Thirty Seconds to Mars Tickets

When it comes to the electrifying rush of live music, few experiences can match the intensity and passion of a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert. Securing your spot at one of their performances isn’t just about hearing their hits—it’s an immersive journey into a world crafted by this iconic rock band.

With extensive knowledge in event planning and music journalism, I bring you insights on how to navigate the sea of eager fans clamoring for tickets.

Excitement is building as Thirty Seconds to Mars announces their upcoming Seasons World Tour 2024, promising shows that draw legions of devoted followers. Notably, they will ignite the stage at Lollapalooza Chile with a performance that promises to be unforgettable.

This first glimpse into what awaits is designed to ignite your anticipation and prompt you to join them on this global adventure—read on for exclusive tips on snagging those coveted tickets.

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Key Takeaways

  • Thirty Seconds to Mars is embarking on their Seasons World Tour 2024, including a special performance at Lollapalooza Chile.
  • Tickets for the tour are available through Ticketmaster and other official platforms like, where fans can compare prices and secure seats for various performances.
  • The band will perform at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage on August 12th, with additional dates available for fans around the world.
  • Fans can ensure access to accessible seating options via Ticketmaster, with detailed venue information provided to help in planning their concert experience.
  • Positive reviews from past concerts highlight the band’s dynamic stage presence and ability to intimately connect with their audience.

Overview of Thirty Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto enthralling audience with high-energy concert performance.

Thirty Seconds to Mars stands as a towering figure in modern rock music, defined by its intense energy and theatrical shows that captivate fans around the globe. Comprising siblings Jared Leto, renowned for his transfixing stage presence and emotive vocals, along with Shannon Leto’s powerful drumming skills, they’ve carved an indelible niche within the alternative music scene.

Their rise from a self-titled debut to acclaimed albums like “A Beautiful Lie” and “This Is War” showcases their ability to evolve sonically while maintaining a potent connection with their passionate fan base—known collectively as the Echelon.

The band’s relentless innovation across their discography reflects in live performances that are nothing short of spectacular; concertgoers often praise them for creating an immersive experience rather than just another show.

Whether delivering explosive anthems or soul-stirring ballads, Thirty Seconds to Mars has mastered the art of connecting soundscapes with raw emotion—an alchemy that continually garners new listeners even as it cements their status among rock royalty.

With every album release and tour announcement, they reaffirm their commitment not only to crafting groundbreaking music but also forging unforgettable moments for those who journey with them through each verse and chorus.

Upcoming Tour Dates for Thirty Seconds to Mars

A lively crowd cheering at a packed concert during a Thirty Seconds to Mars performance.

If you’re eager to catch Thirty Seconds to Mars live, their tour schedule is packed with electrifying performances waiting for you. From the global sweep of their Seasons World Tour 2024 to a show-stopping appearance at Lollapalooza 2024, fans have ample opportunities to experience the band’s dynamic energy on stage.

Seasons World Tour 2024

Get ready to catch Thirty Seconds to Mars live on stage during their much-anticipated Seasons World Tour 2024. The tour promises an electrifying lineup of new music and classic hits, starting with a high-energy performance at Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires.

Fans from around the globe can experience the band’s first world tour in five years as they hit major cities across continents.

Ticket sales are now open for those eager to secure a spot at one of these unforgettable shows. Toronto’s Budweiser Stage will light up with the group’s dynamic presence on Monday, August 12th, where concertgoers can also enjoy performances by AFI along with Poppy and KennyHoopla.

For our international fans, mark May 15th on your calendars for an explosive show at Sportovní hala Fortuna in the Czech Republic.

With venues selected for both intimacy and grandeur, each night of the Seasons World Tour 2024 is set to be a unique spectacle no fan should miss. Tickets are selling quickly but are still available through official platforms.

Don’t wait too long – grab yours today and prepare for an unrivaled live music experience!

Lollapalooza 2024

Thirty Seconds to Mars will hit the stage at Lollapalooza 2024, lighting up music events in South America. Fans can catch their electrifying performance in Santiago, Chile, where a dynamic lineup awaits attendees eager for an immersive live experience.

With festival dates scheduled for March 2024, this international concert is set to be one of the highlights of the year’s music calendar.

Their Latin American tour doesn’t stop there; Thirty Seconds to Mars is also gearing up to rock Lollapalooza Argentina on March 15, 2024. Each show promises a spectacular display of energy and musical prowess from the renowned rock band.

Grab your tickets early and secure a spot to witness these global superstars as they take over one of the most anticipated music festivals in the world.

How to Purchase Thirty Seconds to Mars Tickets

Securing your spot at a Thirty Seconds to Mars show is simple with several convenient purchasing options. Whether opting for the ease of Ticketmaster’s official site or exploring alternative platforms like, fans have access to a wide array of ticket choices to experience the band’s electrifying live performances.

Official Ticketmaster Site

Get your Thirty Seconds to Mars tickets with ease on the official Ticketmaster website. This site is your go-to source for all concert ticket needs, providing up-to-date tour information and event schedules.

Fans of the band can quickly find venue details, select their desired seats, and secure tickets for any date on the Seasons World Tour or other performances.

Buying through Ticketmaster ensures you get a wide range of ticket options including accessible seating for those who need it. The process is straightforward – just visit, search for Thirty Seconds to Mars, choose a concert date that fits your schedule, and make your purchase.

Keep an eye out for additional tour dates as well; new events in places like New Zealand are constantly updated.

Remember that while searching for Thirty Seconds to Mars tickets on Ticketmaster, you might also come across other live music events and artist performances that catch your interest – like Melanie Martinez: The Trilogy Tour.

It’s more than just about securing a pass to see your favorite band; it’s about experiencing the thrill of live music at its best.

Budweiser Stage in Toronto

The Budweiser Stage in Toronto stands as a prime amphitheater and entertainment venue, offering fans the perfect setting to experience live music under the stars. On August 12, 2024, this iconic performance space will come alive with the sounds of Thirty Seconds to Mars during their highly anticipated Seasons World Tour.

Celebrating five years since their last major tour event, band members are preparing for a night that promises energy and an unforgettable setlist.

Securing your spot at this monumental music event is easy. Ticket sales for both the boundary-pushing concert on August 12th and an earlier show on November 10th, 2023 are available now.

Fans should act swiftly to grab their seats by visiting official ticket vendors or exploring options like for convenience. The purchase process offers clear terms and conditions to ensure a smooth transaction with prices listed in US Dollars.

At Budweiser Stage, each tour date fills up quickly due to its reputation as a premier concert venue in Ontario. Detailed schedule information about Thirty Seconds to Mars performances can be found alongside other exciting events throughout the year.

Music lovers eager for more than just one night can check out additional shows dotting the Budweiser Stage’s rich event calendar – all at one central location known for bringing top-tier talent to Toronto’s enthusiastic crowds.

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Reviews of Previous Thirty Seconds to Mars Concerts

Critics have praised Thirty Seconds to Mars for their live shows, often highlighting the band’s ability to create a connection with their audience. Fans recall the Madison Square Garden concert where frontman Jared Leto engaged the crowd, inviting them to be part of the show — an act that left many feeling like they were more than just spectators.

Their performances are known for being high-energy events that showcase not only their musical talents but also their commitment to giving attendees an unforgettable night.

On tour, Thirty Seconds to Mars has shared stages with major acts like Linkin Park, energizing fans with collaborative power during The Carnivores Tour. They’ve managed to sustain enthusiasm and interest across various tours, including the Monolith Tour in which they consistently delivered satisfying experiences by blending theatrical elements with raw live music energy.

Reviews from these concerts continue to affirm that seeing this band live is a multi-sensory experience packed with emotion and excitement onstage.


Get ready to experience the electrifying energy of a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert. These tickets unlock an unforgettable night of raw rock music and spectacular live performances.

With multiple dates and venues, fans have ample opportunity to catch the band on their world tour. Grab your spot in the crowd today and prepare for an epic show that will resonate with you long after the final encore.

Don’t miss out on securing your pass to witness Thirty Seconds to Mars live – it’s more than a concert, it’s a monumental event!

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1. Where can I purchase Thirty Seconds to Mars tickets?

You can buy Thirty Seconds to Mars tickets through official ticketing websites, the band’s website, or at venue box offices.

2. When do Thirty Seconds to Mars tickets typically go on sale?

Tickets for Thirty Seconds to Mars concerts usually go on sale shortly after tour dates are announced; check their official site for the most accurate timing.

3. Are there VIP packages available for Thirty Seconds to Mars shows?

Yes, VIP packages that offer special perks and exclusive access are often available for Thirty Seconds to Mars performances.

4. Can I get a refund if a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert is canceled?

Most ticket vendors will issue refunds automatically if a concert is canceled; specifics can be found in the terms of your ticket purchase.

5. Is it safe to buy resale tickets for Thirty Seconds to Mars concerts?

Buying resale tickets from verified platforms ensures safety and validity of your purchase, but always ensure you’re using reputable services.