Sleep Token Tickets

Attending a live concert can be electrifying, but securing tickets to see an enigmatic band like Sleep Token has its own set of challenges. As experts in the music event industry, we understand the pain points of fans who face inflated prices and ticket availability concerns.

With a background in navigating these waters, we’re here to offer you clear-cut advice on grabbing those sought-after Sleep Token tickets without breaking the bank.

Sleep Token’s presence commands attention; their “Teeth of God” tour is creating waves across North America, with venues filling up fast for spring 2024. Now is your chance to witness this British rock collective as they bring their unparalleled performances stateside.

Keep reading for insider tips that ensure you won’t miss out on this musical pilgrimage—let’s dive into how you can secure your spot among fellow worshippers.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleep Token is a British rock band with a unique sound that mixes post-rock, classical harmony, and indie pop vocals.
  • Their latest ‘Teeth of God’ tour is taking place across North America in spring 2024, with several concert dates including performances at renowned venues like Massey Hall in Toronto.
  • Fans can purchase tickets through official sellers like or secondary markets such as for sold-out events.
  • Prices for Sleep Token tickets vary by venue size and location; they can range from $35 to over $300 for special VIP packages or premium seating.
  • The band actively fights against ticket scalping to keep prices fair, which means quick sell-outs and potentially higher demand on resale platforms.

Overview of Sleep Token

An anonymous musician holding a guitar in a concert hall.

Sleep Token embodies an enigmatic presence in the rock world, captivating audiences with their unique fusion of musical genres. The British group shrouds its members in anonymity, performing behind masks and adopting stage monikers that add a layer of mystique to their identity, with the lead known as Vessel.

Their sound is an eclectic amalgam; it weaves together elements of post-rock’s expansive atmospheres, post-classical’s intricate harmonies, and post-metal’s intensity—yet sets itself apart by pairing these with indie pop vocals.

This distinctive approach crafts a soundscape that defies traditional genre boundaries.

This unconventional collective has garnered considerable attention not only for its artistic flair but also for its remarkable live performances which showcase their multifaceted music style.

Since Sleep Token’s inception in 2016, they have rapidly amassed a dedicated following. These devotees are drawn to the band’s ability to oscillate between delicate melodies and thunderous crescendos within single compositions—a testament to their dynamic artistry.

As they continue to intrigue fans old and new across North America and beyond on tour, Sleep Token’s discography blossoms into an odyssey of sonic exploration that promises even more thrilling live renditions with each performance.

Sleep Token Concerts: Dates and Locations

A crowd of diverse fans enjoying a Sleep Token concert.

Dive into the realm of Sleep Token’s enigmatic performances, where fans eagerly search for concert dates and locations. With each tour stop marking a unique pilgrimage for devotees, uncovering where and when to witness this captivating act live is essential for any follower of their mystical journey through sound.

Upcoming concerts

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Sleep Token as they gear up to take the stage in Australia. Fans are eagerly anticipating their dynamic live performances.


  • Melbourne Magic: Sleep Token kicks off their Australian leg with a powerhouse show at John Cain Arena on April 10, 2025. This venue is renowned for its excellent acoustics, guaranteeing an immersive sonic adventure.
  • Sydney Spectacle: Just two days later, on April 12, Sleep Token will illuminate Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic Park. Expect an electrifying atmosphere as they perform beloved hits and new tracks alike.
  • Concert Schedule Alert: Keep your eyes peeled for the full list of tour dates. The band’s itinerary is packed with music gigs across numerous cities and performance venues.
  • Tour Excitement Grows: With each stop, the ‘Teeth of God’ tour is set to leave fans in awe. The detailed schedule is available online, showcasing various exciting locations where you can catch them live.
  • Band Appearances Matter: Seeing Sleep Token live isn’t just about the music; it’s about the experience. Each venue offers unique interactions and memories waiting to be made.

Past concerts

Delving into the history of Sleep Token’s live performances can offer fans a treasure trove of memorable moments. Their past concerts showcase the band’s evolution and provide insights into their dynamic stage presence.


  • The band has ignited stages across numerous cities, building a strong fan base with their compelling live music.
  • Through engaging performances, Sleep Token has mastered the art of connecting with audiences at various gig venues.
  • Detailed setlists from previous shows reveal a diverse range of songs, including fan favorites and unexpected renditions.
  • Photos and videos from past concerts create a visual archive that chronicles the group’s journey and growth on stage.
  • Music events featuring Sleep Token often leave attendees with unforgettable experiences, with many fans returning for multiple shows.
  • Venue locations have included intimate clubs to larger concert halls, enabling diverse types of fan experiences.
  • Reports from these concerts highlight the powerful atmosphere generated by the band’s unique sound and theatrical elements.

Details about the ‘Teeth of God’ Tour

Dive into the mysterious allure of Sleep Token’s ‘Teeth of God’ Tour, an immersive concert experience that promises to captivate audiences with its enigmatic presence and soul-stirring performances.

Explore the tour’s journey through cities and venues where dedicated fans eagerly anticipate the band’s arrival for a night of musical transcendence.

Tour dates

Capture the energy of live music and witness Sleep Token like never before on their ‘Teeth of God’ tour. Expect unforgettable nights as they bring their unique sound to venues across North America.


  • April 27, 2024: The ‘Teeth of God’ tour kicks off its journey with a powerful opening show.
  • May 15, 2024: Chicago’s The Salt Shed Indoors prepares to host Sleep Token for a night bound to be filled with intense musical experiences.
  • May 27 & 28, 2024: Special guest Empire State Bastard joins Sleep Token at Massey Hall, ensuring these performances will be talked about for years to come.
  • Throughout the tour, fans can mark their calendars from late April through May for multiple chances to catch these riveting stage performances.


Having marked your calendars with the Teeth of God Tour dates, let’s dive into the stunning venues set to host Sleep Token. Each location comes with its own unique ambiance and acoustic qualities that promise a memorable live music experience.


  • Massey Hall in Toronto: This iconic concert hall will welcome fans on May 27 and May 28. Known for its rich history and outstanding sound quality, Massey Hall provides an intimate setting where every note resonates perfectly.
  • H-E-B Center at Cedar Park: Scheduled for May 3, this state-of-the-art arena in Texas is famous for hosting dynamic shows. The H-E-B Center delivers top-notch acoustics and visuals that ensure an immersive concert tour experience.
  • Place Bell in Laval, QC: On May 25, Sleep Token hits the stage at Place Bell, known for its modern design and cutting-edge sound system. As one of the newer gig locations, it offers fans a spectacular combination of comfort and audio brilliance.

How to Purchase Sleep Token Tickets

Securing your passage to witness the enigma of Sleep Token live requires a simple yet deliberate approach. Whether you’re eager for their spine-tingling harmonies or the raw energy that accompanies each performance, obtaining tickets can be accomplished through several dedicated platforms tailor-made for avid concert-goers.

Ticket prices

Understanding the cost of Sleep Token tickets is pivotal for fans planning to witness this enigmatic band live. Ticket prices can fluctuate based on several factors such as the venue’s location, the seating arrangement, and the timing of the purchase, especially considering resale market dynamics. Exclusive VIP packages, which offer a more immersive experience, are often available at a premium. Here is a breakdown of typical ticket pricing:


Venue General Admission VIP Package Resale Price Range
Small Club $35-$50 $100-$150 $50-$100
Medium Theater $50-$70 $150-$200 $70-$150
Large Arena $65-$85 $200-$300 $85-$200+
Special Venue (e.g., Massey Hall) $75-$95 $250-$400 $200-$300+

This table provides a snapshot of what fans might expect to spend when planning to attend a Sleep Token concert. It’s important to note that prices are subject to change, and early purchases often lead to savings. On the other hand, waiting too long may result in higher resale market prices. With this in mind, securing tickets at an optimal time is crucial. Next, we will explore available ticket platforms and purchasing strategies.

Available ticket platforms

Securing your Sleep Token tickets requires knowing where to look. Fans have multiple platforms at their disposal to ensure they get a spot at the next concert.


  • This is the official sales venue for Sleep Token concerts. Here, you can find tour schedules and detailed concert descriptions. The site also provides customer reviews so you can buy with confidence.
  • Opt for this secondary market platform if you’re looking to snag tickets before they go on public sale. It’s a great option when shows sell out quickly or to find spots other fans are reselling.
  • Secure Ticket Sharing: Platforms offering secure ticket sharing enable fans to purchase together or transfer tickets among friends safely. They facilitate venue meeting arrangements for a stress-free experience on the day of the concert.

Tips for Getting Cheap Sleep Token Tickets

To secure cheap Sleep Token tickets, consider joining the band’s official mailing list or fan club. Members often receive early access to ticket presales, giving them a chance to buy at face value before the general public rush.

Keep an eye on the performance venue’s own box office too; sometimes they release additional tickets at standard prices closer to the event date.

Another savvy move is checking out resale prices on platforms like While some listings may be priced higher due to demand, sellers often drop their prices as concert day approaches, especially if they’re eager to get rid of extra tickets.

Utilize filters for budget-friendly options and keep your schedule flexible — attending weekday shows or choosing seats with an obstructed view can lead to significant savings.

It’s also worth knowing that resold tickets from trusted sites come with protections such as ensuring you get into the concert without hassle even when hunting for bargains.

Monitor these sites regularly since ticket availability can fluctuate quickly within days leading up to a Sleep Token show, offering chances for last-minute deals.

Why are Sleep Token Tickets So Expensive?

Despite seeking out money-saving tips, concert-goers often find themselves facing steep prices for Sleep Token tickets. High demand is a significant factor driving up costs. Fans rush to get their hands on tickets, and with shows like the recent one that sold 10,000 seats in a mere 10 minutes, it’s clear why availability becomes scarce quickly.

This frenzied interest ensures that ticket prices remain on the higher side as supply struggles to meet the overwhelming demand.

Moreover, Sleep Token’s effort to combat scalping adds another layer to their ticket pricing strategy. The band actively cancels tickets purchased by scalpers and bots in an attempt to ensure fair access for genuine fans.

While this ethical approach helps true supporters attend concerts at face value, it also inadvertently tightens supply even further. These antiscalping measures along with the group’s rising popularity make them not just a musical act but a hot commodity – another reason why securing a ticket might come with a higher price tag than expected.

Sleep Token Merchandise

Walk into any Sleep Token concert, and you’ll see a sea of fans decked out in the band’s latest merchandise. It’s more than just clothing; it’s a statement of allegiance to the enigmatic music collective that has captured hearts worldwide.

Their official website and online store serve as a treasure trove for those looking to own a piece of this mysterious musical entity. Here, exclusive items beckon with the allure of limited edition products—each piece tells its story and carries the essence of Sleep Token.

Hunting for something unique? The band’s merchandise extends beyond typical apparel like t-shirts and hoodies. Fans can adorn themselves with accessories that showcase their devotion or bring home vinyl & CDs to relive every haunting melody.

For those who crave community interaction, there exists an avid marketplace where devotees buy, sell, or trade coveted Sleep Token collectibles. Engage with fellow followers in this hub; exchange fan art or seek out rare memorabilia that resonates with your connection to the band’s profound soundscapes.

Sleep Token’s Touring Partners

Sleep Token brings more than just their music on this North American tour; they’re joined by a dynamic mix of bands eager to share the stage. Each concert will present an opportunity to experience an eclectic blend of sounds, with Sleep Token’s touring partners spanning various genres within the alternative music scene.

Fans can look forward to electrifying live performances that complement and enhance Sleep Token’s enigmatic presence.

The lineup for the ‘Teeth of God’ tour includes some well-known acts from the world of UK metal and emerging talents in alternative rock. The variety ensures a fresh experience at every show, guaranteeing excitement not only for Sleep Token’s set but also for the incredible talent warming up the crowds.

Concertgoers are treated to full evenings packed with raw energy and musical diversity, promising unforgettable nights across cities in this extensive touring schedule.

These collaborative shows amplify the appeal of each music event, as both loyal followers and new listeners come together under one roof. Audiences anticipate energetic sets from each band before diving into the unique atmosphere curated by Sleep Token themselves.

This careful selection of touring companions transforms every concert into a shared journey through profound musical landscapes crafted by these diverse artists.

Similar Artists and Touring Acts

Discover the vibrant music scene surrounding Sleep Token by exploring their similar artists and touring companions, an essential insight for fans aiming to expand their live concert experience beyond just one enigmatic band.

Comparing Sleep Token to Social Distortion

When exploring the world of music, it’s fascinating to observe the connections and differences between bands such as Sleep Token and Social Distortion. Although they differ in genre and style, both acts attract fans across the spectrum and provide unique concert experiences. Below is a side-by-side comparison of these two influential bands.


Aspect Sleep Token Social Distortion
Genre Alternative/Experimental Rock, Ambient Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Stage Presence Mysterious, Theatrical Performances Energetic, Punk Attitude
Lyrical Themes Emotionally Charged, Vulnerable Rebellious, Social Commentary
Band Image Anonymous, Masks and Robes Casual, Leather Jackets, Tattoos
Performance Elements Artistic Lighting, Visuals Raw, Straightforward Rock Performance
Fan Base Diverse, Cult-Like Devotion Loyal, Multi-Generational Punk Fans
Key Influences Progressive Rock, Post-Metal Classic Punk, Rockabilly
Notable Tours ‘Teeth of God’ Tour Extensive World Tours, Celebrated Live Acts

Understanding these contrasts helps fans appreciate the unique offerings of each band. Sleep Token’s enigmatic approach contrasts sharply with Social Distortion’s straightforward punk roots, yet both bands contribute significantly to the tapestry of live music experiences.


Experience the enigma of Sleep Token as they bring their unique sound to your city. Secure your spot at an upcoming show and immerse yourself in the powerful live performances that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Remember, purchasing tickets through official channels ensures you’re part of this unforgettable musical journey, free from scalper interruptions. Grab your merchandise to keep the memory alive long after the final note fades.

Don’t miss out—join other fervent fans and witness Sleep Token’s spectacular tour firsthand!

If you’re a fan of genre-blending music and electrifying live performances, be sure to also check out Social Distortion tickets for their upcoming shows.


1. Where can I buy Sleep Token tickets?

You can purchase Sleep Token tickets through official ticketing websites or at the venue’s box office.

2. How early should I buy Sleep Token tickets to ensure I get them?

It is best to buy your Sleep Token tickets as soon as they go on sale to avoid missing out due to high demand.

3. Are there VIP packages available for Sleep Token concerts?

Yes, some Sleep Token concerts offer VIP packages that include premium seating and exclusive merchandise.

4. Can I get a refund if the concert is canceled?

If the concert is officially canceled, you are typically entitled to a full refund from the point of purchase.

5. Will more dates be added to the Sleep Token tour schedule?

Keep an eye on the official Sleep Token website and social media channels for announcements about additional tour dates.