at an upcoming Sens game. Remember, great experiences are just a few clicks away – get your Ottawa Senators tickets now!

If you’re also interested in catching a game featuring the Ottawa Senators’ historic rivals, be sure to check out Toronto Maple Leafs tickets for an unforgettable hockey experience.


1. Where can I buy Ottawa Senators tickets?

You can purchase Ottawa Senators tickets through the team’s official website, ticketing platforms, or at the Canadian Tire Centre box office.

2. Can I get a discount on tickets for group purchases?

Group discounts are often available for Ottawa Senators games; check the team’s official website or contact their group sales department for details.

3. What should I do if a game is canceled or rescheduled?

If a game is canceled or rescheduled, your ticket will typically be valid for the new date, or you may receive instructions on obtaining a refund from where you purchased it.

4. Are there any special ticket packages offered by the Ottawa Senators?

The Ottawa Senators offer various special ticket packages throughout the season which can include unique experiences and promotional items.

5. How early before a game should I buy my Ottawa Senators tickets to ensure availability?

For the best selection of seats, it’s wise to purchase your Ottawa Senators tickets as soon as possible once they go on sale.