Wicked Tickets

Step into the magical realm of “Wicked,” where the untold true story of the witches of Oz unfolds on the spellbinding stage of Broadway. As a seasoned theater enthusiast with years embedded in the heart of NYC’s showbiz, I’ve witnessed firsthand how “Wicked” has enchanted audiences, solidifying its place as a Broadway sensation.

With over 6,500 performances that have already dazzled more than 11 million people worldwide, securing tickets to this theatrical masterpiece is akin to finding treasure at the end of a rainbow.

Securing your spot in the Gershwin Theatre does not have to be an act of sorcery. This article is your golden ticket, offering insightful strategies and expert tips that will guide you through acquiring those coveted “Wicked” tickets without having to navigate a yellow brick road.

It promises revelations that can transform even a night out into an experience as mesmerizing as Glinda’s bubble descent onto stage—be prepared for wonders beyond your wildest dreams.

Keep reading; it’s no illusion—just pure Broadway magic awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy “Wicked” tickets directly from the Official Broadway Site, which offers reliable seat selection and special discounts for military personnel.
  • Ticketmaster is another official source where you can find real-time ticket availability and arrange group purchases for seeing “Wicked.”
  • Try your luck at the in – person lottery at Gershwin Theater for a chance to get discounted orchestra seats on the day of the performance.
  • Save money on tickets by looking out for no booking fee deals in London, taking advantage of group sales, checking TKTS booths in NYC, or using the official “Wicked” app or website.
  • Be cautious with third – party sellers and use reputable online platforms when searching for discounted tickets to avoid extra fees.

Overview of “Wicked” and Its Popularity on Broadway

A magical forest with various people and styles captured in a photo.

“Defying gravity” on the Broadway stage, “Wicked” has captivated audiences with its enchanting tale of friendship and perspective within the magical Land of Oz. This musical extravaganza, interweaving the lives of Elphaba and Glinda long before Dorothy’s arrival, reimagines the classic tale through a production hailed for its lush score and dynamic performers.

Over 10 million people have witnessed the spectacle in London alone, testimony to Wicked’s unwavering popularity.

The show’s ability to make stars is evident as it propelled Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth into household names. Based on Gregory Maguire’s novel, this prequel offers a nuanced look at familiar characters, inviting theatre-goers to experience Oz like never before.

Fans rush to procure tickets to this Broadway show that promises an evening where fantasy unfolds with flying monkeys, spellbinding witches and songs that echo long after curtain call.

How to Procure “Wicked” Tickets

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Securing your seats for the magical experience of “Wicked” can be achieved through multiple channels, each offering a unique path to witness Broadway’s emerald-tinged phenomenon.

Whether you prefer the convenience of online platforms or the thrill of a live lottery, there’s a ticket acquisition method that aligns with every fan’s needs and preferences.

Official Broadway Site

Head over to the Official Broadway Site for a seamless experience in securing your “Wicked” tickets. This trusted online destination not only provides up-to-date musical news and updates, but it also ensures you have access to premium seat selection for an unforgettable performance.

Whether you’re aiming for the best views at the Gershwin Theatre or planning to catch the tour performances, every option is laid out clearly.

On this site, finding show location and directions is straightforward, making your visit stress-free so that all you need to focus on is enjoying the magical world of “Wicked.” Plus, if you’re active military personnel looking forward to a spellbinding theatre evening, don’t miss out on special discounts available just for you.

And let’s not forget about the digital lottery—a fantastic way to snag those sought-after discounted tickets.

Purchasing through the Official Broadway Site means tapping into a wealth of information tailored to enhance your theatre-going experience. From selecting seats that offer optimal views of gravity-defying acts to keeping tabs on when “Wicked” might be landing in your city — it’s all there with a few simple clicks.


For an official source to snag your Wicked tickets, turn to Ticketmaster. As the direct ticket seller for Broadway’s hit musical, it’s your go-to spot for securing a seat at the Gershwin Theatre or at one of the many tour performances across the country.

The event page is constantly updated with ticket availability, offering you real-time access to seats.

Group sales are a breeze with Ticketmaster’s group sales page, allowing you and your friends to enjoy Wicked together. Opting for online ticket purchase through their platform means navigating an easy process from selection to checkout.

With all these options right at your fingertips, seeing this spectacular show is just a few clicks away.

In-person lottery

While securing your seats online is a fantastic option, the in-person lottery at the Gershwin Theater adds an exciting twist to procuring “Wicked” tickets. This lottery opens up 26 select tickets for each performance day, giving you not just an opportunity to see the show, but also to land some of the best spots in the theater.

Participating gives fans that face-to-face element of chance and connects them directly with the vibrant energy of Broadway.

Stepping into the Gershwin Theater for this live drawing offers more than just reduced price tickets; it’s a unique part of the whole theater experience. Imagine winning and enjoying one of Broadway’s most beloved shows from incredible seats – all thanks to being there in person for a thrilling lottery draw.

Every entry has equal odds, so try your luck and seize this opportunity for an unforgettable live show experience.

Tips for Getting the Best Deals on “Wicked” Tickets

Scoring the best deals on “Wicked” tickets requires a mix of timing, savvy shopping, and sometimes a touch of luck. Keep these tips in mind to see the show without breaking the bank:


  • Chase lottery tickets for orchestra seats, which can be as low as $30, if you’re feeling lucky and have a flexible schedule.
  • Watch out for “Wicked” shows in London where you might snag tickets without a booking fee, adding to your savings.
  • Organize a group outing; purchasing through official group sales pages often leads to significant discounts.
  • Check TKTS booths across New York City; although rare for “Wicked,” occasional discounted tickets may pop up.
  • Always visit the official “Wicked” website or use their mobile app to buy tickets directly to avoid extra fees from third-party sellers.
  • Explore specialist websites that are known for providing reliable ticket sales for popular Broadway musicals like “Wicked.”
  • Keep an eye on various online platforms offering discounted Broadway tickets, but ensure they are reputable before making a purchase.


Ready to experience the magic of “Wicked” on Broadway? Grab your tickets and prepare for a spellbinding evening in the theatre. With each performance bringing spectacular stagecraft and unforgettable music, audiences leave enchanted every night.

Remember, “Wicked” isn’t just a show; it’s an adventure into a world where witches tell their side of the story. Make sure you secure your seats soon – this is one Broadway sensation that continues to dazzle fans around the globe!

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1. Where can I buy tickets for the musical Wicked?

You can purchase Wicked tickets through official theater box offices, authorized ticket sellers, or reputable online platforms.

2. Are there discounted tickets available for Wicked?

Discounted tickets may be offered during special promotions, to certain groups like students or seniors, or via lottery and rush ticket programs.

3. Can I choose specific seats when buying Wicked tickets online?

When purchasing online, most ticketing websites provide a seating chart so you can select your preferred seats based on availability.

4. What happens if a performance of Wicked is cancelled after I’ve bought my ticket?

If a performance is cancelled, you will typically be offered an exchange for another date or a refund from the point of purchase.

5. Is it possible to get last-minute tickets for Wicked?

Yes, last-minute tickets can sometimes be acquired through the theater’s box office or by checking with official retailers for any unsold seats close to showtime.