Toronto FC Tickets

Finding the right tickets for a Toronto FC game can often feel like trying to score a goal in the final minutes of extra time. With so many options and prices, it’s easy for fans to feel overwhelmed before they even step foot in BMO Field. 

As someone with extensive experience navigating the sports event ticket industry, I’ve got the know-how to simplify your search for those coveted seats.

Toronto FC tickets offer an array of choices that cater to every type of fan, from those looking for an affordable outing with family or friends, to die-hard supporters seeking premium seating close to the action.

One critical fact is that as part of Major League Soccer (MLS), Toronto FC matches are high-demand events where ticket accessibility can make or break your game day experience. Keep reading; this article lays out everything you need—from purchasing tips to finding great deals—ensuring your next match day is nothing short of spectacular.

Let’s find your seat!

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy Toronto FC tickets from official sources like, which offers features for easy transfer and resale, or from alternate platforms such as, known for its vast ticket search engine.
  • Prices vary across different seating areas in BMO Field; Upper Red season tickets are available with monthly payment options, while the Lower Dark Grey section offers immersive experiences at a more affordable cost.
  • There are ways to find cheaper tickets by exploring marketplaces without hidden fees, waiting for last-minute sales, joining fan communities, and keeping an eye on special promotions.
  • Your Toronto FC tickets come to you digitally for ease of use and added security; transferring or selling your e-tickets is a simple process that can be done right from your smartphone.
  • For an exclusive game day experience near the players’ tunnel with club amenities and services, consider purchasing North West Tunnel Club seats.

Where to Purchase Toronto FC Tickets

Fans cheering at a Toronto FC game in a bustling stadium.

For those eager to join the electrifying atmosphere of a Toronto FC game, securing your tickets is just a few clicks away. Explore reputable online platforms where you can conveniently purchase tickets and start planning for an unforgettable soccer experience at BMO Field. is your go-to destination for securing a spot at the next Toronto FC game. As the official ticket marketplace, it assures fans that every purchase is genuine and bound to get you into the heart of Major League Soccer action.

Expertly navigate through an array of soccer tickets with ease on this trusted platform, finding just the right seats for an unforgettable live sports event experience.

Purchasing tickets on isn’t just about getting a seat; it’s also about managing your Toronto sports team events smoothly. With features like easy ticket transfer and verified ticket resale options, you’re always in control.

The Account Manager tool lets you handle your tickets effectively, whether planning ahead or making last-minute changes to attend that vital match at BMO Field.

Moving beyond where to buy Toronto FC Tickets takes us to exploring how different seating areas within the stadium affect ticket prices.


Premium Seating for Exclusive Toronto FC Tickets

Experience soccer like never before with Toronto FC’s premium seating options. Enjoy the game from the comfort of the Loge Suite, where a mix of luxury and live action comes together flawlessly.

With seats just outside your private suite, you’re close enough to feel like part of the excitement on the field while having exclusive access to a bar for refreshments anytime you need them.

Club seat ticket holders get an elevated experience at BMO Field by enjoying in-seat wait service that brings delicious food and beverages directly to you. You won’t miss a minute of playtime! As part of this elite group, gain entry into a club lounge designed for those who appreciate premium accommodations.

Here, indulge in high-end food selections and sip on top-tier beverages as you take in panoramic views of the pitch—a perfect blend of indulgence and sport.

Breakdown of Ticket Prices by Seating Area

A panoramic view of BMO Field with a bustling atmosphere.

Understanding the nuances of ticket pricing can enhance your match day experience, allowing you to make an informed decision about where to sit in BMO Field. The prices vary considerably based on seating area, with each section offering unique views and ambiance—factors that should be taken into account when selecting your Toronto FC tickets.

Upper Red

Sitting in the Upper Red section at Toronto FC games offers a vibrant atmosphere with an expansive view of the field. Season ticket packages for this area are a popular option, priced competitively at $2,013 for the entire season.

Fans appreciate the flexibility of paying in monthly installments, just $101 per month making it easier on your budget.

Your Upper Red tickets aren’t just your entry to all the home action; they’re a gateway to becoming part of Toronto FC’s passionate community. With these season tickets, you unlock full access not only to single game tickets but also convenient mobile ticket access for ease and security.

You’ll benefit from various membership advantages that enrich your experience beyond just 90 minutes on match day.

Consider taking advantage of premium seating options when you want to upgrade your game day. Maybe bring friends or family along by exploring group ticket discounts or even treating yourself to exclusive suite rentals for an unforgettable match experience with first-class amenities and comfort – all possible with Upper Red privileges at each thrilling Toronto FC showdown.

Upper Dark Grey

Moving up from the vibrant energy of Upper Red, fans will discover a unique blend of value and view in the Upper Dark Grey section. This seating area offers a commanding perspective of all the action on the pitch without putting a significant dent in your wallet.

With match day prices at $101 per seat, you can experience 20 home games enveloped by an exhilarating stadium atmosphere.

Opting for a season ticket package in the Upper Dark Grey zone isn’t just about getting your regular football fix; it’s also about making smart savings. A complete season package costs only $1,263 per seat, which is quite a deal when compared to other sections.

Toronto FC recognizes that loyal supporters appreciate reduced ticket rates, evidenced by their decision to lower the top season ticket price to $1,007—a considerable drop from the previous year’s $1,292.

Fans who choose seats in this grey section come out ahead with both affordable tickets and memorable game-day experiences. Whether you’re cheering on every goal or soaking in every strategic play from above, picking Upper Dark Grey ensures an unbeatable combination of cost efficiency and quality views throughout Toronto FC’s thrilling soccer season.

Upper Medium Grey

Fans looking for a balance between affordability and a good view might find Upper Medium Grey the perfect choice. This grey seating section offers medium range tickets in the upper level, providing a comfortable vantage point to catch all the action without breaking the bank.

Season ticket prices here are set at $913, which breaks down to an individual match cost of just $63. Opting for these seats means you can enjoy every dribble, goal, and save that Toronto FC delivers throughout the season.

Purchasing tickets in Upper Medium Grey not only ensures you get to experience every home game but it also gives you access to one of BMO Field’s vibrant atmospheres. Consider this option as your go-to spot for cheering on Toronto FC with family and friends.

Next up: discover what makes Lower Red tickets another exciting choice for fans!

Lower Red

Moving from the bird’s-eye view of the Upper Medium Grey, the Lower Red section brings fans closer to all the thrilling soccer action. Seats here offer a vibrant atmosphere and an up-close perspective of every goal and defensive play.

Toronto FC has made these desirable spots even more accessible with reduced ticket costs that reach up to 40% off their previous prices. Fans looking for an immersive experience without breaking the bank will appreciate the price reductions in this lower level seating category.

Diving into specifics, ticket pricing in Lower Red reflects an excellent balance between cost and seat quality. Whether cheering on your favorite player or catching every strategic move on field, selecting tickets in this area ensures you won’t miss a single second of excitement at a fraction of traditional prices.

The next time you’re planning to attend a game, consider the Lower Red seats for both affordability and prime viewing positions – it’s where enthusiasm meets value at BMO Field.

Lower Dark Grey

If you’re aiming for the perfect blend of comfort and value at a Toronto FC game, look no further than the Lower Dark Grey seating section. These seats offer fans an immersive matchday experience with clear views of all the action on the field.

With prices set at $101 per game during the 2024 season, supporters can enjoy live soccer without breaking the bank.

Reflecting on Toronto FC’s history, these seats also echo the team’s secondary colors from their earlier days—dark grey played a role in both their uniforms and now in stadium aesthetics.

The club has a tradition of prioritizing fan satisfaction which is evident through significant price reductions; they have slashed ticket costs by as much as 40 percent in some sections.

This makes catching every goal and tackle more accessible to a wider audience.

Season ticket packages for this area are especially appealing because they combine savings with guaranteed placement for every thrilling home game throughout the season – all while decked out in team spirit thanks to that uniform color scheme around you.

Embrace your love for soccer by securing your spot among other passionate fans in one of BMO Field’s most popular seating areas: Lower Dark Grey.

North Grandstand

The North Grandstand at the event venue is a prime spot for watching live sports events, offering spectators an electrifying atmosphere. Different seating options are available in this area, with ticket pricing reflecting the quality of the view and amenities.

Upper level tickets can be quite the investment for major league sports fans; specific sections like Upper Red go for $2,013, while more affordable choices such as Upper Dark Grey and Upper Medium Grey seats are tagged at $1,263 and $913 respectively.

Seating charts provide a clear visual representation to help you choose just the right spot within the North Grandstand. Plus, there’s a 3D map available to ensure that when selecting your reserved seating you’re making an informed decision.

This area isn’t solely reserved for Toronto FC regular season matches; it also accommodates crowds for Toronto Argonaut games and other significant events throughout the year.

Choosing your seats in the North Grandstand not only guarantees a great view but also places you in one of the most vibrant spectator areas of any major event venue. Whether you’re there to cheer on your favorite team or experience another thrilling live event, these seats position you perfectly amidst all action.

North West Tunnel Club

Imagine standing just steps away from the excitement of Toronto FC’s locker room—the energy, the anticipation! That’s the thrill fans get with tickets to the North West Tunnel Club.

This exclusive area at BMO Field is not just a premium seat; it’s a gateway to feeling part of the team. As players hustle through the tunnel, you’re right there, soaking in every moment.

Opting for North West Tunnel Club seating means enjoying club amenities that turn game day into an occasion. You’ll experience first-rate service and perks that elevate your viewing pleasure.

With various ticket prices designed to match this unique seating experience, each fan can find their perfect vantage point amidst Upper Level options or indulge in the unrivaled proximity offered here.

Whether cheering every goal or savoring post-game analyses, your time in the North West Tunnel Club will define what being a true Toronto FC fan is all about.

How to Get Cheap Toronto FC Tickets

Getting your hands on affordable Toronto FC tickets can be a smooth process if you know where to look. Check out these straightforward strategies to secure soccer tickets at the best prices.


  • Explore TickPick for ticket deals; this marketplace often has lower prices and doesn’t tack on hidden fees.
  • Consider purchasing match tickets well in advance or wait for last – minute discounts, as sellers may drop prices to fill seats.
  • Join the Toronto FC fan community or forums where members may sell extra tickets at face value rather than inflating the price.
  • Look for group purchase options which can offer savings, especially when buying 10 or more tickets together.
  • Keep an eye on special promotions that Toronto FC or their partners might run during the season for selected matches.
  • Subscribe to newsletters from ticket selling platforms like and; they sometimes send out codes for discounts.
  • Pay attention to games against less popular teams, as ticket prices for these matches are typically reduced compared to high-demand games like those against Inter Miami.
  • Take advantage of season ticket holder benefits if possible, including various discounts that extend beyond just the price of seats.
  • Use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to follow accounts that alert fans about price drops and special offers on TFC tickets.
  • Verify with the official Toronto FC site for any official resale options they might provide, which ensure ticket authenticity at potentially lower costs.

Important Details about Toronto FC Tickets

When gearing up to secure your spot at a Toronto FC game, it’s essential to grasp the key aspects of ticket management. From seamless transfer processes and convenient digital receipt methods to hassle-free resale options, understanding these facets ensures an undisturbed focus on the excitement of match day.

Transferring Tickets

Transferring tickets for Toronto FC games is straightforward. You can quickly move your passes to friends or family using the Toronto FC Account Manager or your Ticketmaster account.

All it takes are a few clicks, and you’ll have successfully shared the excitement of Toronto soccer events with someone else.

If you possess hard copy tickets and need an exception, submit a request following MLSE regulations. These steps ensure that admission guidelines are met and everyone enjoys the match without any hiccups.

Keep in mind that event terms and conditions must be respected during any ticket transfer process.

Ensuring seamless access to all spectators, MLSE has streamlined ticket transfers for maximum convenience. Now you can pass on the thrill of live sports effortlessly – so whether due to schedule conflicts or as a generous gift, transferring your Toronto FC tickets is simpler than ever before.

Receiving Tickets

Getting your hands on Toronto FC tickets is a breeze with their convenient mobile ticket access. Soon after you purchase your soccer tickets, they are electronically delivered to your smartphone.

This means no more worrying about misplaced paper tickets or long lines at the ticket booth before a big game. You simply show your phone at the gate for easy entry.

Season ticket holders enjoy extra perks, including seat upgrades during the season and a special option known as “first right of refusal” for their current seats. If you face any issues or if your season tickets get lost, reaching out to the sales representative is all it takes to have them replaced quickly and efficiently.

Always have peace of mind knowing that help is just a contact away, securing your spot to cheer on Toronto FC without any hitch!

Selling Tickets

When you have tickets to a Toronto FC game but can’t make it, selling your tickets is an option. You hold the power to transfer your seats to someone else with ease. Mobile ticketing simplifies this process; just a few taps on your phone and the tickets are on their way to the new owner.

It’s fast, secure, and completely digital, ensuring that you can pass on the opportunity to cheer for Toronto FC without any hassle.

Keep in mind that all sales are final. Once you’ve sold your tickets, there are no take-backs or exchanges. This policy keeps transactions clean and straightforward – you sell your seats knowing they’re gone for good, and buyers purchase with confidence knowing they’ll be in those seats come match day.

Remember: if access is denied at the stadium gates for some unexpected reason, a refund of the ticket’s face value is available as stated by club policies.


Cheer on Toronto FC with the perfect tickets that suit your preferences, whether you’re seeking a premium experience or hunting for budget-friendly options. Enjoy the thrill of live soccer by securing your spot in BMO Field to support the team live.

Take advantage of various ticketing options to join fellow supporters and create unforgettable memories this 2024 season. Don’t miss out on experiencing the excitement of Major League Soccer up close; get your Toronto FC tickets today and be part of every goal, save, and victory celebration!


1. Where can I buy Toronto FC tickets?

You can purchase Toronto FC tickets through the official team website or authorized ticket vendors.

2. Can I get a discount on bulk tickets for Toronto FC games?

Group discounts are often available for those buying a large number of tickets to a single game; check with the ticket office for specifics.

3. Are there any family-friendly sections at Toronto FC matches?

Yes, designated family-friendly areas are available at BMO Field to enjoy the game in a comfortable environment.

4. What should I do if my Toronto FC ticket is lost or stolen?

Contact the customer service team immediately to seek assistance with your lost or stolen tickets.

5. Do season ticket holders receive special benefits for Toronto FC games?

Season ticket holders typically enjoy perks such as reserved seating, price savings, and exclusive event access.