Pixies Tickets

Securing tickets to a Pixies concert can seem like navigating a maze of sold-out shows and premium pricing. However, with the right knowledge, fans can land those coveted spots in front of their favorite alternative rock legends.

Drawing from years of experience in the music industry—covering everything from tour announcements to fan interactions—I’ll guide you through obtaining your golden ticket to see the Pixies live.

The excitement around a Pixies performance is undeniable; they’re not just another band—they are pioneers who helped shape the sound of alternative rock. This article will unravel all you need to know about acquiring Pixies tickets: from tracking down the best deals to anticipating when they hit your city.

Prepare for an enlightening journey that goes beyond just securing seats—it’s about making memories that resonate long after the last encore. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Pixies tickets provide access to live performances by the influential alternative rock band, with a chance to hear classic hits as well as new music.
  • Fans can purchase tickets through the Official Ticketmaster site, PIXIES Official Website, and PremiumSeating.ca for a variety of concert experiences including general admission and VIP packages.
  • Prices for Pixies tickets range from $36 for general admission to several thousand dollars for VIP experiences, with payment options available on multiple platforms.
  • The band has announced upcoming tours with Modest Mouse and other acts, offering over 60 concerts scheduled for 2024-25 which fans can look forward to.
  • Before attending a concert, it’s recommended that fans arrive at least an hour early; some VIP ticket packages may offer meet-and-greet opportunities with the band.

What are Pixies Tickets?

A diverse group of fans enjoying and dancing at a Pixies concert.

Pixies tickets are your gateway to witnessing one of the most influential alternative rock bands live on stage. These passes not only allow fans access to vibrant concerts but also offer a chance to experience the unique atmosphere that surrounds a Pixies performance.

Every ticket is a potential memory, as attendees immerse themselves in the music and energy that the band brings to every city they visit.

Purchasing these tickets means joining an event filled with enthusiastic crowds, iconic guitar riffs, and legendary songs that have shaped the genre. Fans can look forward to enjoying new tracks from recent albums as well as time-tested hits during the live performances.

With their distinct sound and dynamic stage presence, securing Pixies tickets promises an unforgettable night of music for long-time supporters and newcomers alike.

Events and Locations for Pixies Concerts

A packed stadium with a vibrant concert stage and diverse audience.

The Pixies, an iconic alternative rock band, have announced a series of electrifying concerts that will traverse various global hotspots, inviting fans to revel in their groundbreaking sound.

Whether you’re near the bustling cities of Canada, within the eclectic music hubs of the United States or looking for an international venue to catch them live, their tour is set to ignite stages worldwide with pure rock energy.


Canada holds a special place in Pixies’ tour history, having hosted numerous memorable concerts by the band. Fans in Canada have witnessed some exhilarating performances, and here’s what you can expect for upcoming events:


  • Look forward to an electrifying co – headlining concert with Modest Mouse at Vancouver’s Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, a highlight of the touring schedule.
  • Ready your singing voice for the anticipated show at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, where Pixies will once again connect with their enthusiastic Canadian audience.
  • Revisit past triumphs through warm – up tours in Canada that have a reputation for setting the stage ablaze with passion and energy before heading out to larger international venues.
  • Experience one-of-a-kind performances as each location brings its unique vibe, from the intimate indoor atmospheres to the grand outdoor arenas across the country.
  • Explore other cities on the tour itinerary; hints have been dropped about additional dates, prompting fans to stay alert for new concert announcements.
  • Seize these opportunities for unforgettable nights where you can be part of Pixies’ ongoing musical journey that has captivated listeners worldwide.

United States

The Pixies are ready to rock their U.S. fanbase with an array of live performances. Fans can experience the excitement at various concert venues across the country.


  • Look for tour dates that fit your schedule; the band’s official website lists all upcoming gigs.
  • Plan a night out at one of the many music events hitting cities from coast to coast.
  • Get your tickets directly from reputable sources like Ticketmaster or the PIXIES Official Website.
  • Enjoy shows featuring classic hits and new songs alike, solidifying why this band has such a dedicated following.
  • Find concerts in renowned locations, offering unforgettable experiences for both die-hard and new fans.
  • Ensure you’re part of the excitement by securing tickets early, as sales often pick up speed quickly due to high demand.
  • Join other enthusiasts gathering to celebrate one of alternative rock’s most influential bands during their U.S. tours.
  • Keep informed on ticket release dates by checking in on band news through their official channels.


Exciting times lie ahead for fans of the iconic Pixies as they gear up for an international tour. In 2024, audiences around the globe will get the chance to experience their electric performances live.


  • Europe beckons with a string of shows that promise to captivate fans old and new.
  • The band takes on South America, where vibrant concerts will light up cities with their legendary sound.
  • Japan is set to welcome the Pixies, offering a unique blend of culture and music at each performance.
  • Australia‘s stages are preparing for a buzz as fans down under anticipate these much-loved rock legends.
  • New Zealand rounds out the global tour, ensuring that fans in this corner of the world also get their dose of live Pixie magic.

Review of Pixies Concerts

Discover firsthand accounts of electrifying Pixies live performances, capturing the thrill and energy fans experience at their shows — dive deeper to explore what makes their concerts a must-see event.

Positive Reviews

Fans of the Pixies have plenty to celebrate after attending their concerts, with many leaving exhilarated by the live music experience. The legacy tour that brought together Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Cat Power created a buzz among attendees.

Critics and audiences alike raved about this thrilling performance, highlighting how these iconic bands delivered unforgettable nights full of dark pop anthems that still resonate with fans.

The MGM Music Hall in Boston became a standout venue for its superb acoustics during the Pixies’ concert there. Concertgoers shared glowing reviews about the clarity of sound that let every guitar riff and drumbeat make its mark.

Even at outdoor venues like the Oxbow RiverStage in Napa, where natural elements can often challenge a band’s sound system, the group’s performances soared above expectations; their dark pop magic wasn’t lost but amplified under open skies.

Each show on their tour has solidified Pixies’ reputation as excellent live performers who know how to captivate an audience. Their collaboration with other well-known artists not only showcased their incredible range but also demonstrated an ability to elevate a live music event to something more than just another night out—it became a profound musical journey for everyone present.

Negative Reviews

Despite the high-energy shows and positive acclaim, some concertgoers occasionally find faults. Issues can range from sound problems to venue discomforts—not necessarily unique to Pixies concerts but present in live music events overall.

When acoustic quality falls short or unforeseen hitches occur, these isolated experiences might lead to less favorable impressions.

Moving along, those interested in similar vibrant performances have a plethora of options. Upcoming concerts by artists like Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age promise that same raw energy fans adore.

Similar Artists with Upcoming Concerts

Discover bands echoing the Pixies’ influential sound and catch a wave of nostalgia and fresh energy at upcoming concerts from iconic alternative rock acts poised to electrify audiences nationwide.

Green Day

Green Day, the iconic punk rock band, has ignited excitement among fans with a major concert tour announcement. Expect an electrifying live performance showcasing their classic hits as well as new music that continues to keep them at the forefront of the alternative rock scene.

The 2024 stadium show promises to be a monumental music event where audiences can experience the raw energy and unique sound that set Green Day apart from other touring bands.

Fans eagerly anticipating this tour will remember how Green Day debuted a fresh song during a recent concert in 2023, signaling that they still have plenty of surprises up their sleeves.

Their reputation for delivering unforgettable shows stems not just from their massive stage presence but also from their commitment to doing things differently—a trait noted by critics since 2009.

If you’re seeking an all-out rock experience, keep your eyes peeled for the next concert announcement because tickets are sure to sell quickly once dates are released.

Queens of the Stone Age (with internal link)

Moving from the punk-infused energy of Green Day, fans will find a distinct shift in sound with Queens of the Stone Age, an alternative rock band that emerged as a supergroup from the ashes of Kyuss.

Their music layers gritty guitar riffs with haunting melodies, creating songs that resonate with their dedicated fan base. With tour dates on the horizon for 2024-25, anticipation is building among those eager to experience their electrifying performance live.

Queens of the Stone Age consistently deliver concerts where every set list is a journey through their extensive catalog. This approach keeps audiences guessing and ensures each show is unique.

As speculation grows about a potential new album release, excitement among fans reaches new heights. Those who appreciate Queens of the Stone Age often hold similar regard for groups like We Are Scientists and The Bravery—all known for propelling forward the alternative rock scene.

The band’s reputation in the music industry stands strong; they’re recognized not just for powerful performances but also for contributing significantly to modern rock narratives. For listeners looking to catch this influential group live, securing tickets early is recommended due to high demand as well as intrigue surrounding their next moves—an album drop might just be around the corner.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani fans are in for a treat with her tour dates announced for 2024-25. Her energetic performances and iconic voice make her concerts a must-see event. The solo artist, known for her unique style and catchy tunes, always keeps the crowd on their feet.

Recently, Stefani unveiled the cover art for her much-anticipated solo debut on her website, sparking excitement among her followers.

Attending a Gwen Stefani concert isn’t just about hearing live music; it’s an experience that often features dazzling stage designs and elaborate costumes reflective of both her personality and musical evolution.

With tickets now available, enthusiasts have the chance to secure their spot at upcoming shows. Whether you caught Gwen as one of the star performers at BeachLife music festival or are waiting to hear new music live, these tour dates offer another opportunity to see one of pop’s most dynamic artists onstage.

Silversun Pickups

Continuing the trend of dynamic live performances, Silversun Pickups bring their own flair to the alternative music scene. Get ready to experience an electrifying indie rock concert as they hit the stage at HISTORY in Toronto and Ventura Theater in California.

Their tour schedule is lined up with exciting dates that showcase their latest music album, offering fans a fresh taste of their evolving sound.

Fans eager for a deep dive into the band’s tour history will find plenty to explore. Each performance by Silversun Pickups is more than just a live show; it’s an immersive event where every song resonates with the energy of devoted listeners.

Mark your calendars for these must-see music events, and be part of a concert tour that promises unforgettable band performances.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fans of rock music, take note—Red Hot Chili Peppers stand out as a powerhouse in the genre. Their journey began with an original name: Tony Flow and the Miraculous Masters. Today, these artists are known for their dynamic live performances that bring audiences to their feet.

With songs addressing both personal struggles and addiction, they connect deeply with listeners through relatable storytelling.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have shaped the music scene for decades, influencing countless bands along the way. They’ve been recognized as prominent figures in the industry thanks to a musical style that blends rock with funk and psychedelic elements.

For those eager to experience this legendary group live, tour dates are always highly anticipated events. Concert tickets sell quickly as fans across age groups rush to secure a spot at one of their electrifying shows.

After enjoying hits from Red Hot Chili Peppers, you might be looking for more thrilling concert experiences. Next up on our list is another celebrated band—one you won’t want to miss if high-energy performances are what you seek.

How to Buy Pixies Tickets

6. How to Buy Pixies Tickets:.

Securing your spot at a Pixies concert is straightforward—explore reliable ticketing platforms and secure your purchase with ease for an unforgettable live music experience.

Official Ticketmaster Site

Purchasing Pixies tickets is a breeze on the Official Ticketmaster site. You’ll have access to up-to-date tour dates, detailed concert information, and real fan reviews. Get excited as you browse through artist photos that capture the energy of live music events.

With just a few clicks, you can secure your spot at an upcoming Pixies show.

Looking for early access? Keep an eye out for presale opportunities offered on Ticketmaster. Fans who are eager to grab their tickets ahead of time can snag these promotional codes through special links or radio station partnerships.

Make sure you’re ready when these exclusive offers drop – they’re your ticket to ensure you don’t miss out on seeing the Pixies live!

PIXIES Official Website

Moving on from third-party ticket vendors, the PIXIES Official Website stands as your go-to hub for everything related to the band’s tour. Here you get direct access to presale information, ensuring you secure tickets before they sell out.

This site isn’t just about selling tickets; it’s a comprehensive resource where fans can discover new music, read up on the latest news and check out detailed venue information for upcoming concerts.

On this platform, collaboration meets convenience as the PIXIES have joined forces with Modest Mouse for an exciting North American tour. Fans eager to catch live performances can effortlessly navigate through tour dates and find face-value tickets courtesy of their partnership with Twickets – a firm stand against overpriced resales in the industry.

Embrace the simplicity and assurance offered by buying your tickets straight from the source without any hidden fees or surprises.

Price Range for Pixies Tickets

Understanding the price range for Pixies tickets is essential for planning your concert experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the different types of tickets and their costs:


Type of Ticket Price Range
General Admission $36 – $174
Corporate Event Booking $150,000 – $299,000
Suite Tickets $2,000 – $15,000
Meet and Greet / VIP Packages $1,001 – $3,000
Pixies with Modest Mouse Concert Starting at $39.50

Prices vary widely, from accessible general admission tickets to premium VIP experiences. Make your selection based on your preferences and budget. Remember, these prices are subject to change and can vary by location and seller. Always check official platforms or authorized ticket vendors for the most up-to-date information.

Upcoming Tours and Dates

Pixies fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement as the band announces its latest string of tour dates for 2024-25. With 61 electrifying concerts scheduled, supporters will have numerous opportunities to catch the iconic group live.


  • Pixies join forces with Modest Mouse for a co-headline tour that’s guaranteed to thrill music lovers. Their performance at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre on June 18, 2024, is already marked as a must-see event.
  • Seeking tickets for any of the 2024 Pixies shows? Look no further than Ticketmaster.ca, where you can secure your spot at these highly anticipated concerts.
  • The tour roster also includes Avril Lavigne and the Doobie Brothers, promising an unforgettable North American musical journey with Pixies leading the charge.
  • Eager concertgoers can plan on seeing Pixies ignite the stage at Olympia for their next showstopper performance.
  • Dig into livenation.com for a sneak peek at what’s to come; find setlists, watch performance videos, and get all geared up for Pixies’ approaching 2024 gigs.


Having marked your calendars with the Pixies’ upcoming tour dates, you might have questions about their concerts and ticketing. Here are the answers to some frequently asked queries to help you prepare for an unforgettable live music experience.


  • How early should I arrive at a Pixies concert?
  • Can I meet the band at a concert?
  • What should I bring to a concert?
  • Are there age restrictions for Pixies concerts?
  • Is it possible to get a refund for my ticket?
  • Do Pixies concerts have opening acts?
  • How long do Pixies concerts usually last?
  • What type of merchandise is available at their concerts?
  • Will there be food and drinks available for purchase?


Dive into the electric atmosphere of a Pixies concert with tickets that unlock an unforgettable live music experience. Secure your spot at one of their dynamic shows and witness alternative rock history in the making.

Whether it’s through official channels or verified resellers, getting your hands on Pixies tickets is just a few clicks away. Join fans across the globe and prepare for an epic night as you immerse yourself in the raw energy and iconic sounds of the Pixies! Don’t miss out; grab your tickets today and be part of the excitement!


1. Where can I buy Pixies tickets?

You can purchase Pixies tickets through official music event websites, ticketing platforms, or at venue box offices.

2. When do Pixies concert tickets go on sale?

Pixies concert tickets typically go on sale shortly after tour dates are announced; check their official website or sign up for alerts from ticket sellers.

3. How much do Pixies tickets cost?

The cost of Pixies tickets varies depending on the concert location, seating choice, and availability.

4. Can I get a refund if the Pixies concert is canceled?

Most ticket vendors offer refunds if the concert is officially canceled; review your seller’s refund policy for details.

5. Are there VIP packages available for Pixies concerts?

Yes, some shows may offer VIP packages that provide exclusive benefits such as premium seating or meet-and-greet opportunities with the band.