REO Speedwagon Tickets

Finding the right tickets to your favorite band’s concert can be as thrilling as it is challenging. With a legacy spanning over five decades, REO Speedwagon continues to rock the hearts of millions around the globe, leaving fans eagerly scrambling for a chance to witness their legendary performances live.

I bring you insights from years of industry experience, alongside first-hand adventures following bands like REO Speedwagon on tour — experiences that equip me with the knowledge to guide you through securing those sought-after tickets.

With more than 40 million records sold worldwide and a name inspired by an iconic fire engine brand, REO Speedwagon rides into another electrifying tour schedule packed with dates that promise unparalleled rock anthems and unforgettable memories.

This article illuminates everything you need to know about snagging those golden tickets—from reliable purchasing avenues to insider pricing tips. Keep reading; your ticket to Rock ‘n’ Roll bliss awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • REO Speedwagon’s Summer Road Trip 2024 alongside Train features a setlist of fan favorites and deep cuts, with concerts expected in cities like Hollywood and Las Vegas.
  • Tickets for REO Speedwagon shows can be purchased through official channels like Ticketmaster or secondary ticket platforms such as, offering various pricing options to accommodate different budgets.
  • Concertgoers have the option to buy REO Speedwagon tickets directly at concert venue sales counters, sometimes getting access to premium ticket sales without additional fees.
  • Merchandise including tour apparel and exclusive items are available for fans looking to own a piece of rock history and show their support for the band beyond the live performances.
  • Upcoming REO Speedwagon shows include memorable venues such as The Whisky A Go – Go in Hollywood; other dates and locations provide ample opportunities for fans across the country to experience their live music.

Overview of REO Speedwagon Tour

A lively concert venue with diverse fans and cityscape in background.

Bridging the gap from our introduction to the heart of REO Speedwagon’s live music experience, we dive into an overview of their exhilarating tour. The band, a staple in rock history since their formation in the 1970s, continues to captivate fans with their high-energy performances and classic hits.

Their upcoming tour schedule is a testament to their enduring appeal and commitment to delivering unforgettable concerts across the globe.

REO Speedwagon’s latest venture, including the much-anticipated Summer Road Trip 2024 alongside Train, promises a setlist packed with fan favorites and deep cuts alike. Fans can expect a seamless blend of nostalgia and contemporary flare as they hit various U.S. venues before possibly taking their show international.

Concert-goers are eager for details on tour dates that weave through cities like Hollywood and Las Vegas, where audiences will be treated to not just music but an entire concert experience crafted by these seasoned performers.

How to Purchase REO Speedwagon Tickets

Excited fans holding tickets, standing in line at a ticket booth.

Securing your spot at an REO Speedwagon concert is straightforward, with multiple avenues available to ensure fans can access tickets efficiently. Whether you prefer the traditional route of official ticketing agencies or exploring secondary markets for that last-minute entry, there’s a solution tailored to every fan’s needs.

Official Ticketmaster Site

Purchasing REO Speedwagon tickets is a straightforward process when you use the official Ticketmaster site. This platform guarantees that you get legitimate tickets for all of their 2024 concert tour dates, eliminating worries about counterfeit passes or overpriced resale markets.

If you need special accommodations at the venue, simply click on the Filters button and select ‘Show accessible tickets’ to find seating options that meet your needs.

Ticketmaster isn’t just for buying regular tickets; it often provides access to presale events through codes like those for Live Nation or other exclusive offer codes tailored for certain performances.

In case you encounter any issues or have questions during your ticket purchase, customer service support is available. You can contact them via phone during specified customer service hours to get help right away.

Remember that with Ticketmaster, securing your space at an REO Speedwagon show is not only safe but also convenient. The site offers comprehensive assistance throughout the buying process to ensure fans enjoy a smooth experience from search to seat selection and final purchase without hitches or hold-ups.

Secondary Ticket Platforms

Secondary ticket platforms are a treasure trove for fans who missed the initial sale of REO Speedwagon tickets. These sites, like, specialize in offering resale ticket options.

They provide access to live music events even when primary sources sell out. Buyers can search for show tickets based on their preference and budget, ensuring they find event tickets that suit their needs.

Fans browsing these secondary markets will discover a range of buy concert seats opportunities for upcoming REO Speedwagon shows. It’s important to check these platforms regularly as new tickets often appear closer to the concert dates.

With just a few clicks, your perfect seat awaits you at one of the band’s exhilarating live performances. Next up: what you need to know about buying directly from concert venues!

Concert Venue Sales

Moving on from the secondary market, purchasing tickets directly at the concert venue offers you a chance to get your hands on REO Speedwagon tickets firsthand. Fans often find this method straightforward as they can select seats based on real-time availability for live music events.

The ticket transaction process is usually efficient, with staff ready to help you secure your spot for an unforgettable show.

Securing tickets at the event sales counter means getting immediate confirmation and often no additional fees compared to online platforms. Plus, premium ticket sales are sometimes available exclusively at the venue’s box office.

This option allows true REO Speedwagon fans to experience premium access at market value pricing, ensuring they don’t miss out on any of the tour dates or special guest performers due to sold-out online listings.

REO Speedwagon Concert Locations

Discover a plethora of destinations where REO Speedwagon’s electrifying live performances will ignite the stage – delve into our comprehensive guide for all the must-visit concert locations and prepare to secure your spot in the crowd.

U.S. Venues

REO Speedwagon is hitting the road and bringing rock music concerts to venues across the United States. Fans can experience live performances in some of the most iconic music venues and concert halls.


  • The Whisky A Go-Go, Hollywood, CA: This legendary event space has a rich history with REO Speedwagon. Known for its vibrant rock scene, you’ll feel the band’s legacy resonate as they take the stage.
  • Santander Arena, Reading, PA: Attendees here enjoy top-tier acoustics in an entertainment location that often hosts REO Speedwagon’s rousing shows.
  • Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, WV: Featuring vast seating capacity and an electric atmosphere, this concert arena is tailor-made for memorable rock events like those performed by REO Speedwagon.
  • Florence Center, Florence SC: Experience REO Speedwagon in an intimate setting where every seat feels close to the action at this versatile performance venue.
  • The Venetian Theatre at The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas: Prepare for luxury as you watch REO Speedwagon in one of Las Vegas’s most opulent show locations. Fans can expect high-quality sound and a visually stunning experience.

International Shows

Following their U.S. concerts, REO Speedwagon gears up to take their electrifying performances across borders. International fans are in for a treat as the band brings their classic hits and phenomenal live shows to stages around the world.


  • Experience REO Speedwagon’s music live at international venues that promise an unforgettable rock atmosphere.
  • The legendary group is set to play at iconic locations, offering fans a chance to be part of rock history.
  • Among thrilling tour stops, Hollywood’s Whisky A Go – Go stands out as a highlight, featuring REO Speedwagon in a venue steeped in music lore.
  • Ensure you don’t miss out by checking Bandsintown for up-to-date performance dates and comprehensive venue details.
  • Dive into concert reviews from global fans on Bandsintown to get excited about what awaits you at an REO Speedwagon show.
  • Multiple ticket options are available internationally; opt for trusted official websites like for secure purchases.
  • Explore tour schedules thoroughly on official channels to plan your attendance at shows anywhere in the world.
  • Tickets provide not just entry but also lasting memories of powerful guitar solos and heartfelt vocals that only live concerts can offer.
  • Look into fan experiences and share in the anticipation as international shows often include special performances and surprises.

Pricing for REO Speedwagon Tickets

Discover the value of experiencing REO Speedwagon live in concert, where ticket prices reflect not just a seat but an unforgettable musical journey; continue reading to learn how you can secure your pass to this epic event.

Average Ticket Prices

REO Speedwagon fans looking to catch a live performance should expect ticket prices that vary widely depending on several factors. Typically, you might spend between $50 and $300 for a single ticket to see this iconic rock band onstage.

The average lower-end price of admission could be as low as $61, making it an accessible option for those who are working with a tighter entertainment budget.

For those seeking the best seats in the house or special VIP packages, concert tickets can reach up to $579.00 each. However, most music enthusiasts find that they can secure their spot at an REO Speedwagon show for about $189 on average.

Ticket costs reflect not just the seat location but also the venue size, city hosting the event, and additional perks included with your purchase.

Your experience at a live music event is priceless; securing your REO Speedwagon tickets means investing in an evening filled with classic hits and electric performances. As you plan your next live entertainment outing, keep these music concert admission fees in mind to select the best option that suits your expectations and budget.

With various options available across different platforms such as Ticketmaster or secondary market sites, ensure you grab your tickets early to enjoy REO Speedwagon’s timeless music live.

Pricing Factors

While average ticket prices give you a ballpark figure, several pricing factors can drive costs up or down for REO Speedwagon concert tickets. The popularity of the artist is one significant determinant; high demand can lead to tickets being sold at prices above their face value.

Enthusiastic fans eager to secure a spot at one of these thrilling shows may find themselves in a competitive marketplace, where timing and scarcity influence pricing.

Various expenses also play into final ticket costs. Booking fees often reflect not just the value of the seat but also encompass additional expenditures such as travel and accommodation for the band when they’re on tour.

These necessary costs are factored into ticket pricing to ensure that everything from stage lighting to sound checks runs without a hitch on concert day.

It’s worth noting feedback from customers can provide insight into how ticket prices are perceived. With some attendees happy with what they get for their dollar and others commenting on steeper than expected rates, it highlights how subjective satisfaction with spending on live events can be.

Ticket buyers should consider these variables carefully before completing their purchase, ensuring they feel confident in both the experience awaiting them and its corresponding price tag.

Notable Highlights of REO Speedwagon Concerts

Discover electrifying moments and unforgettable encores that define the live REO Speedwagon experience, sparking fan nostalgia and new memories alike—every concert a unique journey through classic hits and deep cuts.

Special Performances

At REO Speedwagon concerts, the blend of country twangs and classic rock riffs creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Fans can witness unique performances where each show is distinct, from spontaneous jam sessions that showcase the band’s musical mastery to surprise guest appearances adding an extra layer of excitement.

Expect to see impressive stage presence as members perform with an energy that resonates through the crowd.

The concert experience is amplified when REO Speedwagon delivers their standout performances. Attendees revel in moments of exhilarating audience interaction where sing-alongs and cheering become part of the live music tapestry.

Celebrate rock and roll at its best with memorable moments you’ll talk about long after the lights go down. Prepare for a night where energetic shows meet musical collaborations resulting in special highlights that define what it means to see REO Speedwagon live.

Fan Reviews

Concertgoers often share their excitement about REO Speedwagon’s live performances. Fans flock to social media and review sites to express their delight regarding the band’s energy on stage, the quality of sound, and the sense of nostalgia that washes over the audience during hit songs.

Reviews highlight moments when the entire crowd sings along, creating a unified experience that feels both intimate and electrifying.

Audiences especially appreciated Styx’s dynamic opening act for REO Speedwagon, noting it set an enthusiastic tone for what was to come. At venues like McGrath Amphitheatre in Cedar Rapids, IA., critics and fans alike have given thumbs up for memorable nights filled with classic tunes.

Positive reactions not only emphasize how well-loved tracks were performed but also celebrate how new arrangements brought fresh life to timeless classics.

Some attendees mention areas for improvement too, such as balancing volume levels so every note is crisp and clear. Nevertheless, these reviews provide valuable feedback that keeps concert experiences top-notch for future gigs.

The exchange between REO Speedwagon and their listeners proves just how much a great live music event can impact fans – through heart-pounding drums or soulful guitar solos reverberating throughout an excited venue.

REO Speedwagon Merchandise

Explore the array of REO Speedwagon merchandise to find exclusive tour apparel and unique items that will let you showcase your fandom long after the concert lights dim.

Tour Apparel

REO Speedwagon fans can express their love for the band with official tour apparel. Sporting these items not only shows support but also creates a lasting memory of the concert experience.


  • The REO Speedwagon Flag 2023 Tour T-Shirt is a must-have for loyal followers, retailing at $45.00 USD and featuring iconic imagery associated with the band.
  • Concert apparel goes beyond t – shirts; women can rock out in specially designed jerseys that are both stylish and comfortable.
  • For those cooler evenings, truck tour raglans provide a classic look while keeping fans cozy during night-time performances.
  • Band merchandise extends to accessories as well, such as band flags that allow fans to wave their fandom high during concerts or display it proudly at home.
  • Music tour clothing isn’t just for show days; garments like musician jerseys make for everyday wear that shouts out one’s musical tastes.
  • Rock band merchandise includes a variety of items, from wristbands to hats, allowing fans to accessorize in many ways while supporting REO Speedwagon.
  • Collecting exclusive merch items often becomes a hobby for enthusiasts, and limited edition pieces can become valuable keepsakes over time.
  • Music artist apparel like concert raglans is designed with comfort and durability in mind so that they last well beyond the encore of the last show.
  • Tour t – shirts often feature dates and locations on the back, making them perfect souvenirs to commemorate attendance at specific concerts.

Exclusive Merch Items

Get ready for the concert experience with exclusive merchandise from REO Speedwagon’s tour collection. Fans find unique items that allow them to showcase their love for the band in style.


  • Live and Unzoomed Tour Black Tee: Available exclusively on, this tee stands out as a must-have for any avid fan. The simple yet iconic design captures the energy of the live performances.
  • Women’s Jerseys: Show your support in a sporty fashion with these comfortable and stylish jerseys designed specifically for female fans, ensuring everyone can wear their fandom.
  • Tour Raglan: For those who prefer a classic baseball tee look, the tour raglan is the perfect addition to any fan’s wardrobe, featuring distinctive sleeve designs.
  • VIP Packages Merchandise: Select Ticketmaster CA packages offer exclusive goods. The “Walk of Shame VIP” bundle includes memorabilia not found anywhere else.
  • “RIFE 4 LIFE VIP” Package: This package amplifies your concert experience with goods that celebrate REO Speedwagon’s legacy, only available when purchasing VIP tickets.
  • Custom Concert Apparel: Step into the venue with a unique piece of apparel that’s customized just for the tour – a statement of dedication and an instant conversation starter among fans attending concerts.
  • Special Tour Merchandise: Grab limited edition items that commemorate specific tours or events; these collectibles are often sought after by collectors.
  • Exclusive Band Merchandise: From signed posters to rare vinyl releases, get your hands on items that are directly associated with REO Speedwagon and cherished by enthusiasts.
  • Unique Fan Items: Among special edition collectibles, find offerings tailored to reflect personal fan interest—maybe even something inspired by your favorite REO Speedwagon song or album.
  • Limited Edition Merchandise: Keep an eye out for time-sensitive releases that celebrate anniversaries or milestones in REO Speedwagon’s career – these won’t be around forever!
  • Special Edition Collectibles: These are not your typical band tees or hats—they’re crafted pieces meant to honor memorable moments from past tours and albums.

Upcoming REO Speedwagon Shows

Discover the latest tour dates and prepare to experience REO Speedwagon’s timeless rock anthems live, as we unveil where you can catch them on their upcoming shows that are set to electrify audiences nationwide.

Dates and Locations

Get ready to rock as REO Speedwagon hits the road for their much-anticipated tour, bringing classic hits and electric live performances to a venue near you. The iconic band is set to light up the stage at The Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, known for its legendary music scene.

This historic spot promises an unforgettable night where fans can experience the magic of REO Speedwagon up close.

Mark your calendars because they will also roll into cities like Reading and Charleston, taking center stage at venues such as Santander Arena and Charleston Coliseum. These concert locations offer a vibrant atmosphere perfect for belting out your favorite songs along with the band.

Florence Center welcomes the group’s thrilling performance, ensuring that every fan has a chance to sing along and dance till they drop.

The tour excitement continues in New York with stops at both the Broadview Stage at SPAC in Saratoga Springs and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel. At these event locations, audiences can expect stellar shows filled with energy and passion as one of America’s beloved rock bands delivers performances that resonate across generations.

Each music show on this tour is more than just a concert; it’s an opportunity to be part of rock history with REO Speedwagon.

Special Guest Performers

As you mark your calendars for the upcoming REO Speedwagon shows, get set for an exhilarating experience with Yacht Rock Revue lighting up the stage as special guest performers. Their seamless blend of soft rock will serve as the perfect opener, setting the tone for an unforgettable night with their direct support for Train and REO Speedwagon.

Expect a showcase of additional talent that goes beyond mere opening acts; these featured guests are celebrated artists in their own right, promising collaborative performances sure to thrill fans from all walks of life.

These concerts are not just about hit songs and nostalgia but also about fresh musical dynamics brought forth by guest musicians joining forces with these classic rock legends.


Lock in your chance to witness the legendary rock ‘n’ roll of REO Speedwagon live. Secure those sought-after tickets and prepare for an unforgettable music experience filled with iconic tracks and electric atmosphere.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the crowd, singing along and making memories that will last a lifetime. Act now, grab your spot at one of their sensational concerts, and get ready to rock out with REO Speedwagon!

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1. Where can I buy REO Speedwagon tickets?

You can purchase REO Speedwagon tickets through official ticket outlets and verified resale platforms.

2. When do REO Speedwagon tickets usually go on sale?

Tickets typically go on sale shortly after the concert dates are announced, so keep an eye on their official website for updates.

3. Are there VIP packages available for REO Speedwagon concerts?

Yes, VIP packages may be offered which include premium seating and exclusive extras.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is cancelled or postponed?

Refund policies vary by venue and ticket provider; check with your point of purchase for their specific terms.

5. How can I find out about upcoming REO Speedwagon tour dates and locations?

Stay informed about tour dates by visiting REO Speedwagon’s official website or subscribing to their newsletter.