Sam Roberts Band Tickets

Attending a live concert is an exhilarating experience that resonates with the thrum of anticipation and the roar of music, but navigating ticket sales can often dampen spirits with their complexities.

As a seasoned expert in the live music scene, I’ve witnessed firsthand the tangled web of purchasing tickets and how it can frustrate even the most ardent fans. With years under my belt covering alt-rock spectacles and intricate tour schedules, I bring you insider knowledge to simplify your ticket-buying journey.

Securing Sam Roberts Band tickets should not be a hurdle but rather part of the excitement leading up to what promises to be an unforgettable show. It’s essential for fans to know that every purchase empowers children through War Child‘s critical mission—meaning your musical enjoyment also serves a noble cause.

Stay tuned as we delve into making your concert experience seamless and socially impactful. Read on for insights that hit all the right notes!

Key Takeaways

  • Sam Roberts Band is touring with stops at Théâtre Beanfield in Montreal on February 2, 2024, and HISTORY in Toronto on February 9, 2024. Fans can catch their dynamic performances across Canada and internationally.
  • Tickets for the concerts are available online through platforms like Ticketmaster or directly from venue websites. There’s also an option to visit physical box offices for direct purchases.
  • Each ticket sale includes a one – dollar donation to War Child, thanks to the band’s partnership with PLUS1. This adds a charitable aspect to attending their energetic live shows.
  • The “The Adventures of Ben Blank” tour not only features songs from the new album but also classic hits that showcase the band’s alt-rock style and engaging stage presence.
  • Prices for general admission tickets start at $25.00, making it accessible for fans to enjoy live performances without breaking the bank.

About Sam Roberts Band

A guitar and vintage amplifier in a dimly lit concert hall.

Sam Roberts Band burst onto the Canadian music scene with their powerful alternative rock sound. Their debut EP, ‘The Inhuman Condition,’ grabbed listeners’ attention and set them on a path to stardom.

After that remarkable entry, they have unleashed seven full-length albums upon the world, each carving out its own space in fans’ hearts and on charts.

Their journey has seen them conquer stages across Canada, including a memorable Winter Olympic National Tour which brought high-energy shows to thrilled audiences from coast to coast.

Sam Roberts himself, as the frontman and songwriter of the group, crafts lyrics that resonate and melodies that linger long after the last chord has been struck. The band’s dedication is evident in every guitar riff and drumbeat during their vibrant live performances—which are not just concerts but true musical experiences for those who attend.

Upcoming Sam Roberts Band Concerts

A packed concert venue with fans cheering and the Sam Roberts Band performing.

Dive into the electric atmosphere of live AltRock music as Sam Roberts Band hits the road, showcasing their signature Canadian rock sound across both national and international stages.

Fans will have the chance to experience the band’s raw energy and hit tracks up-close at a host of upcoming concerts that beckon to be marked on your calendar.

Canadian Shows

The Sam Roberts Band is hitting the road, bringing their energetic alt-rock performance to venues across Canada. Fans will have several opportunities to catch the band live during their much-anticipated tour.


  • The tour kicks off with a must-see event at HISTORY in Toronto on February 09, 2024. Arranged by Live Nation, this venue promises an intimate experience with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.
  • Audiences in Montreal can enjoy the band’s live music experience at the Théâtre Beanfield, known for its great acoustics and ambiance that complements Canadian artists.
  • A series of concerts are lined up following the Toronto show, allowing fans multiple chances to see the band perform at HISTORY. These additional events showcase the band’s commitment to their home country fans.
  • Canadian shows include stops in major cities and smaller towns, ensuring fans from all over can partake in a high-energy music show no matter where they are located.
  • Each Canadian concert will feature songs from the band’s latest album as well as classic hits that have defined their vibrant style within the alternative rock scene.

International Shows

Sam Roberts Band’s global popularity has them touring through four countries this year, showcasing their diverse music to fans around the world. As they hit international stages, here’s what concertgoers can expect when attending these crosscountry performances.


  • Fans will experience Sam Roberts Band live at the renowned Théâtre Beanfield in Montreal, QC. This venue is known for its fantastic acoustics and ambiance, promising an unforgettable show.
  • Toronto’s HISTORY will also play host to the band, reflecting their ability to draw crowds in major cities. This location is steeped in cultural significance and offers a vibrant setting for a rock concert.
  • The tour schedule includes dates across different continents, so followers from various regions can mark their calendars. Each stop is carefully selected to enhance fan access and enjoyment.
  • Concert venues have been chosen not only for their size but also for their character. Each location adds a unique touch to the band’s performance, making every show special.
  • Support acts are handpicked to complement Sam Roberts Band’s energy and music style. These opening performances are sure to excite and prepare the audience for the main event.
  • Ticket information is readily available online, with user-friendly platforms facilitating hassle-free purchases. Tickets can be acquired with just a few clicks or taps.
  • For those who prefer physical tickets or face-to-face interactions, box offices at venues are staffed with knowledgeable personnel.

Purchasing Sam Roberts Band Tickets

Securing your spot at a Sam Roberts Band concert has never been more straightforward, with multiple avenues open for procuring those coveted tickets. Whether you’re planning to join the chorus of fans online or prefer the tactile experience of visiting a box office, your journey to live alt-rock bliss starts with one decisive step toward ticket ownership.

Online Ticket Platforms

Getting your hands on Sam Roberts Band tickets is simpler than ever before with online ticket platforms. These platforms offer a seamless experience from browsing to purchasing the live music tickets you’ve been waiting for.


  • Explore Various Platforms: Start by visiting popular online ticket sales sites such as Ticketmaster or the band’s official website. Each site provides a secure and user-friendly interface to ensure an efficient ticket-buying process.
  • Check Availability Regularly: Monitor these websites for updates on ticket availability. New tickets can become available at any moment, especially if additional shows are announced or seats are released.
  • Take Advantage of Pre-Sales: Sign up for newsletters and fan clubs to receive pre-sale codes that grant early access to event tickets, giving you a better chance of securing the best seats.
  • Purchase Directly and Safely: Through official outlets like the Sam Roberts Band website, buy your tour ticket sales without fear of scams. These sources guarantee genuine tickets and smooth entry into concerts.
  • Compare Prices: Utilize online platforms to compare ticket prices across different sections of venues. You’ll find options ranging from front-row experiences to more affordable seating arrangements.
  • Easy Checkout Process: Once you select your seats, go through a straightforward checkout process. Online platforms often save your payment information for faster future purchases, making it convenient to buy presale tickets or get in on sales at the last minute.

Physical Box Offices

While many fans enjoy the convenience of online purchases, others prefer to get their Sam Roberts Band tickets directly from a physical box office. This option offers the tactile experience of leaving with tickets in hand and perhaps even picking out specific seats on a venue seating chart.

Head over to the venue before the event, and you can purchase your tickets using your debit or credit card.

Visitors to the box office will find staff ready to assist them with purchasing options for upcoming shows. Keep in mind that all ticket sales at these locations are done through card transactions only; cash is not accepted here.

If you decide to buy your tickets on the day of the concert, availability may vary, so arriving early is often best.

The excitement of live music events isn’t just about seeing the band perform. It also includes moments like walking up to a venue’s box office and securing your entry into an unforgettable night with Sam Roberts Band.

Be sure to check box office hours beforehand so that you can plan your visit accordingly!

Tour Dates & Venues for 2024 Concerts

The Sam Roberts Band takes their electric energy on the road in 2024, hitting venues across North America with a lineup of dates that promise unforgettable live experiences. Stay tuned for details on when they’ll be rocking a stage near you.

Montreal, QC Théâtre Beanfield

Mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, because Théâtre Beanfield in Montreal will set the stage for the electrifying performance of Sam Roberts Band. As part of their much-anticipated Adventures of Ben Blank Tour, fans will experience an unforgettable night at this renowned venue known for hosting a diverse array of local and international artists.

Obtain your tickets through trusted online platforms or directly from the theatre’s official website to secure your spot.

Situated in the vibrant Southwest borough, Théâtre Beanfield boasts an intimate setting that connects performers and audiences alike. With doors swinging open at 20:00, concertgoers are guaranteed ample time to settle into their seats within this prime space that perfectly captures the essence of live music events.

Prepare yourself for an immersive evening where epic sounds meet unparalleled atmosphere right in heart of Montreal!

History in Toronto, ON

The Sam Roberts Band is set to rock the iconic venue, History in Toronto, on February 9th, 2024. This spot has cemented itself as a go-to destination for fans seeking live music events in a historic setting.

Located at 1663 Queen Street East, it offers unparalleled ambiance for concertgoers looking to soak in the vibrancy of Toronto’s music scene.

Fans will find that History provides an intimate performance space with carefully mapped-out seating charts designed to optimize viewing experiences. Those eager for something extra can explore concert upgrades offered by the venue, ensuring every moment of the show is unforgettable.

The venue prides itself on bringing diverse acts to its stage and will continue this tradition throughout 2024 with scheduled performances from bands like Machine Head and Fear Factory, and Orbit Culture.

Toronto events boast some of the most enthusiastic crowds you’ll find anywhere, and concerts at History are no exception. Patrons visiting this beloved Toronto concert venue can immerse themselves fully into live music experiences that resonate long after the last note fades away.

Whether you’re there for Sam Roberts Band or another act on their packed concert schedule, History promises an evening full of electric energy against a backdrop steeped in local lore.

“The Adventures Of Ben Blank” Tour Details

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of “The Adventures Of Ben Blank” on October 20th can catch the Sam Roberts Band live as they hit the road for their latest North American tour. Kicking off in London, Ontario at the iconic London Music Hall, this tour promises to bring a new energy to stages across the continent.

Not only will audiences get a live taste of songs from the anticipated album, but they’ll also enjoy classic hits that have defined the band’s sound over the years.

As always with any Sam Roberts Band performance, concertgoers can expect an engaging music show filled with emotion and passion. With general admission tickets reasonably priced at just $25.00, fans won’t have to break the bank to experience this unforgettable event.

Those looking for something extra can opt for premier plus tickets at $40.00, ensuring an even more enhanced concert-going experience.

With ticket purchase now open and venues booking up fast, eager listeners should secure their spots quickly to witness The Adventures Of Ben Blank come alive on stage throughout 2024.

Get ready to immerse yourself in fresh tracks and timeless tunes; next up is a close look into what makes these concerts so unique under our following discussion – Special Features of Sam Roberts Band Concerts.

Special Features of Sam Roberts Band Concerts

Discover the unique elements that make a Sam Roberts Band concert an unmissable experience, from philanthropic partnerships to their electrifying stage presence, and delve deeper into what sets their shows apart.

PLUS1 Partnership: Supporting War Child

Going to a Sam Roberts Band concert doesn’t just mean an unforgettable night of music; it’s also your chance to make a real difference. Each ticket sold includes a one-dollar donation, seamlessly integrated into your purchase, going straight to War Child.

This partnership between the band and PLUS1 means fans bring more than just cheers—they bring hope and support to children in war-affected communities.

Knowing that with every strum of the guitar and beat of the drum, you’re helping War Child champion human rights and rebuild young lives will amplify your experience. As Sam Roberts Band lights up the stage, their commitment to philanthropy shines equally bright, setting an example for community empowerment through concert fundraising.

The harmonies reach beyond melody—each song becomes an anthem for humanitarian aid fueling change across borders where it’s needed most.

The Band’s Performance Style

Stepping into a Sam Roberts Band concert, fans are immediately swept up by the high-energy atmosphere. The stage comes alive with vibrant performances that showcase their signature alt-rock sound infused with power-pop vitality.

Pounding guitar rhythms and catchy hooks keep audiences on their feet, while frontman Sam Roberts captivates with his dynamic stage presence.

Each song delivers meaningful messages, carried through melodies that resonate long after the last note has faded. From the heartfelt ballads to spirited anthems, the band’s commitment to authentic music shines through in every chord and chorus.

Their concerts aren’t just events; they’re experiences where powerful tunes meet electric live execution.

As lights dim between encores and cheers fill the venue, prepare for more than just an encore; anticipate a sensory journey as “The Adventures Of Ben Blank” tour continues to unfold before your eyes.

Similar Artists and Ticket Options

Explore the realm of AltRock music and broaden your concert-going experiences by discovering artists who share the Sam Roberts Band’s dynamic energy, providing you with a variety of ticket options for shows that resonate with your musical taste.

Sam Roberts Band and Sammy Hagar: A Comparison

Fans of rock music may find themselves drawn to both Sam Roberts Band and Sammy Hagar, but it’s worth diving into the particulars of each to appreciate their unique offerings in the music world. Their tours are much-anticipated events, with Sam Roberts Band having a solid schedule of live performances and tickets available through platforms like Meanwhile, Sammy Hagar is set to captivate audiences with his 2024 VH tribute tour, where he’ll honor his musical journey and collaborative ventures. The table below presents a side-by-side comparison for music lovers interested in both acts.


Aspect Sam Roberts Band Sammy Hagar
Music Genre Rock, Alternative Rock Rock, Hard Rock
Live Performance Dynamic stage presence with a mix of classic hits and new tracks High-energy shows featuring career-spanning hits and tributes
Ticket Availability Accessible and other platforms Available for upcoming VH tribute tour across various vendors
Fan Base Dedicated followers attracted to the band’s storytelling lyrics and memorable melodies Loyal fans drawn to Hagar’s legacy with Van Halen and his solo career anthems
Upcoming Tours Ongoing concerts with international and Canadian dates 2024 VH tribute tour showcasing his musical career
Notable Collaborations Often collaborates with Canadian artists, contributing to a unique sound Known for collaborations across the rock music industry, adding depth to his performances

Both Sam Roberts Band and Sammy Hagar have carved their distinct paths in rock music, building strong connections with their fans and delivering unforgettable live music experiences. Their concerts are more than just events; they’re celebrations of rock that bring people together through powerful performances and shared memories.

Fan Reviews of Sam Roberts Band Concerts

Discover what concertgoers are saying about their experiences at Sam Roberts Band shows, where the feedback ranges from exuberant praise to thoughtful suggestions for future performances.

These firsthand accounts provide a glimpse into the atmosphere and excitement of being part of the audience as Sam Roberts and his band bring their music to life on stage.

Positive Reviews

Sam Roberts Band consistently wows fans with their dynamic live shows. The group’s energy on stage has led to an outpouring of positive feedback from concertgoers.


  • Concert attendees regularly highlight the electrifying atmosphere at Sam Roberts Band performances.
  • Reviewers often comment on how the band’s soulful music and melodic tunes deeply resonate with the audience.
  • A memorable homecoming performance in Montreal received special acclaim for its electric energy and connection with the crowd.
  • Fans praise the band’s ability to maintain a high level of excitement throughout their shows, ensuring an engaging experience for everyone present.
  • Many have noted that Sam Roberts Band concerts offer more than just music; they provide a lively event where every song is a celebration.
  • Positive reviews frequently mention the eclectic setlists that cater to long – time followers as well as new fans, showcasing nationwide popularity.
  • Descriptions of the band’s interactions with their audience indicate a genuine rapport that enhances the overall concert experience.
  • Reflecting on past shows, fans share stories about how the energetic performances stay with them long after the last note is played.
  • The consistent quality of live shows across various venues solidifies Sam Roberts Band’s status as a formidable live act in Canada’s music scene.

Constructive Criticism

While countless fans leave Sam Roberts Band concerts with high praise, there’s always room for growth based on audience feedback. Concert-goers and critics alike have offered constructive criticism that could help enhance future live shows.


  • Encores steal the show: Multiple reviews suggest that concerts often reach a peak during the encore. Incorporating that energy throughout the entire performance could raise the overall excitement and satisfaction.
  • Seeking consistency in stage presence: Fans have voiced that while some performances are electrifying, others can fall flat. A more consistent stage presence might keep the audience engaged from start to finish.
  • Exploring dynamic interactions: Engaging more with the audience can transform a good show into an unforgettable experience. Interaction encourages a two-way connection between the band and concert attendees.
  • Polish transitions between songs: Smooth transitions maintain momentum and keep spirits high. Working on seamless song changes can prevent any lulls in the performance.
  • Adjusting sound levels: Ensuring every instrument is properly balanced allows each musician to shine without overwhelming others—a key factor pointed out by seasoned reviewers for an optimal audio experience.
  • Expanding setlists variety: Introducing surprise elements or rare tracks may intrigue long-time followers and make each concert unique, as suggested by some loyal fans.
  • Addressing visual aspects: While music is at the forefront, enhancing lighting and visuals can add an extra layer of entertainment appreciated by audiences seeking a full sensory spectacle.
  • Acknowledging critiques openly: Recognizing feedback in a positive way shows that the band values their fans’ opinions, paving the way for continuous improvement in their artistry.

Other Acts Fans of Sam Roberts Band Follow

Devotees of the Sam Roberts Band often gravitate towards a diverse array of musical talents, leading them to explore and embrace artists whose sounds resonate with the same vibrant energy and Canadian spirit.

This eclectic mix not only enriches their playlists but also reflects a shared appreciation for quality music that transcends genres and borders.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks aren’t just about scoring goals and defending their net; they’ve also carved a niche in the heart of music lovers, especially Sam Roberts Band fans. Their participation in Kevin Bieksa’s hockey charity event showcased a harmonious blend of the NHL experience with charitable causes, further strengthening bonds within the Vancouver sports community.

This collaboration highlights how sports teams can play an influential role beyond the rink, engaging fans who share similar passions for both athletic and musical experiences.

Next up is City and Colour, another Canadian icon that often resonates with the same crowd who cheers on both Sam Roberts Band tunes and Canucks breakaways.

City and Colour

City and Colour offers a distinct experience for those who enjoy the folksy undertones of Sam Roberts Band. Dive into the tender ballads and heartfelt lyrics that fans cherish at every City and Colour concert.

This artist brings an indie vibe to live performances, captivating audiences with intimate storytelling through music.

Dallas Green, the voice behind City and Colour, creates soul-stirring melodies that resonate well with fans looking for depth in their music festival experiences. His tours often overlap with alternative rock events where Sam Roberts Band plays, creating perfect occasions for fans to indulge in both acts’ unique sounds.

Concert-goers can expect a lineup of profound songs that blend seamlessly with the energetic atmosphere of a festival or tour stop.

Secure your spot at upcoming shows to immerse yourself in City and Colour’s rich acoustics. Not only does attending these concerts promise memorable moments but also supports a shared fanbase between two remarkable Canadian artists on the alternative rock scene.

Fans gather not just for the tunes but also because each performance feels like a close-knit community event, echoing familiar rhythms found in Sam Roberts Band’s portfolio yet standing strong as an independent force within indie music circles.


Fans of Sam Roberts Band often find themselves at Arkells concerts, swaying to the anthemic melodies of this renowned Canadian rock group. Sharing a similar music genre, these two bands have hit the road together, showcasing their alternative rock sounds across stages and winning over audiences far and wide.

The Arkells bring a distinct energy to each live performance, creating experiences that resonate with their diverse fanbase. From energetic youngsters to seasoned concert-goers, fans appreciate how the band’s Canadian pride shines through in every song.

The Arkells have made waves in the music industry by signing with notable record labels like Dine Alone Records and later Universal Records. This has catapulted them into a spotlight previously held by veteran acts such as Metric and The Tragically Hip – bands they’ve proudly toured alongside.

Purchasing concert tickets for an Arkells show promises not just a night filled with popular music hits but also supports vibrant support acts that add richness to every venue they play.

Eager listeners can easily track down venue information and tour dates for upcoming Arkells concerts online. Their shows are known not just for magnetic performances but also for connecting fans across generations through their universally appealing soundtracks.

Whether headlining or supporting fellow musicians like Sam Roberts Band, they consistently deliver unforgettable moments onstage – further cementing their status as icons of modern Canadian rock.

FAQs about Sam Roberts Band Tickets

Delve into our comprehensive FAQ section for clear answers on Sam Roberts Band tickets, addressing everything from policies to pricing, ensuring you’re primed for a seamless concert experience.

Resale Policies

If you’ve snagged tickets to a Sam Roberts Band concert and find yourself unable to go, it’s important to understand the rules around ticket resale. Official policies state that selling your tickets for these events is not allowed.

Should you try to exchange them for compensation, be aware that they will become void, meaning no entry for the buyer and lost value for you.

Be mindful of how reselling concert tickets could negatively impact the Promotion Entities associated with the band’s concerts. Actions that bring disrepute upon them aren’t just frowned upon; they’re against regulations.

It’s crucial to respect these guidelines if you wish to avoid any legal or financial repercussions related to prohibited ticket resale activities.

Price Ranges

While understanding the resale policies is crucial, it’s also important to know what you might expect to pay for Sam Roberts Band tickets. Fans should be prepared for a range of prices, which typically start around $30.00 and can go up to $75.75 for “The Adventures Of Ben Blank” Tour events.

These admission fees reflect the popularity of the band and the varied experiences offered at different concerts.

Prices are influenced by several factors including venue location and seating arrangements. A seat closer to the stage will usually cost more than one farther back due to better views and sound quality.

Keep in mind, these ticket costs often include extra charges such as taxes or service surcharges that venues add on top of the base price.

When considering your budget, take into account that some tickets may appear with a higher resale value than their original face value, especially if they’re purchased through secondary markets after selling out at official box offices.

Be sure to factor in these potential additional expenses when planning your concert experience so that you can fully enjoy seeing Sam Roberts Band live without any surprise fees hampering your enjoyment of the event.

Cancellation Issues

Having a Sam Roberts Band concert canceled is disappointing for any fan. Unfortunately, if you’ve purchased tickets for their Canadian Fall Tour in 2021, it’s crucial to know that the band won’t provide refunds or exchanges.

This policy stands firm despite any hopes for a ticket exchange or refund due to tour cancellation. Understanding this can help manage expectations ahead of purchasing tickets for future events.

The situation also has implications for live performances scheduled in the upcoming 2024-25 season. After the event cancellation, fans should keep an eye on official announcements regarding rescheduled tour dates.

Ticket fees already paid will not be reimbursed as part of the concert cancellation policy; this includes any cancellation fee originally charged with your ticket purchase.

For those planning to attend future concerts, staying informed about these policies is essential. Make sure to read up on the refund policy before buying tickets so you’re aware of where you stand if another unexpected tour cancellation happens.

This proactive approach ensures you are not caught off guard by similar issues down the line and can enjoy Sam Roberts Band’s performances stress-free.


Get ready for an unforgettable live music experience with Sam Roberts Band. Grab your tickets and join the energetic crowds as this renowned Canadian rock band hits the stage. Feel the electric atmosphere at venues across Canada and beyond, where every concert promises to be a highlight of your year.

Don’t wait too long; secure your spot now and get set for a night packed with alt-rock anthems and stellar performances!

If you’re intrigued by the energetic performances of Sam Roberts Band, you might also enjoy the dynamic shows of Sammy Hagar—grab your tickets here for his next concert!


1. Where can I buy tickets for a Sam Roberts Band concert?

Purchase Sam Roberts Band tickets online through official ticketing platforms or at the venue’s box office.

2. How much do Sam Roberts Band concert tickets typically cost?

Ticket prices vary based on factors like seating location and venue, so check current listings for the most accurate pricing.

3. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

Most ticket sellers offer refunds for canceled events, but always verify the refund policy when purchasing your tickets.

4. Are there VIP packages available for Sam Roberts Band concerts?

Select concerts may offer VIP packages that include perks like premium seating and exclusive merchandise.

5. When should I buy my Sam Roberts Band tickets to get the best seats?

For optimal seat selection, it’s advisable to purchase your tickets shortly after they go on sale.