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Edmonton Oilers Tickets

Buying Edmonton Oilers tickets is like a dream come true for many fans, and indeed, they are a fantastic group of professional ice hockey players. All of their home games are hosted at Rogers Place, which has been open since 2016, seating over 18,000 people. As one of the founding franchises of the World Hockey Association in 1972, they played their first-ever professional season.

Edmonton Oilers has won 5 Stanley cups from 1983 to the latest win being in the 1989-1990 season. Not only this, but they also have seven Conference Championships awards from the 1982-1983 season till the 2005-2006 season. Since the merger between the World Hockey Association and the National Hockey League, the Edmonton Oilers are the team with the highest number of championships and awards on their names.

The Edmonton Oilers have broken a lot of records as well. During the 1983 to 1983 season, they finished first with a record of 119 points. Even as individual players, Edmonton Oilers has been breaking numerous records starting from only the second the defense player to score 40 or more goals in a single season. They were also considered the first team to showcase 50 goals from 3 world-class players. 

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If you are a hardcore fan and want to get the whole experience, you can go for the Edmonton Oilers VIP tickets, which are different than the Edmonton Oilers VIP box seats, which means you probably have the best seats in the house. Not only this, the VIP tickets have a lot more perks and additional benefits as compared to the regular Edmonton Oilers tickets.

Moreover, the VIP Edmonton Oilers tickets cost a lot more than the regular Edmonton Oilers tickets. This is because of the added benefits that come with the VIP pass. However, the prices can also vary according to the location. For example, you may also find that some of the regular Edmonton Oilers tickets cost more than the others. To know more about the ticket prices and their roster, you can check the Edmonton Oilers schedule on our website. Watch the Oilers face off against the Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, or Montreal Canadiens this year.

Edmonton Oilers Ticket Prices

The average Edmonton Oilers Ticket price is about $90 dollars. These tickets can go as low as $29 dollars and as high as $417 dollars. It can also depend on what type of ticket you are buying because the VIP ones cost more than the regular Edmonton Oilers tickets.

Where Can I Buy Edmonton Oilers Playoff Tickets?

You can buy Edmonton Oilers playoff tickets online through any secondary website. Make sure that you double-check your sources before making a purchase. You can also find them on their official website. Buying the tickets to the next Edmonton Oilers game has truly been made easy now that you can find them online, without stepping out of your homes!

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