Queens Of The Stone Age Tickets

Rock enthusiasts looking for the electric thrill of live music know that nothing beats the pulsing energy of a Queens of the Stone Age concert. My years as a concert-goer and seasoned music journalist have led me across countless venues, where I’ve witnessed firsthand the frenetic passion that defines a QOTSA show.

With expertise drawn from countless rock performances and first-hand industry knowledge, I can assure you that securing tickets to one of their shows is well worth the effort.

In 2024, Queens Of The Stone Age will take their raw riffs and hypnotic grooves on tour again, inviting fans into an immersive sea of alternative rock ecstasy. As tickets become available for this much-anticipated circuit around globe-trotting stages – with starting prices at $60 plus fees – there has never been a better time to experience their unforgettable live presence.

Read on to discover how you can join the ranks of thrilled audiences gathering when these rock titans hit your city; it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Queens of the Stone Age will embark on a global tour in 2024, featuring 66 shows across 20 countries, starting at $60 plus fees.
  • The band’s live performances are known for their high – energy atmosphere and setlists that include a blend of classic hits and new tracks.
  • Tickets can be purchased through the official Ticketmaster site, offering presale codes for early access, with resale options available on secondary markets.
  • VIP packages provide exclusive experiences like meet-and-greet opportunities and premium seating at concerts.
  • Concert preparations should consider venue-specific COVID-19 safety measures and doors’ opening times.

Overview of Queens of the Stone Age Band

The lead vocalist of Queens of the Stone Age performs with intense energy on stage.

Queens of the Stone Age burst onto the American rock scene with a sound that’s as unrelenting as it is distinct. Hailing from Seattle, this ensemble quickly made a name for themselves not just through their churning riffs but also thanks to their lead vocalist’s unique voice and commanding presence.

Their music deftly combines elements of stoner and alternative rock, setting them apart in an industry crowded with generic sounds. Over time, they’ve carved out a niche for themselves, one that resonates with both ardent fans and critics alike.

This band embodies ferocity on stage, delivering performances teeming with energy that transforms studio precision into live spectacle. Their discography showcases an evolution in style while maintaining the core elements that define their sound—a testament to their artistic integrity.

Concert tours have seen Queens of the Stone Age sell out venues across the globe, cementing their reputation as relentless performers whose shows are more than mere musical events – they’re powerful experiences etched into memory long after the final encore fades away.

Upcoming Queens of the Stone Age Concerts

Fans sing along at a Queens of the Stone Age concert.

Queens of the Stone Age fans, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out live; the band has announced an electrifying lineup of concert dates that you won’t want to miss. With performances scheduled across various international stages, these shows promise to bring their iconic sound right to your doorstep.

2024 tour dates

Get ready to rock with Queens of the Stone Age as they hit the road for their much-anticipated 2024 tour. Fans across the globe are in for a treat with a robust concert schedule that will have this legendary rock band gracing stages in multiple countries.

  • The global tour kicks off with a bang, featuring 66 shows set to spread their electrifying music across 20 different countries.
  • American audiences can catch Queens of the Stone Age live in May 2024, where they’ll be amping up the energy with support from dynamic rock duo Royal Blood.
  • Anticipate an unforgettable night at Rogers Place in Edmonton this April, where the band promises to deliver a setlist filled with both classics and new hits.
  • A not-to-miss performance is lined up for Calgary’s Scotiabank Saddledome in April, ensuring fans there experience the full throttle of their live show.
  • Attendees in Adelaide, SA, AU, will have the chance to see them on stage, alongside those lucky enough to snag tickets for their show in Kingston.

International shows

Queens of the Stone Age’s concert tour is going global, thrilling fans across the world with their high-octane rock performances. If you’re eager to see them live, check out their international shows coming up this year.

  • UK Shows: The band has included the UK in their tour schedule, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for British fans. Secure your tickets online and get ready for a night of electrifying music.
  • Canadian Concerts: As part of The End Is Nero tour, Queens of the Stone Age will rock the stage in various Canadian cities. This is your chance to join other fans and witness the band’s legendary live show.
  • Music Performances Around the Globe: Aside from Canada and the UK, keep an eye out for more dates as they often announce additional international destinations. Each performance promises to showcase the band’s dynamic range and powerful stage presence.
  • Tour Dates Announcements: Stay informed on upcoming concerts by checking official band announcements or sign up for newsletters to receive instant notifications about new tour dates.
  • Venue Details: Every show provides unique experiences at different venues. From intimate clubs to grand arenas, each location adds its own flavor to the night’s event.

Venue details

As the band takes their electrifying performances across borders, fans can look forward to experiencing Queens Of The Stone Age in some outstanding venues. Get ready to rock out at the Avenir Centre in Moncton with its modern facilities and prime location, ideal for an unforgettable concert night.

With tickets starting at CA $60.00, you’ll want to grab your spot before they sell out.

At each event start time, like 19:30 for concerts in Moncton or others scheduled at SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, doors will swing open to welcome attendees into a space designed for stellar acoustics and views.

Boasting up to 13,000 seats, the SaskTel Centre promises an electric atmosphere as thousands of voices join together to sing along with the band’s iconic hits in these highly-anticipated Canadian events.

How to Buy Queens of the Stone Age Tickets

Unlock your access to a night of exhilarating rock by securing Queens of the Stone Age tickets through trusted platforms, ensuring you don’t miss out on the raw energy and unforgettable riffs that define their live shows.

Official Ticketmaster site

Looking for Queens of the Stone Age tickets? The official Ticketmaster site is your go-to source. It’s packed with all the tour dates, venue information, and live performance details you’ll need to score a spot at one of their electrifying concerts.

Whether it’s “The End is Nero” tour in Calgary or an international show in Denmark, Ticketmaster provides a streamlined process that lets fans quickly find and purchase tickets.

Securing your spot at a Queens of the Stone Age concert through Ticketmaster also means access to reviews and photos from past shows. This can give you a sneak peek into what the phenomenal live experience entails.

If you’re eager for early ticket access, keep an eye out for presale codes on Ticketmaster or Live Nation—grabbing these can put you ahead of the crowd when it comes time to secure those coveted seats.

Ticketmaster doesn’t just help with ticket purchases; it’s also where fans can get up-to-date information about setlists and opening acts. Stay informed about every detail related to your concert experience—from learning who will warm up the stage before Queens of the Stone Age rocks out, to memorizing songs that might just make it onto this year’s setlist.

With user-friendly navigation and comprehensive service, planning your next music event becomes easier than ever with Ticketmaster as your guide.

Resale options

While purchasing directly from the official site is straightforward, you may also find Queens of the Stone Age tickets on the secondary market. Event-goers often turn to ticket resellers when shows are sold out or when they seek specific seats not available during initial sales.

Keep in mind that these resale options typically come at a premium, with prices that can significantly exceed face value due to high demand.

Before committing to a purchase through resale platforms, always verify ticket authenticity to ensure you’re getting valid entry into the event. Resale tickets must pass rigorous checks for legitimacy; only opt for vendors who guarantee verified resale tickets.

Be prepared for varying ticket availability and remember that pricing will reflect market demand – sometimes considerably more than original cost. This ensures you know exactly what you are paying for and reduces risks associated with fraudulent tickets or inflated costs without any surprises at checkout.

Presale codes

Moving beyond resale options, let’s dive into the exclusive world of presale codes. These codes offer you a chance to secure your Queens of The Stone Age tickets before the general public.

If you’re a Citi cardholder, you’re in luck—the Citi presale code 412800 unlocks early ticket access on Ticketmaster. Just be sure to have your card ready at checkout.

Presale opportunities don’t end there; Livenation and Local Venue often provide special ticket access for eager fans. Codes+ members enjoy face value tickets during select city presales along with SMS alerts on upcoming offers.

Setting yourself up with an exclusive Queens Of The Stone Age Presale Code for 2023 means scoring those sought-after concert passes ahead of the crowd.

Ticket Pricing for Queens of the Stone Age Concerts

When planning your live music experience to see Queens of the Stone Age, understanding ticket pricing is crucial. From general admission floors that bring you face-to-face with the band’s raw energy, to exclusive VIP packages that offer a premium concert experience, options abound for fans of all preferences and budgets.

General admission

General admission tickets are the go-to choice for fans who love to be right in the middle of the action. These passes grant you access to the standing room only area on the floor, getting you up close to Queens of The Stone Age like never before.

With general admission, every moment is unpredictable – you could find yourself mere feet from the band or making new friends as everyone gathers around waiting for those first chords to strike.

Securing your spot at a Queens Of The Stone Age concert couldn’t be easier; head over to Ticketmaster.ca for both presale and general ticket sales. Remember that floor seating means standing throughout the show, so wear comfortable shoes and keep your energy high! Tickets do sell out quickly due to their popularity and limited availability, so it’s smart to act fast when planning your rock experience with one of today’s most thrilling bands.

For many die-hard fans, there’s nothing quite like being part of that General Admission crowd – where every song delivers an adrenaline rush unlike any other spot in a venue. Just picture this: lights dimming, crowd roaring, and you’re there – not just watching but feeling every beat amidst fellow enthusiasts.

Grab your general admission tickets early because once they’re gone, all you’ll have left is wishing you were there amongst that electrifying atmosphere.

VIP packages

Experience Queens of the Stone Age concerts like never before with their exclusive VIP packages, offering fans unique meet and greet opportunities that bring you face-to-face with rock royalty.

These limited availability tickets provide a rare chance to interact personally with the band, creating unforgettable memories alongside your premium concert experience. Expect more than just a show; think high-end hospitality options involving luxury amenities that will make you feel like part of the music elite.

These special event access passes give you top-tier benefits such as priority seating so close to the action that you’ll be able to see every strum and drumbeat up-close. With prices reflecting such exclusivity, these VIP concert perks truly elevate the concept of live music indulgence.

Secure your spot in this inner circle of passionate supporters who desire nothing less than an extraordinary concert evening filled with artist interactions only few can brag about.

As anticipation builds for what lies ahead at Queens of the Stone Age concerts, let’s turn our attention next to understanding how ticket pricing varies for general admission versus luxury experiences.

Resale prices

If you’re hunting for Queens of the Stone Age tickets after they’ve sold out, resale platforms might be your next stop. These secondary marketplaces often feature tickets from fans who can no longer attend or resellers looking to profit.

Bear in mind that these ticket markups can sometimes result in prices much higher than the original cost.

Be cautious about inflated ticket costs on the secondary ticketing sites as you search for that perfect spot at the concert. Premium ticket prices reflect not just demand but also the convenience of securing a seat when primary vendors have run dry.

Always check multiple sources and compare options before committing to a purchase; this way, you ensure you pay a fair price for your live music experience.

What to Expect at Queens of the Stone Age Concerts

Attend a Queens of the Stone Age concert and immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere where rock reverberates through your core; anticipate a dynamic performance marked by raw energy, gritty riffs, and Josh Homme’s distinctive vocals that have consistently captivated audiences worldwide.

Band’s performance reviews

Fans and critics alike are raving about Queens of the Stone Age’s high-octane concerts, especially after their show in Toronto. Audience members were thrilled by the punctuality of the band, setting a tone for an unforgettable night filled with pure rock energy.

The frontman Josh Homme captivated concert-goers not only with his powerful music but also with his relaxed interactions between songs that added a personal touch to the electrifying atmosphere.

Their recent live performance at the Kia Forum was another testament to their signature style – loud, aggressive, and unapologetically rock ‘n’ roll. It wasn’t just about blasting through hit songs; there was a tangible connection between the audience and every member on stage, igniting feedback from fans that reverberated well beyond the venue walls.

Understanding what makes their shows can’t-miss events is key for any fan prepping to see them live. Up next: What goes into crafting Queens of the Stone Age’s typical setlist?.

Typical setlist

Get ready to rock with Queens of the Stone Age and their electrifying live performances! Before you attend, you might be curious about what songs will fuel your concert experience.

  • Anticipation builds as the opening act usually warms up the crowd, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.
  • Queens of the Stone Age often kick off their concerts with powerhouse hits that get fans on their feet immediately.
  • Throughout the show, they weave a mix of classics and new tracks to keep the energy high.
  • They carefully select songs from across their discography to satisfy both long – time followers and new listeners.
  • A typical Queens of the Stone Age concert playlist features well – loved tunes that have earned them critical acclaim over the years.
  • You can expect a performance lineup that showcases their musical evolution from early albums to the latest hits.
  • Mid – concert, they often slow things down with a couple of ballads or experimental pieces for a dynamic show experience.
  • The band creates a song selection that resonates with audiences, playing those tracks that tend to generate the loudest sing-alongs.
  • As they approach the end, Queens of the Stone Age amp up excitement with fan favorites that promise to leave an impact.
  • Their main set usually concludes on a high note, paving the way for an electrifying encore performance.
  • Encore sets are where surprise tracks might emerge, offering attendees something unique at each concert venue.
  • Finally, closing songs are chosen for their lasting impact – ending nights on a memorable riff or lyrical echo.

Preparing for the Concert

Before heading to a Queens of the Stone Age show, it’s crucial for fans to be well-prepared. This involves understanding the venue-specific guidelines, including any COVID-19 protocols in place, and knowing precisely when doors open to plan their arrival accordingly.

Venue’s COVID-19 preparedness

Concert venues hosting Queens of the Stone Age are stepping up their game to ensure everyone’s safety during these unpredictable times. They follow a comprehensive contingency plan that aligns with public health guidelines, including the Province of Ontario’s COVID-19 fall preparedness plan.

These measures aim to minimize risk and enable swift emergency response if needed.

Fans can expect thorough safety protocols upon entering any event. Health measures like hand sanitizing stations, enhanced cleaning procedures, and potential mask mandates will be in place according to local regulations.

Event organizers have developed crowd control strategies to manage foot traffic and maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Maintaining a safe concert environment is paramount for both guests and performers alike. Venues work closely with health professionals to adapt pandemic readiness practices effectively, staying ahead of public health recommendations.

Their priority is disease prevention, which ensures that all attendees can focus on enjoying the show while feeling secure in a well-managed space.

Doors opening time

Get ready to rock out with Queens of the Stone Age as you prepare for an unforgettable evening. Plan your arrival ahead of time, knowing that doors open at 7 pm for their concert in London.

For those eager to snag some band merch before the show, note that the outdoor merchandise trailer outside London’s O2 Arena kicks off sales early at 4 pm.

Heading over to the San Diego show? Make sure to mark your calendars and set your watches; access to the venue starts at 5:30 pm. Early admission allows you ample time to find your spot, grab refreshments, and settle in before the first chord strikes.

Ensure a smooth entry by familiarizing yourself with these times and avoid any last-minute rush.

Keep these opening hours in mind as they are crucial for planning your transportation and pre-concert activities. Whether you’re coming straight from work or meeting up with friends beforehand, coordinating your schedule with these times will help ensure a seamless concert experience filled with music and excitement rather than long lines or delays.

Queens of the Stone Age’s Tour History

8. Queens of the Stone Age’s Tour History:.

Delve into the storied road adventures of this iconic rock ensemble, exploring their well-traveled past marked by electrifying performances across the globe. Discover the cities that have witnessed the band’s evolution through memorable tours that have carved a significant niche in rock history.

Past concerts

Queens of the Stone Age have built an impressive tour history filled with unforgettable live performances. Their gigs reflect not just their musical evolution but also their dedication to giving fans a powerful concert experience.

  • The Villains World Tour set a high bar for rock shows, featuring songs from the band’s critically acclaimed seventh album.
  • Fans remember the electric night in Toronto on August 4th, 2023, as one of the key Canadian stops during this iconic tour.
  • Auditoriums buzzed with excitement as audiences across cities were treated to the band’s gritty guitar riffs and raw, energetic soundscapes.
  • Each venue on their touring schedule witnessed unique setlists that showcased fan favorites and deep cuts alike, adding an element of surprise to every concert.
  • Extending beyond music, their live shows often included elaborate stage setups and lighting designs that enhanced the overall spectacle of their performances.
  • Through years of touring, Queens of the Stone Age have earned acclaim not only for their studio work but also for their ability to electrify crowds with live renditions.
  • Gig history enthusiasts regularly document these concerts, noting changes in performance style and crowd interaction as the band has matured over time.

Frequently toured cities

Having rocked countless cities with their dynamic past concerts, Queens of the Stone Age carry a storied history of electrifying venues across the globe. Their tour schedules have consistently featured cities that draw fans from far and wide, showcasing just how vast and dedicated their following is.

  • Los Angeles: Home to some of the band’s most legendary performances, Los Angeles often serves as a launchpad for tours given its rich music scene.
  • New York City: The Big Apple’s appetite for rock means it’s a staple stop; venues here brim with energy whenever Queens of the Stone Age plug in.
  • London: Across the Atlantic, London’s iconic stages have played host multiple times to these titans of rock, reinforcing the city’s love affair with their tunes.
  • Toronto: In Canada, Toronto stands out as a key destination on The End is Nero Tour itinerary – expect memorable shows there.
  • Chicago: With its deep musical roots, Chicago welcomes Queens with open arms, becoming a recurring spot for their thunderous live shows.
  • Paris: Romance meets rock ‘n’ roll in Paris where the band’s concerts are nothing short of spectacular events in this cultural hub.
  • Sydney: Australian fans never miss out as Sydney often makes it onto the list for tour dates down under.
  • Amsterdam: Known for its vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam’s venues perfectly complement Queens of the Stone Age’s powerful performances.


9. Conclusion.

Explore the raw energy of Queens of the Stone Age live and continue your rock odyssey by checking out available tickets for similar powerhouse artists; a world of electrifying performances awaits just a click away.

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Finding tickets for these iconic bands includes checking official websites such as Ticketmaster or looking at reliable resale options online.

For those who resonate with Queensrÿche’s progressive metal vibe, getting your hands on concert tickets is just a click away. Experience an unforgettable music performance by securing your spot at one of their upcoming shows—just follow the provided link to see available tour dates and ticket purchase details for an experience similar to what Queens of the Stone Age delivers on stage.

If you’re eager to expand your rock concert repertoire beyond QOTSA, be sure to check out the availability of Queensrÿche tickets for their upcoming shows.


1. Where can I purchase Queens of the Stone Age tickets?

You can buy Queens of the Stone Age tickets through official ticket vendors or the band’s website.

2. How soon should I buy tickets before a concert?

Purchase your tickets as early as possible to secure your spot, since popular concerts often sell out quickly.

3. Are there meet and greet options with Queens of the Stone Age tickets?

Some ticket packages may offer meet and greet options; check availability when you make your purchase.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is cancelled?

If the concert is officially cancelled, refunds are typically available from where you purchased your ticket.

5. Do children need their own Queens of the Stone Age ticket to attend a concert?

Yes, everyone attending a Queens of the Stone Age concert must have their own ticket, regardless of age.