Skid Row Tickets

Securing tickets to a Skid Row concert is akin to unlocking the door to a high-octane time machine, transporting rock enthusiasts back to the gritty heyday of heavy metal and hard rock.

As an expert in live music experiences with years dedicated to following the ebb and flow of rock tour dynamics, I recognize that access to this iconic band’s performances isn’t just about buying a pass—it’s an entry into music history.

Skid Row continues its legacy on the stage, stirring excitement with their “The Gang’s All Here” North American tour—a much-anticipated event for fans known as the “Skid Row Faithful.” Stay tuned as we delve into where you can snag those sought-after concert passes.

Get ready; your next legendary rock experience awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Skid Row’s “The Gang’s All Here” tour includes stops at venues like Revolution Concert House & Event Center in Idaho and Suquamish Clearwater Casino Event Center in Washington, with tickets ranging from $37.50 to $75.
  • Fans can buy tickets for Skid Row concerts through online ticket platforms such as, comparing prices on websites like Stereoboard or securing deals for combined shows on Undercover Tourist.
  • Aside from online sources, direct purchases from the venue or official band website offer a reliable way to get tickets, sometimes with VIP package options including meet-and-greets.
  • Resale markets are an alternative when venues sell out, but fans should be cautious and use reputable sites like for secure transactions.
  • The River Cree Resort & Casino is hosting Skid Row along with Buckcherry on March 7, 2024, offering a range of ticket prices and a rescheduled date opportunity after an original show postponement.

Overview of Skid Row

Homeless individuals seeking assistance at local outreach center.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row represents a stark urban reality defined by its large concentration of unhoused individuals and pervasive poverty. This 54-block area has become an unsettling symbol of the complex social issues facing modern cities—issues such as lack of affordable housing, mental health challenges, and insufficient social services support.

The humanitarian aid efforts within this section of the city work tirelessly to address public health concerns and provide some semblance of stability for those affected.

Despite its notoriety, Skid Row embodies more than just statistics; it’s home to a community that faces daily struggles against the backdrop of their environment. Support from various organizations aims to offer pathways out of homelessness for residents, yet significant challenges remain in creating lasting change in this urban enclave.

As we transition from understanding the plight faced by many within Skid Row’s confines, let us now delve into exhilarating musical escapes provided by bands like Skid Row—the iconic rock group whose tickets are highly sought after—and explore what upcoming concerts fans can look forward to attending.

Upcoming Skid Row Concerts

An empty concert stage with instruments and equipment set up.

Get ready to rock as Skid Row gears up for a series of electrifying live performances. Their tour is set to bring down the house at renowned venues where fans will witness the band’s raw energy and iconic sound firsthand.

Revolution Concert House & Event Center | Garden City, ID

The Revolution Concert House & Event Center stands as a beacon of live music and thrilling performances in Garden City, Idaho. Fans eagerly await as Skid Row gears up to set the stage on fire with their electrifying rock anthems on February 27, 2024.

This renowned concert hall has established itself as a prime destination for those seeking heart-pounding rock concerts and memorable nights out.

Grab your chance to witness the legendary rock band Skid Row deliver an unforgettable performance at this top-tier venue. Ticket prices are accessible starting at $37.50, offering fans the opportunity to experience raw energy and iconic hits without breaking the bank.

Nestled at 4983 Glenwood St, the Revolution Concert House & Event Center is conveniently located for Idaho’s rock enthusiasts gearing up for an evening of relentless riffs and powerful vocals that promise to resonate throughout Garden City.

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Event Center | Suquamish, WA

Get ready to rock out at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Event Center with none other than Skid Row and Buckcherry! This electric concert venue brings you a night of unforgettable live performances packed with energy.

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2024, because that’s when these iconic rock bands take the stage. With doors swinging open at 6 PM and the show kicking off at 7:30 PM, you’re in for an exhilarating music event.

Tickets are already on sale for this must-see stop on the Gang’s All Here Tour. Grab your general admission pass for $75 and secure your spot for a night where classic riffs and raw vocals promise to keep you on your feet.

Dive into a high-octane entertainment experience as Skid Row delivers their explosive hits followed by Buckcherry’s powerhouse performance right in Suquamish, WA. Don’t miss this epic tour schedule highlight; it’s more than just a concert—it’s an event that will have you talking long after the final encore!

Great Canadian Casino Vancouver | Coquitlam, BC

Prepare to rock out with Skid Row, Buckcherry, and Sierra Pilot at the “The Gang’s All Here Tour” happening on March 3, 2024. The Great Canadian Casino Vancouver in Coquitlam provides an electric atmosphere perfect for live music enthusiasts looking to experience a powerful performance.

With its reputation for hosting top-tier concerts, this event promises to deliver high-energy entertainment.

Tickets are now up for grabs if you want to join concertgoers aged 19 and over at one of the most anticipated music events of the year. Secure your spot and be a part of the roaring crowd as these legendary rock bands take the stage in what is shaping up to be a standout tour date.

Remember that spaces fill fast—the thrill of live performances by iconic bands awaits you at this premier venue!

Commodore Ballroom | Vancouver, BC

Get ready to rock at the Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver’s premier spot for live music! This historic venue has seen countless legendary performances and now gears up to welcome Skid Row, with Buckcherry heating up the stage as special guests.

Don’t miss Sierra Pilot kick-starting the night with a bang. Keep an eye out for ticket availability, these are nights you’ll want to mark on your calendar.

For convenience and security, this iconic concert hall has gone cashless; bringing your major credit card, debit card or setting up mobile payment is essential. Whether it’s for Skid Row or other scheduled artists like Barney Bentall on March 30th, purchasing tickets online is quick and easy.

Remember that show times can vary; staying in touch with the Commodore Ballroom ensures you’re always right on schedule.

Next time your playlist features ’18 and Life’ or ‘I Remember You’, think about experiencing those tracks live. Check out our next section to discover even more concerts that will keep you singing along all year long!

River Cree Resort & Casino | Enoch, AB

From the buzz of Vancouver’s live music scene at the Commodore Ballroom, fans can get ready for an equally thrilling experience as Skid Row rolls into Enoch, AB. The River Cree Resort & Casino gears up to welcome the iconic rock band along with Buckcherry in a night that promises electrifying performances and raw energy.

Mark your calendars: March 7, 2024 is when these legends take the stage at The Venue at River Cree.

Tickets are now on sale for this hotly anticipated concert, offering a range from CA $47.25 to CA $94.50 to catch your favorite songs live. Note that if you had plans for their original show date on October 12, 2023, your wait just got extended as the concert has been rescheduled.

But worry not – this gives you more time to prepare for a night where memories will be made among fellow rock enthusiasts.

The River Cree Resort isn’t just about casino excitement; it’s also known as one of Alberta’s prime locations for top-tier entertainment and music events. This resort offers an intimate yet vibrant setting perfect for experiencing live performances by bands like Skid Row and Buckcherry.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening where powerful vocals blend with shredding guitars, all within the comfortable confines of one of Enoch’s premier concert venues.

Skid Row’s Past Concerts

Skid Row’s journey through music has left a trail of unforgettable live performances. Their concert tours span decades, showcasing their evolution as a band and musicianship.

  • Skid Row’s tour history is packed with high – energy shows that have attracted massive crowds globally.
  • Health issues have occasionally disrupted their plans, leading to concert cancellations but the band always aimed for quick rescheduling to keep fans rocking.
  • Despite facing hurdles like being barred from venues such as Wembley Stadium, they’ve maintained a strong presence in the world of rock.
  • Sebastian Bach, the band’s iconic lead singer, pushes to inject thrash rock power into every show they perform.
  • A health scare for Sebastian Bach resulted in a canceled performance in Penticton, reminding fans that even rock stars need to take care of themselves.
  • Fans can dive into Skid Row’s past by looking at setlists, videos, and photos online that capture the electric atmosphere of their live shows.
  • For those eager to experience the adrenaline rush of Skid Row concerts live, ticket information and details on upcoming shows are readily available on official platforms.

How to Purchase Skid Row Tickets

Discover the array of options available for securing your Skid Row concert tickets and prepare to immerse yourself in their electrifying live performances.–A5XD1A

Online Ticket Platforms

Buying Skid Row tickets is simple and convenient thanks to online ticket platforms. Fans can visit, the official site for purchasing event tickets, where they’ll find a range of options tailored to their needs.

Whether looking for seats close to the stage or more affordable choices, users can quickly navigate through the website’s interface.

Ticket comparison websites like Stereoboard add an extra layer of convenience by allowing you to compare prices across different vendors at a glance. This ensures fans get the best deal on live music ticket purchases without spending hours researching.

Alongside these options, Undercover Tourist offers sales for combined shows like Skid Row and Buckcherry concerts, providing unique deals that cater specifically to rock enthusiasts.

After securing your Skid Row concert passes through one of these reliable online marketplaces, consider checking out other exciting events in similar genres that might pique your interest.

Direct from Venue

To get your hands on Skid Row tickets, consider going straight to the source. Check out the band’s official website for the most current music updates and concert details. If you’re aiming for an exclusive experience, take a look at their VIP packages that often come with perks like meet-and-greets or premium seating.

For those just looking to rock out in general admission, these options are readily available too.

Securing tickets directly from the venue ensures authenticity and often provides comprehensive information about tour dates and support acts. Dive into reviews from past concerts to gauge what your experience might be like.

You’ll find all this vital info alongside specific venue details which can help you plan an unforgettable night of headbanging nostalgia.

Looking beyond ticket purchases, let’s explore other concerts that resonate with Skid Row fans’ musical tastes.

Resale Options

Even though buying directly from the venue is a popular choice, many fans turn to resale options for greater flexibility. Resale tickets for Skid Row events can be found on various platforms where prices reflect current demand, often exceeding the original face value.

This secondary market provides a chance to snag tickets even when traditional outlets are sold out.

Fans should exercise caution and use reputable ticket resale markets to ensure a safe purchase. Official sites like stand as reliable sources for buying resold concert tickets, guaranteeing your entry into an unforgettable Skid Row performance.

Always compare ticket availability and prices across different platforms to secure deals that best fit your budget and preferences.

Other Concerts Similar to Skid Row Fans May Enjoy

Skid Row fans love the raw energy of rock concerts and the powerful performances of heavy metal bands. Here’s a lineup of upcoming shows that will resonate with Skid Row enthusiasts looking for high-voltage live music experiences.

  • Guns N’ Roses: Experience the iconic riffs and legendary stage presence of a band that shares Skid Row’s unbridled spirit of rock.
  • Metallica: Dive into an epic evening with thrash metal pioneers known for their intense, electrifying concerts.
  • Duran Duran: Enjoy the new wave flair with a classic ’80s vibe that complements Skid Row’s own era-defining sound.
  • Avenged Sevenfold: Immerse yourself in hard-hitting melodies and intricate guitar work from one of today’s top heavy metal acts.
  • Godsmack: Get ready for heavy riffs and dark, moody lyrics that will match the intensity you love at Skid Row shows.
  • Pantera: Feel the raw power and aggressive sound that echoes the uncompromising style fans admire in Skid Row.
  • Quiet Riot: Join fellow rockers to relive anthemic hits that epitomize the larger-than-life feel of ’80s hard rock.
  • Toto: Mix it up with some classic cuts from these seasoned rockers whose melodic tunes stand the test of time just like Skid Row’s biggest hits.
  • Buckcherry: Check out a band whose gritty, straightforward style captures that same rebellious vibe you find at a Skid Row concert.

Skid Row’s Popular Tracks

Dive into the anthems that catapulted Skid Row to stardom, songs that capture the raw energy and emotion of a generation. These iconic tunes not only define their live performances but also stand as milestones in rock history; explore what makes them unforgettable to fans around the world.

18 and Life

“18 and Life” grips listeners with its tragic tale of Ricky, a young man whose life takes a dramatic turn due to a moment’s mistake involving gun violence. This heavy metal anthem by Skid Row paints a vivid picture of how quickly fate can change, capturing the raw emotive energy that fans expect from rock music.

With powerful song lyrics and gripping guitar solos, it stands as an enduring classic from their debut album.

Fans show their deep connection to this song through countless online searches exploring its poignant story and searching for deeper understanding of its meaning. The enthusiasm spills over into creativity as well, with Skid Row encouraging their followers to participate in an “18 And Life” cover song challenge.

This has sparked fan submissions from around the world as they put their own spin on the iconic track.

Embracing this legacy, “I Remember You” is another chart-topper that showcases Skid Row’s knack for storytelling through music. Moving on to this next popular track allows fans to continue exploring the band’s rich discography filled with tales of youth, rebellion, and heartbreak—all set against the backdrop of hard-hitting rock melodies.

I Remember You

Feel the power of a classic Skid Row ballad as “I Remember You” fills the air at their live concerts. This iconic track, co-written by bassist Rachel Bolan, captures the essence of yearning and undying love with every chord.

It’s not just a song; it’s an emotional journey that has stood the test of time, maintaining its popularity and significance in heavy metal history.

Get swept away in memories fueled by this poignant anthem during their electrifying performances. Fans look forward to experiencing the raw emotion and craftsmanship that went into making “I Remember You” a cornerstone in Skid Row’s musical legacy.

Don’t miss your chance to belt out this unforgettable tune alongside other die-hard fans!

Youth Gone Wild

Shifting gears from the nostalgic melodies of “I Remember You,” we hit the throttle with Skid Row’s high-octane anthem, “Youth Gone Wild.” Energized by youthful rebellion and a hunger for authenticity, this track became an instant classic.

It’s more than just rock music; it’s a heavy metal battle cry for those ready to embrace being wild and free. The song rails against conformity, inspiring teenagers and adults alike to stay true to themselves.

Pumped with the raw power of coming of age angst, “Youth Gone Wild” struck a chord across airwaves and in hearts when it debuted as Skid Row’s first single back in January 1989.

Rachel Bolan and Dave Sabo crafted this number into not just words set to music but a livelihood that resonates profoundly within the rock band community—a true testament to living out loud.

Every time fans blast this track through their speakers or scream along at concerts, they’re rekindling that untamed spirit that defines rock n’ roll rebellion at its finest.

In a Darkened Room

Continuing the journey through Skid Row’s powerful discography, “In a Darkened Room” stands out as a profound testament to their musical depth. Known for its stirring guitar melodies and rich vocal performance, this track dives deep into themes of inner turmoil and emotional struggle.

Released on their groundbreaking album “Slave to the Grind,” this song remains one of Skid Row’s most meaningful pieces.

Listeners are often moved by the song’s raw emotion and intense lyrics that paint vivid pictures of personal darkness. It’s these qualities that cement “In a Darkened Room” as more than just another rock track; it’s an escape into the parts of ourselves we rarely expose.

While fans have speculated about what inspired such powerfully dark words, there is no denying that Skid Row has mastered the art of turning pain into something beautifully relatable.

The poignant resonance of “In a Darkened Room” continues to attract new listeners while reminding long-time fans why they fell in love with Skid Row in the first place. It reflects not only an era but also speaks timelessly about human experiences, proving once again how music can be a compelling force in addressing life’s complex emotions.

Wasted Time

Wasted Time stands out as one of Skid Row’s most impactful tracks, diving deep into the harsh realities of drug addiction. Released as a single from their hit album “Slave to the Grind,” this song captures the emotional turmoil and consequences faced by those who watch loved ones struggle with substance abuse.

It strikes a chord with listeners, shedding light on personal battles and the pain of seeing wasted potential.

Through powerful lyrics and raw emotion, Wasted Time conveys a message about how drugs can lead to lost opportunities and connections. Fans appreciate Skid Row for not shying away from tough topics like addiction and its devastating effects.

The track serves not just as entertainment but also as a candid commentary on substance misuse issues prevalent in society.

The resonance of Wasted Time proves that music can be more than just melodies; it’s often an expression of deeper societal concerns. Skid Row uses their platform to draw attention to serious matters, offering both compelling music and thoughtful insight into struggles many face in silence.

This blend of rock soundscapes with meaningful content is what keeps fans captivated decades after the song first aired.

Skid Row Fan Reviews

Skid Row fan reviews come straight from the hearts of their dedicated supporters. Concert attendees rave about the band’s energetic stage presence, often sharing their excitement on social media after shows.

Reviews frequently highlight how Skid Row concerts are not just about hearing classic hits but experiencing a high-octane live show that leaves fans buzzing for days. Loyal followers describe lead singer Sebastian Bach’s vocal prowess and the way each guitar solo revs up the crowd, emphasizing an unforgettable experience.

Music enthusiasts who have followed Skid Row since their rise to fame in the late ’80s continue to support them at every tour stop. These long-time fans appreciate how the band keeps delivering impactful performances that resonate with audiences across generations.

Newer fans also contribute to reviews, expressing surprise at how songs like “18 and Life” and “Youth Gone Wild” take on a whole new life when played live. Fans emphasize this connection, illustrating Skid Row’s wide-reaching influence from seasoned rock veterans down to teenage rebels discovering rebel anthems for the first time.

Concertgoers often leave reviews mentioning more than just what happens on stage; they talk about enjoying mingling with other like-minded music lovers before and after concerts too.

It illustrates that for many, a Skid Row show is as much about community and shared love for hair metal classics as it is about witnessing legendary musicians do what they do best – rock out live!

Other Artists Skid Row Fans May Like

Discover other high-energy bands that resonate with Skid Row’s signature sound and learn how their music also captures the essence of rock’s rebellious spirit.

Avenged Sevenfold

Fans of Skid Row who crave explosive heavy metal music with a modern twist might find themselves headbanging to Avenged Sevenfold’s tracks. Like Skid Row, Avenged Sevenfold delivers an adrenaline rush with their guitar riffs and rock anthems that have made waves in the live performance scene.

Their dedication to the craft is evident as they recorded an album on just a $2,000 budget, cementing their reputation for raw talent and drive.

Avenged Sevenfold has also been recognized within the music community for their impact on hard rock and heavy metal, reigning at Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards. They share glam metal roots with Skid Row, featuring pop-influenced hooks and power ballads that resonate across generations of music enthusiasts.

The band’s collaboration with artists like Falling in Reverse indicates a versatility that intrigues fans and sparks discussions among concert-goers.

Their commitment to innovation can be seen through frontman M. Shadows’ promotion of fellow musicians, advocating reasons why fans should pay attention to emerging talents like Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse.

This sense of camaraderie within the genre adds another layer of excitement for those looking forward to experiencing all that these bands offer live. Transitioning smoothly into other musical preferences, let’s consider Godsmack as yet another favorite amongst rock aficionados seeking depth beyond what’s conventional.


If you love the heavy riffs and powerful vocals that Skid Row brings to the stage, Godsmack will likely strike a chord with you too. Both bands are giants in the hard rock music scene, delivering heart-pounding performances that keep rock fans on their feet.

Godsmack channels an aggressive style with anthemic hooks that echo elements of Skid Row’s raw energy.

Eddie Trunk, a renowned radio personality deeply embedded in the rock music industry, has ties to both bands. His influence ensures that groups like Godsmack continue to get airtime on radio shows dedicated to rock and heavy metal genres.

This connection underlines the band’s stature among top-tier rock musicians and validates their appeal at major music festivals alongside other genre titans.

Attendees of Skid Row concerts might find themselves enamored by Godsmack’s approach to modernizing classic hard-rock soundscapes. The band knows how to captivate audiences with their dynamic live shows—if it’s high-octane entertainment you’re after, catching a Godsmack concert could be your next great musical experience.


Pantera storms into the rock and heavy metal scene with a history tightly intertwined with Skid Row. Fans of blistering guitar riffs and pounding rhythms will find themselves at home in Pantera’s sound, which echoes an era when these genres reigned supreme.

They’ve not only shared stages but also celebrated each other’s music, adding their own explosive energy to classics like “Cowboys From Hell.” Pantera’s influence on rock culture stands as tall as Skid Row’s, having sculpted the contours of the genre with their groundbreaking approach.

Catchy hooks and aggressive sounds mark the legacy of both bands, leaving fans electrified long after concerts end. Having toured together previously and often mentioned in the same breath by enthusiasts who crave that raw edge to music, Pantera represents a chapter in rock history that any Skid Row fan would appreciate exploring further.

Despite controversies such as those involving Phil Anselmo which have caused bumps along their journey, they remain icons in shaping what has become known today as a vibrant metal music community.

Quiet Riot

Get ready to rock with Quiet Riot, a name that echoes the grand days of glam metal. Their live concerts are legendary, allowing fans to soak in the raw energy of Rock music. They continue touring, setting stages alight with their timeless hits and electric performances.

As part of the electrifying “Live To Rock Tour” including Skid Row and Warrant, Quiet Riot is bringing back an era filled with powerful vocals and epic guitar solos. Together, they’re reigniting ’80s and ’90s nostalgia at various venues where crowds gather for an unforgettable throwback experience.

Don’t miss your chance to see these icons perform – it’s a journey through some of the most celebrated times in Rock history!


Toto stands out among the rock legends that Skid Row fans gravitate towards, with a musical flair that resonates across both groups. Their classic hits have earned them a place in the hearts of many and continue to attract audiences eager for timeless rock tunes.

The shared interests between Toto enthusiasts and Skid Row supporters create an ideal bridge for exploring music that echoes with familiar vibes yet adds a different flavor to their playlists.

The band’s knack for producing anthems has contributed significantly to the sense of community within rock music circles. Fans often look forward to enjoying live performances where they can share these experiences with like-minded individuals.

With Toto’s presence on lineups or as part of cross-promotional events, Skid Row followers might find themselves swept up in new waves of concert excitement, expanding their horizons while staying true to the roots of their rock predilections.

Engaging with Toto’s music introduces Skid Row admirers to a wider spectrum within the genre, reinforcing the interconnectedness that defines today’s vibrant rock scene. Opportunities are ripe for connections through collaboration efforts in the industry, highlighting not only diversity but also unity among those who celebrate rock culture through every chord and chorus.

Skid Row Concert Tour Dates for 2024

The Skid Row Concert Tour for 2024 promises a thrilling lineup of live performances across various locations. Fans eager to catch the band live can refer to the detailed schedule below. Each show offers a chance to experience the raw energy of Skid Row’s music in person.

DateCityVenueSpecial Notes
March 1, 2024Garden City, IDRevolution Concert House & Event CenterOpening Tour Date
March 4, 2024Suquamish, WASuquamish Clearwater Casino Event Center
March 7, 2024Coquitlam, BCGreat Canadian Casino Vancouver
March 9, 2024Vancouver, BCCommodore Ballroom
March 12, 2024Enoch, ABRiver Cree Resort & CasinoRescheduled Date

This table serves as a quick reference for fans to plan their attendance. Remember to check venue-specific details and purchase tickets in advance to secure your place at these not-to-be-missed shows.

Privacy and Data Management for Skid Row Ticket Purchases

Purchasing tickets for a Skid Row concert means you’ll likely share some personal details, like your name and email address. Platforms like Ticketmaster handle these transactions, implementing strict privacy policies to protect your information.

They use secure systems to make sure that your credit card numbers and contact info stay safe from unauthorized access. Keep in mind that if you opt for VIP packages or special offers, you might be asked to provide additional info.

Selling tickets on the resale market also touches on privacy concerns. Sellers need to manage buyers’ data carefully, ensuring confidentiality every step of the way. They must comply with privacy laws, which means handling personal data responsibly during ticket transactions.

Whether buying from official sites or through a resale process, check how they will use your data and what security measures they have in place to keep it protected.


Secure your spot at an electrifying Skid Row concert today and join the ranks of the Skid Row Faithful cheering from the front row. Feel the rush of live music as you experience timeless hits and new anthems alike.

Grab those tickets, immerse yourself in the raw energy of rock, and make memories that will echo long after the final encore. Don’t wait – these shows promise to be legendary!

For fans looking for another unique rock experience, be sure to check out Sleep Token tickets as well.


1. Where can I buy Skid Row concert tickets?

Purchase Skid Row concert tickets online through official ticketing platforms or at the venue’s box office.

2. How much do Skid Row tickets typically cost?

Skid Row ticket prices vary based on the concert location, seating selection, and availability but generally start at a reasonable rate.

3. Can I get a refund if the Skid Row concert is canceled?

If a Skid Row concert is canceled, refunds are usually available through the original point of purchase following their policies.

4. Are there VIP packages available for Skid Row concerts?

VIP packages for an enhanced experience at select Skid Row concerts may be offered and include perks like meet-and-greets.

5. What should I bring to a Skid Row concert?

Bring your ticket, a valid ID, and personal items allowed by the venue’s policy to enjoy the energetic performance of Skid Row.