The Rolling Stones Tickets

Exploring the thrill of live rock and roll, The Rolling Stones continue to captivate fans worldwide with their electrifying performances. Securing tickets to witness these legends onstage is no simple feat, as concertgoers around the globe vie for a coveted spot in the audience.

With extensive experience navigating the dynamic realm of music events, our expertise lies in guiding you through acquiring those precious passes to see one of the greatest bands in rock history.

The 2024 tour guarantees an unforgettable experience; imagine standing amidst a sea of fans as “Paint It Black” or “Gimme Shelter” fills the stadium air. Given that The Rolling Stones have earned over $100 million from recent tours alone, this upcoming series is expected to be another monumental chapter in their storied career.

Continue reading for your backstage pass into scoring The Rolling Stones tickets—opportunities like this don’t come around often!

Key Takeaways

  • The Rolling Stones are embarking on a “Hackney Diamonds” tour starting April 28, 2024, with performances across several major cities including Houston, Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.
  • Tickets for the concerts can be purchased through reliable platforms like Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster offers presale options and clear policies while provides FanProtect for secure resale transactions.
  • Exclusive Rolling Stones Tour Packages such as the Start Me Up Package, Get Close Package, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash Package offer fans premium seating, VIP merchandise, and other unique perks for an enhanced concert experience.
  • Fans are encouraged to buy tickets quickly as The Rolling Stones shows tend to sell out due to their popularity and the high demand among rock music enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Concert dates include performances at Gillette Stadium on May 30th in Boston area; Camping World Stadium on June 3rd in Orlando; Soldier Field in Chicago; Lincoln Financial Field in Philly; BC Place on July 5th in Vancouver; SoFi Stadium on July 10th in Los Angeles.

The Rolling Stones Upcoming Concert Dates

Fans dancing and cheering at The Rolling Stones concert.

Get ready to mark your calendars as The Rolling Stones gear up for another electrifying tour, bringing their legendary sound to stages across the globe. Fans eager for live rock and roll will find a wealth of opportunities in the band’s expansive schedule spanning several months into 2024.

April ’24

The Rolling Stones kick off their electrifying “Hackney Diamonds” tour this April, hitting the stage on April 28 in Houston. Fans eagerly anticipate the live performances of this legendary rock band, known for their unmatchable energy and iconic music that has defined a genre.

The tour schedule promises an unforgettable show packed with classic hits and new anthems that will have audiences on their feet.

Securing tickets to witness these musicians live is a chance to be part of rock history. Given the band’s immense popularity, fans are advised to act fast to catch Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and company as they bring down the house with their spectacular touring lineup.

Each performance date offers a unique experience set against the backdrop of some incredible venues across the city—a perfect blend for lovers of live music and quintessential rock-n-roll spirit.

Attending a concert isn’t just about hearing great songs; it’s about soaking up the vibe that only The Rolling Stones can deliver. Ensuring you’re there when these legends light up Houston starts with marking your calendar for April 28th and getting those tickets while they last.

Take part in what’s sure to be one of the most talked-about gigs this spring—experience The Stones’ show first-hand!

May ’24

As the calendar turns to May, anticipation builds for another round of electrifying Rolling Stones performances. Gillette Stadium will welcome the iconic rock band on May 30, 2024, promising a night of legendary live music and unforgettable stadium atmosphere.

For fans in Houston and Orlando, fret not; the group plays at NRG Stadium on April 28 before rocking Camping World Stadium on June 3.

Securing your spot at these events guarantees an experience packed with the classic hits and new anthems that have defined generations. Each venue sets the stage for Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and company to captivate audiences with their enduring charisma and showmanship.

Make plans now to be part of these milestone gigs — your ticket to witnessing music history in action.

June ’24

Get ready for a summer scorcher as The Rolling Stones hit the stage at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL on June 3, 2024. Experience Mick Jagger’s legendary moves and Keith Richards’ electrifying guitar riffs under the Florida sun.

This concert promises an unforgettable blend of classic hits and new grooves that only the Stones can deliver.

After rocking Orlando, the band will bring their thrilling performance to Soldier Field in Chicago and Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. Fans in these cities are gearing up for one of the most anticipated live music events of June ’24.

Each show is set to be a high-voltage celebration of rock ‘n’ roll with The Rolling Stones proving why they’re still one of the greatest bands on tour today. Don’t miss your chance to witness music history; join fellow enthusiasts for a night pulsing with energy and timeless tracks!

July ’24

July heats up as The Rolling Stones hit the stage once again for their sensational summer tour. Fans in Vancouver mark your calendars for July 5, 2024, because BC Place is where you’ll experience the legendary rock band’s live performance.

Spectacular shows continue with a massive concert scheduled at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on July 10th. Ready to be part of these iconic music events? Tickets are expected to sell out fast! Be there to witness the electrifying stadium shows that only The Rolling Stones can deliver.

Up next, learn how you can secure your spot at these must-see gigs – we’re talking about buying The Rolling Stones tickets without a hitch.

Buying The Rolling Stones Tickets

A pair of Rolling Stones concert tickets and music memorabilia.

Securing your spot at a Rolling Stones concert is straightforward, with tickets readily available through reliable online platforms — explore your options to experience the legendary rockers live.

Official Ticketmaster Site

Ticketmaster stands as your reliable source for securing The Rolling Stones tickets. With a user-friendly interface, fans can easily navigate through their concert dates and select seats according to preference.

Time is of the essence when it comes to live performances; hence, the site provides swift access to ticket purchasing with options like presale tickets for those who want an early shot at attending concerts.

Encountering issues during the ticket-buying process can be frustrating. Ticketmaster takes these concerns seriously, demonstrated by their responsive customer support which addressed a Calgary fan’s worries leading to a satisfactory refund.

Committed to transparency, Ticketmaster has clear policies in place ensuring that music event enthusiasts have peace of mind while buying tickets.

The excitement around The Rolling Stones tour is palpable and finding genuine tickets is crucial for the ultimate concert experience. Fans should look out for official announcements on both Ticketmaster and The Rolling Stones’ website regarding upcoming tour dates and ticket availability updates.

With real-time information straight from trusted sources, your path to witnessing rock history live couldn’t be clearer or more secure than through the Official Ticketmaster Site.


Rolling Stones Tour Packages

Uncover the ultimate concert experience with Rolling Stones Tour Packages, offering fans a unique opportunity to indulge in exclusive perks and enhanced show enjoyment—discover your perfect package today.

Start Me Up Package

Get ready to feel the excitement of a live Rolling Stones concert with the exclusive Start Me Up Package. This special offer includes one ULTRA category general admission floor ticket, putting you right in the heart of the action where you can catch every move from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards up close.

You won’t have to worry about finding a spot; your ticket ensures access to an outstanding location for enjoying all of their most popular hits.

This package isn’t just about spectacular views; it also comes bundled with cool merchandise worth approximately $30. Slip on that exclusive tour t-shirt, flaunt your limited-edition memorabilia, and make this concert experience truly unforgettable.

With no reserved seats or early admissions in this standing room only space, you’re free to immerse yourself fully in the energy around you as Ronnie plays those familiar tunes we all love.

Choose the Start Me Up Package for an authentic fan experience at The Rolling Stones’ next show. Feel connected not just through music but with tangible keepsakes that will remind you of an incredible night spent alongside legendary rock icons.

Get Close Package

Imagine standing so close to the Rolling Stones stage that you can see every emotion on Mick Jagger’s face. The Get Close Package makes this dream a reality for hardcore fans wanting the ultimate concert experience.

With this VIP ticket, not only do you secure premium seating on the reserved floor, but also find yourself in a prime viewing location that puts you right at the heart of the action.

Your connection with the band intensifies as you take home exclusive Rolling Stones VIP merchandise—a tangible reminder of an unforgettable night. Every strum, drumbeat, and vocal nuance becomes a personal memory when you’re this up-close to one of rock’s legendary acts.

This tour package is tailored specifically for those who live by the motto ‘go big or go home,’ offering an unmatched fan experience during The Rolling Stones 2024 Tour.

Securing your spot with the Get Close Package isn’t just about seeing a concert; it’s about engaging with music history from a vantage point few will ever know. Dive into an evening surrounded by raw musical energy and walk away with more than just memories—walk away feeling like part of rock royalty.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Package

The Jumpin’ Jack Flash Package is your backstage pass to the ultimate Rolling Stones experience. Picture yourself living it up with one phenomenal reserved seated ticket, getting you so close to the action that you’ll feel every guitar riff and drum beat.

This isn’t just a concert—it’s an exclusive event where fans like you walk away with unique VIP merchandise, only available through this special offer.

Feel the thrill of joining other die-hard Stones fans on their Hackney Diamonds Tour across the USA and Canada. With this tour package, you’ll secure your spot at one of the most anticipated shows in 2024 without any hassle.

You get more than just a seat; you get a piece of rock history tailored for those who want their fan experience to be nothing short of legendary.


Get ready to rock with The Rolling Stones as they hit the stage in cities around Europe. Secure your spot at these must-see concerts by grabbing tickets early and choosing from a variety of options that cater to every fan’s preferences.

Experience live performances from music’s greatest icons, making unforgettable memories along the way. Take advantage of official ticket sites for authentic purchases or indulge in VIP packages for an exclusive concert experience.

Don’t miss out on witnessing rock history; buy your Rolling Stones tickets today!

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1. Where can I buy tickets for The Rolling Stones concerts?

You can purchase The Rolling Stones concert tickets through official ticketing websites or venues’ box offices.

2. How far in advance should I buy my tickets to see The Rolling Stones?

Purchasing your tickets as soon as they go on sale is wise, as they tend to sell out quickly due to high demand.

3. Do The Rolling Stones offer VIP packages for their shows?

Yes, VIP packages are often available and provide fans with premium experiences at their concerts.

4. Can I get a refund if a concert is canceled or postponed?

Refund policies vary by event; however, most venues and sellers will offer refunds or exchanges if a concert is canceled or rescheduled.

5. Are there age restrictions for attending The Rolling Stones concerts?

Some venues may have age restrictions, so it’s important to check the specific rules of the venue hosting the concert before buying tickets.