The Book Of Mormon Tickets

Navigating the bustling world of Broadway ticket purchases can often feel as complex and dramatic as the shows themselves. With a vast range of options, securing your seat to witness a renowned musical performance might seem daunting.

As an established theater aficionado with years of experience in the industry, I’m here to streamline this process for you, ensuring that your focus remains on the excitement of live theater rather than the intricacies of obtaining tickets.

Amongst all theatre productions currently dazzling audiences, “The Book of Mormon” stands out not just for its irreverent humor but also because it’s known affectionately as God’s favorite musical – a testament to its popularity and critical acclaim.

Offering more than mere entertainment, my insights will guide you through acquiring The Book of Mormon tickets with ease and finesse. Keep reading; there’s a seat waiting just for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Book The Book of Mormon tickets online using official sites like for a quick process, but watch out for added fees.
  • Visit the Box Office to buy tickets fee-free; arrive early on show day to grab any remaining seats or enter a lottery for last-minute purchases.
  • Explore the performance schedule with shows available from Monday through Saturday and matinees on Wednesday and Saturday, ensuring there’s a time that works for every fan.
  • Choose from diverse ticket prices and locations including New York’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre and London’s Prince of Wales Theatre, as well as various cities on the touring schedule.
  • Audience reviews highlight the show’s mix of humor, catchy music, and thought – provoking content; however, some note its edgy satire may not suit all tastes.

How to Order The Book of Mormon Tickets

A person purchasing tickets for The Book of Mormon at a vibrant theater.

Securing tickets for The Book of Mormon is a straightforward process that can set you on the path to an unforgettable theatrical experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of online booking or the personal interaction at the box office, options abound to ensure you have your seats reserved for this acclaimed Broadway musical.

Online Booking

Booking your tickets for The Book of Mormon online is both convenient and fast. You can easily visit the official Broadway or London show websites to find direct links to their authorized ticketing partners, and

These platforms offer a user-friendly experience that guides you through the selection of seats, dates, and prices in just a few clicks.

Purchasing tickets online often comes with added fees; however, you might be able to snag discounts not available elsewhere. For example, booking through the official London website grants a £2 per ticket discount — a little savings that can add up nicely.

Keep in mind service charges per ticket and handling fees may apply depending on your chosen delivery method.

Opting for digital ticket delivery can sometimes reduce additional costs compared to physical shipping options. Make sure you review all the details before finalizing your purchase to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to check out.

With these steps followed, your next theatrical experience is just around the corner!

Box Office

For fans looking to snag The Book of Mormon tickets, the Box Office is your go-to spot. Here, you can purchase tickets without any additional fees, saving money in the process. Make sure to plan ahead because you can only collect your tickets from the Box Office one hour before showtime.

It’s an easy way to get into the theatre with time to spare.

Looking for last-minute tickets? Try your luck at the day-of-show lottery held at the Box Office. Join other hopefuls in a chance to buy unsold seats right up until curtain time. Remember though, it’s all about timing and availability – but if fortune smiles on you, prepare for an unforgettable night of laughter and music.

After securing your spot through the Box Office or by winning ticket lottery, keep an eye out for The Book of Mormon show times next on our list!

The Book of Mormon Show Times

A row of Broadway theater posters on a busy city street.

The Book of Mormon’s performance schedule is designed to accommodate a variety of audiences, with multiple showings throughout the week.


Day Matinee Evening
Monday 7:30 PM
Tuesday 7:00 PM
Wednesday 2:00 PM 8:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 PM
Friday 8:00 PM
Saturday 2:00 PM 8:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Audiences are encouraged to check the official Book of Mormon page for any seasonal variations or special performance times. Getting familiar with the show times helps plan your experience effectively. Next, let’s delve into the captivating journey that is The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

About The Book of Mormon on Broadway

After checking out show times, you might be curious to learn more about The Book of Mormon itself. This Broadway musical comes from the creative minds behind the animated comedy South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

It’s a daring production that juxtaposes modern issues with religious storytelling, while poking fun at both in equal measure. Audiences follow the journey of two young missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent to Uganda, confronting their beliefs and realities far different from their own.

Tickets for groups bring excitement to larger parties looking to experience this irreverent spectacle together. They can take advantage of special group pricing options by purchasing a certain number of seats collectively.

If you’re willing to take a chance on getting into a sold-out show, keep an eye out for standing room tickets – these can offer an affordable way to catch the action live if you’re ready for an impromptu adventure.

Despite its comedic approach stirring up controversy among some circles, The Book of Mormon has won over many theatergoers and critics alike, earning it numerous awards including Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards.

Its powerful blend of humor with heartfelt moments makes it not just entertaining but thought-provoking as well. For those who can’t make it to Broadway or are simply eager for its magic closer to home, there’s good news: extensive touring schedules bring this acclaimed musical experience across various cities globally.

The Book of Mormon Ticket Prices and Locations

Discover the diverse pricing options and venues for ‘The Book of Mormon’ to experience this phenomenal musical in a location that suits you best – read on to find the perfect seat for your next theatrical adventure.

New York

Grab your chance to see The Book of Mormon at the heart of Broadway’s entertainment district, in the iconic Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Nestled at 230 W 49th St. in vibrant New York City, this theater has held record-breaking ticket sales thanks to this comedy musical’s irresistible charm.

Audiences flock here for a night filled with laughter and unforgettable performance from an exceptionally talented cast.

Securing tickets for a show that’s constantly buzzing with popularity can be your golden ticket to one of the most sought-after theatrical experiences on Broadway. Be part of an eager crowd ready to be enthralled by a production celebrated not just for its humor but also for its smart storytelling and brilliant music.

After enjoying an electrifying night in New York, consider catching another captivating musical or exploring different shows across multiple locations – next up could be London!


Experience the magic of The Book of Mormon at the heart of London’s theatrical scene in the West End Theatre district. Secure your spot at the Prince of Wales Theatre, a prime theatre venue that hosts this sensational musical production.

Ticket reservations are hassle-free with options to book online through the official show website or directly at the box office.

Enjoy competitive performance prices starting from just £38.00, ensuring an opportunity for all to partake in this unforgettable London show experience. All ticket purchases come without additional booking fees, making it more accessible and straightforward for theatre enthusiasts and newcomers alike to witness one of the most talked-about productions on stage today.

Touring Schedule

Get ready to catch “The Book of Mormon” on its exciting tour across various cities. The musical’s dynamic touring schedule brings laughter and music to audiences everywhere, so let’s explore when and where you can enjoy this live production.


  • Atlanta is one of the bustling cities eagerly awaiting the arrival of “The Book of Mormon.” Theatergoers can look forward to performances scheduled for this season, bringing Broadway flair to the Peach State.
  • Fans in Mexico City will be thrilled as the tour sets its stage in their vibrant metropolis. This international stop presents a wonderful opportunity for local audiences to experience the show’s unique humor and catchy tunes live.
  • Toronto beckons with its diverse cultural scene, promising a warm Canadian welcome to “The Book of Mormon” cast and crew. Theater enthusiasts here can anticipate an engaging set of shows as part of the 2023 line-up.
  • Beyond borders, the tour extends its reach into broader Canada, ensuring fans country – wide are treated to this theatrical gem. Audiences from coast to coast are marking their calendars for these highly anticipated dates.
  • Some locations have seen changes, with shows rescheduled from their original 2023/2024 plans. These adjustments aim to accommodate theatergoers better and provide optimal performance experiences.
  • Tracking the performance venues is key for securing tickets – each theater provides a unique setting that enhances the show’s impact. A comprehensive list of venues is available online, detailing each one’s seating layout and price range.
  • Knowing tour dates in advance gives fans a chance to plan ahead. Tickets often sell quickly, so it pays to mark your calendar early and book as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this unforgettable stage experience.

Customer Reviews of The Book of Mormon

Many theatergoers have offered high praise for The Book of Mormon, with one audience member raving about the high energy and humor packed into every scene. They emphasized the clever lyrics and catchy tunes that had them humming long after the curtain fell.

Another fan pointed out that the songs not only entertain but also weave in smart commentary on modern issues, making it a thought-provoking experience.

Customers often applaud the musical’s fearless approach to satire. While some acknowledge that The Book of Mormon pushes boundaries and may not be for everyone, they celebrate its boldness and creativity.

On various platforms, tickets are frequently noted as hot items due to consistent positive feedback from viewers who suggest seeing it at least once is an absolute must.


Ready to experience the hilarity and heart of “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway? Secure your seats now for an unforgettable show. Look forward to a night filled with laughter, catchy tunes, and surprising depth as you join audiences from around the world.

Grab your tickets today and prepare for a performance that’s both uproarious and uplifting!

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1. Where can I purchase tickets for The Book of Mormon?

Tickets for The Book of Mormon are available online, at the theater box office, or through authorized ticket vendors.

2. Are there any discounts available for The Book of Mormon tickets?

Discounts may be offered to students, seniors, military personnel, and groups; check with the ticket seller for current promotions.

3. How far in advance should I buy my tickets to ensure a good seat?

It’s best to buy your tickets as early as possible to secure preferred seating locations.

4. Can I choose my seats when I book The Book of Mormon tickets online?

Yes, when you purchase tickets online you’ll typically have the option to select your seats from an interactive seating chart.

5. What should I do if the performance is sold out on my chosen date?

Look for alternate dates or sign up for waitlists and alerts in case additional tickets become available.